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A Trap

Julie woke up feeling great and warm, she moved and felt a body next to hers, she freaked out at first, but then remembered the night before and smiled. She got up, kissed Sam and got dressed, she had to call Mark and tell him what had really happened and that Sam was innocent. She was trying his cell but got no answer and decided to go and search for him in the nearest motel.

Sam woke up and, reached out his arm to touch Julie but he found nothing. He opened his eyes and looked around; he got worried and went to look for her. Dean was waiting for him, when he saw Sam, he started laughing and Sam just told him to shut up. Then his phone rang, it was Mark, telling him that Julie wanted to see him at an old house close by, Sam was surprised but he told him that he would be there. Once the call was done, Dean told him, he wasn't going alone, because it was a weird place to meet and he still didn't trust the girl, Sam got pissed but agreed.

They told Ellen where they would be and to call if she needed something. The ride there was quiet and once they arrived, Sam got out.

"Wait up Sam, listen once I'm sure this is a date, I'll leave but not after," Dean told him, placing a gun on the back of his jeans.

"Dean, are you serious? It's just Julie; why are you taking a gun?" Sam asked, pissed.

"I told you, this seems a weird place to meet and I don't trust your girlfriend," Dean replied and walked away.

Sam followed him and they entered the house, it was empty and dark, just a small amount of light coming through a few windows. In a matter of seconds guys started to show up and encircle Dean and Sam.

"Fuck Sam, this is a trap, I told you I didn't trust Julie," Dean said taking out his gun and pointing it at the guy in front of him. Mark appeared and looked at Sam and then at Dean.

"You can shoot one of us but not before we kill you both," Mark said, looking at Sam with hate.

"Where is Julie?" Sam asked, worried about the girl.

"Not here and by the time she arrives you will already be dead," Mark replied, smiling.

"If you hurt her, I'll kill you." Sam said, walking towards Mark but Dean stopped him.

"Me hurt Julie, no Sam that will never happen, see I love that girl and once you're dead nothing will keep us apart," Mark told him and pointed his gun at Sam.

Meanwhile, Julie was tired of looking for Mark; she went back to the roadhouse ready to explain everything to Sam, when she asked Ellen where the boys were, she told her about Mark's call and the place they had gone too. Julie ran out of there, got on her car and drove as fast as she could. She couldn't believe Mark was doing this, he had no right, she had to save Sam, she couldn't let him die.

Dean was trying to protect Sam and got distracted; a guy hit him in the back and called others to hold him down, while Mark approached Sam with a gun.

"You are such a coward, killing me just because Julie wants me instead of you, be a man and face me, no guns or friends, just you and me; a clean fight." Sam told Mark, looking at his face. Mark laughed and looked at Sam's eyes.

"You are such an idiot, just because she slept with you, doesn't mean she cares about you and my reason for killing you is about something bigger than taking what belongs to me, so enough with the talking, it's time to die Sammy boy," Mark said and placed his gun on Sam's head, just as he was about to pull the trigger, he felt a gun pressed against his back.

"Pull that damn trigger and I'll kill you Mark," Julie said, looking at Sam. He smiled at her and Dean took a deep breath. Mark didn't lower his gun and smiled.

"Well it's about time you showed up Julie, this was all for you right, wanting revenge, why don't you tell Sammy boy here, why do we want to kill him and why did you show up at that roadhouse in the first place," Mark told Julie.

She looked down and then at Sam, he frowned and the shook his head, she had lied, all of this, last night, saving him everything had been a fucking lie. Julie felt the tears running down her face and couldn't speak.

"I called so many times, telling you that he was innocent, that this was over, but you refused to answer," Julie told Mark, but couldn't stop looking at Sam.

"You slept with him Julie, how could I trust your words, he could be manipulating you," Mark replied. Sam was confused and pissed.

"Can someone tell me what the hell is going on here?" Sam asked, looking from Mark to Julie.

"Next time you sleep with a girl; at least ask her last name, because hers is Wendell, sound familiar?" Mark told Sam. Sam looked at Julie and remembered why that name sounded so familiar; it was the hunter he had killed when the demon was inside of him.

"He was your father, you were the girl from the letter and you were looking for revenge. Well go ahead kill me Julie, if that's what you want then do it." Sam told Julie, with hurt in his eyes. He felt betrayed and used; he couldn't even look at her right now.

"Yes Sam, Steve Wendell was my father, and I found that video. I was hurt and all I wanted was to kill you. But you explained what happened and I believed you. I was calling Mark to tell him you were possessed when it happened, but he didn't want to listen, he was the one who called you, not me, I didn't know, but it doesn't matter, I lied and that's all you care about," Julie told Sam and then looked at the rest of the guys.

"If any of you actually loved my father, you will get the hell out of this place and never try anything against him or his brother. He was possessed and didn't have any control over his body, some of you have been in his position and know what it feels like, so get out and leave them alone." Julie shouted. The ones holding Dean let him drop to the floor and started to leave.

"It's just you and me Mark, now get away from him or I swear I will pull this fucking trigger," Julie told him as she looked at Sam.

Mark turned around and kicked her to the floor, Julie flipped her body in the air and got to her feet and the fight started. She was pissed and didn't hold back, Sam wanted to get in it but Dean held him back. Mark managed to really hit Julie a few times but Julie knocked him out and broke his leg. She kicked the gun away from him and pointed her own at him. Sam approached Julie and looked at her.

"Go Sam, I'll deal with Mark, I'm sorry about everything, just leave," Julie told Sam, looking down. Dean was pulling Sam, so they could leave but Sam wasn't moving, he pulled Julie to his body and kissed her.

"Tell me that last night wasn't a lie," Sam whispered against her lips.

"It wasn't a lie Sam, I really care about you and what I said and what I did was because I wanted to." Julie told him, kissing him back.

"Go, maybe we'll meet again some day" Julie told Sam, and turned her back on him so he wouldn't see her cry.

Sam wanted to kiss her again or tell her to come with him, but instead he didn't say anything and walked away. Julie cried so hard and once she heard the car leave, she took both guns and left, she had to make it on her own and forget him. All she had done was cause him pain and hurt him; he was better of without her.

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