Title: Secret Language

Rating: T

Disclaimer: Sadly House and Wilson are not mine.

Summary: House realises the secret language he and Wilson share is not enough anymore. HouseWilson, established relationship.

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Wilson walked down the hallway to make his way to the Clinic, but decided to make a quick detour to House's office.

"Hey." Wilson called out as he stood in the doorway. He watched House drop the journal he had been reading onto his desk and look across the room at him.

"Do you want to come over and watch TV tonight?" House asked.

"Pizza okay?" Wilson asked as way of accepting the invitation.

"Yeah. Beer." House pointed to himself, implying that he was going to get the brand of beer that he preferred. Wilson nodded in acquiescence and then nervously glanced up and down the hallway as if Cuddy or one of his colleagues would walk up to him and catch them out. House rolled his eyes when he saw Wilson's predictable reaction. Wilson's gaze fell back on House once he saw that the hallway was clear. He grinned sheepishly at House before stepping out of the doorway to continue his journey.

House picked up his journal to continue reading, but instead he found himself thinking about how he loved that they shared a secret code; a language that only they understood. And what was the point of having a private language if they didn't use it, even if there was no-one else around, he mused.

House and Wilson both knew they would actually eat some pizza and drink some beer. They might even watch an episode of a silly, vacuous soap opera which tried, but failed to masquerade as melodrama. But only they would know what else they did on the couch in House's apartment.