My Place in the Sun by Rainy Tears

Author's Notes: I got tired of doing romances and poems, so I decided to do a somewhat dark Iori (Cody) fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon!


I watch them every day, working together, having fun. I join in sometimes, fighting by their sides in the Digital World. When we defeat an enemy, they give each other high-fives. Some of the kinder ones will congratulate my by shaking my hand or something like that, but no one really pays attention to me.

I walk home alone, my shadow long in the setting sun. Only Upamon is by my side now. When I get home I practice Kendo with Grandfather, and this is fun for a while, but I secretly am lacking something. A little voice deep inside of me screams out, longing to be more involved, more friendly, more loved.

I'm not saying that everyone hates me, I'm just saying that all of the other Digidestined are closer to each other than I am to anyone. I can see how some of them specifically care for each other, especially Takeru and Hikari and the group of Daisuke, Miyako, and Ken. I feel a little left out sometimes, but I don't push it on anyone.

The reason I never speak up is because I was taught to be polite. If I told them that I was lonely, then I would be acting selfish and rude. So this is the reason why no one understands me. I don't place any blame on them; it is simply my own choosing not to tell them that I feel like a third wheel. I'm just like that.

Sometimes Miyako will walk home with me. She is like a big sister to me, and I admire her for that. But even though we are good friends, I fear even she will never understand me. She is always chasing after Ken or something like that. Then there's Takeru, my Digi-volving partner. He is kind sometimes, but other times he seems to resent me. Everyone does, even though sometimes I try to fit in. It just doesn't work that way.

Why am I torturing myself with these thoughts, you may think? Well, it is my reality and what I call life. Ever since my Father died, my life came undone and no one could understand me. To just have a close enough friend who would listen to my aching heart would make me very happy. But no one will approach me because I'm so aloof.

I'll continue with these thoughts until... One of the Digidestined listened to me today. It was Takeru. He saw me standing off again, by myself, and finally asked if I wanted to join the group for lunch that day. I accepted solemnly on the outside, joyfully on the inside. When we reached the restaurant we had a deep talk.

Takeru asked me if I was truly happy. I didn't know how to answer that at first, but I finally shook my head no. He asked me a little about my past, and I reluctantly told him about my father. Takeru said he understood, he also had no father growing up because his parents were divorced.

We talked some more, and I finally let out that I felt lonely. Takeru was very sad about this. No one deserves to be hurt if they didn't bring it upon themselves, he told me. I thought about this for a moment, taking in all those wise words. Finally I agreed to speak my mind more if I had any sort of problem.

Takeru told me that he was my friend, and that I could always talk to him. Everyone, even Daisuke and Ken, told me that they'd always be there for me. They were all my friends, and the Digidestined were all a complete team now. We finally had a more unified sense.

And, for the first time since my Father had died, I felt a sense of belonging. I had friends I could count on, I was part of a team, and I had finally found my place in the sun.

The End.