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"Go out with me."

The pale teenager with gorgeously messy black hair turned to look at his comrade whom he suspects to be the world's famous Kira; a bloodthirsty murderer who kills criminals, both guilty and innocent.

"Pardon, Yagami-kun?" L asked once more, stuffing a piece of chocolate into his mouth.

"Go out with me, Ryuuzaki," Light told him.

"Hmmm? What for?" L asked, stuffing another piece of chocolate into his mouth, this time bigger. "I don't see what is the use in me going out into public and giving Kira the chance to kill me."

"You've been stressing yourself every single day by reading all these documents and watching videos in hope to search any possibilities of Kira's information in there," Light told him. "I suggest that you take a break by going out with me or your head will burst from information overload."

"Me? Stressed out? I don't feel any stress…" L replied, sucking on a lollipop now. "But you seem desperate in getting me to go with you…What is your motive in getting me out? Why not just stay here and eat something sweet without reading or watching anything relevant to Kira?"

"Just go out with me…" Light insisted. "I want to…bring you out to breathe in the fresh air…considering the fact that you've been cooped up all the time in your room."

"The air is polluted with dusts and smoke. It's no longer fresh. If Kira's not killing me, then I would die from the terrible air pollution out there," L responded, pulling his lollipop out to drink a super sweet tea he had asked Watari to prepare earlier. "Are you suggesting that I kill myself out there?"

"You are taking everything too complicated." Light rubbed his temples. "Yes, there is a reason why I'm asking you out. But can you think in a simple way why am I asking you out? There's only one reason to it."

L looked down with the same lollipop in his mouth, his big toes playing with each other. He looked at the table for a while, his brain trying to figure out why was Light asking him out. Then he squinted his eyes, his forefinger scratched on his head. Why was Light asking him out if he wasn't the Kira that wanted him dead? What was Light's other purpose if he didn't want L to reveal his face in front of public, making Kira's job easier by showing him his face? Light had told L to think of it in a simple way but he couldn't. There's no way he could think of things in a simple way. He had trained himself to think complicatedly.

Light was slowly losing his patience. He had told L to think of it in a simple way but it had taken him more than 30 minutes. Was it so hard to figure out the meaning when someone asks you out? Was it so difficult to understand what he had told him? He gritted his teeth as he yank L by the arm, making L look at him with big eyes.

"When I ask you to go out with me, it means that I like you!" Light burst out. "Was it so difficult for you to comprehend its meaning??"

"You like me, Yagami-kun?" L asked, his face showed confusion, his lollipop taken out.

"Yes!" he hissed as he pulled L by the arm and kissing his full on the lips, tasting the sweet mixture of chocolate, lollipop and sugary tea.

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