He glances backward with an air of nonchalance, and just happens to lock eyes with a girl sitting patiently on the swings. He never shows a sign of recognition, never betrays evidence that could lead people to believe that he has ever seen her before.

But they have seen each other. Sakura Kinomoto is sure of this fact as her eyes follow Syaoran Li's every step. She has watched this scene a myriad of times before in her dreams.

These two are the only human beings left in the park. But neither of them is afraid.

Sakura's irises flitter prettily like butterflies as they reflect the enchanting twilight. Her eyes are captured explicitly by the boy; she knows that she has nothing to be afraid of but the possibility that this is just another dream again. Oh, the trials of such a young, innocent heart!

And Syaoran? Syaoran is fearless as he continues to unconsciously dazzle the girl. All he is doing is perfectly executing a series of steps no one should ever forget: climbing the short stairs, preparing himself, and launching himself down the penguin slide. The timeless playground routine, wouldn't you agree?

Sakura knows very well that Syaoran is merely going up and down the slide; yet she is totally enraptured by his performance. His way is an art form, something that requires utter devotion, talent, and the will to practice.

She stares at him shamelessly, her charming green eyes wide and shimmering. She wants to say something, but finds herself inexplicably mute. He refuses to return her gaze, and she feels her heart plunge into the depths of despair. Sakura then hears voices in her head, sighing the same word over and over and over again …


And with one last wistful glance, she awakes from dreamland.