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A crossover fic? But then, DMC is notorious for crossovers, isn't it? Viewtiful Joe, and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne both contain Dante.

Theme: L is for Lakshmi, in the livejournal group alphabetasoup.


Ouch. Ouch. Half his macca. And he'd been saving up in case he found another soul selling demons here. The Pisaca was worth its weight in gold. Of course, he reflected, he always did have bad luck. And if he'd guessed heads he would have been able to hire Dante for only one macca!

"Bad luck, kid," Dante commiserated.

He really, really didn't want to give up the money. It had come from demons trying to kill him, most of it. But…

But Dante was a human and a demon, just like he had become.

His friends were going insane, giving up their humanity willingly, the manikins were grateful to him but he wasn't one of them as Futomimi had reminded him, his teacher was possessed, Hikawa was a mass murderer… that was why he'd been helping Hijiri, a perfect stranger, and even he was starting to seem a little off.

None of their reasons would make any world that justified the destruction of the old. Aradia talked about freedom and the Manikins about equality, but neither of them could create a reason, so that would mean things staying the way they were now. If only there was some way to put everything back the way it had been, but he was half-demon now, and from what he had managed to piece together probably wasn't able to create a reason. Not that he was very clear on how it all worked.

The only people who seemed to know were the old man and the woman, and they were doling out information as he earned his way through this labyrinth. They wanted him to help him, and right now it seemed like the best option he had.

He didn't want any more worlds destroyed. If he could help bring a stop to this…

Everyone was saying he was just drifting along, and he was, but he didn't want to make a decision until he had to, because he didn't dare make the wrong one with the fate of the world (worlds) at stake.

He needed to find out everything he could, and that was why he needed Dante. Here was someone who had been finding out more since they last met. He needed that information, every scrap he could find.

Here was one of the few 'humans' left alive. He wanted to have him nearby, like Hijiri, to remind him, to keep him safe. Not only that, Dante was a half demon, and he seemed very… forceful, secure, self-confident. He knew exactly who he was.

The Hitoshura, as everyone was calling him, had no idea. Someone who could teach him about what he had become was worth his weight in Chakra Drops, let alone macca. Especially since Dante could kill most demons in one hit: the Harlot had survived but taken an amazing amount of damage.

He reached into his pants pocket to pull out the money bag.

He really shouldn't have fused Lakshmi, goddess of wealth, into something else, he thought until Dante let him keep all the earnings and turned down his offer of a Chakra Drop to restore his magic, doing it on his own.

He'd been getting worried: as he went from one kalpa to the next the enemies grew harder and his allies ran out of magic faster, so far from a Lady of the Font to restore them, so he was using up Chakra Drops much too quickly.

Dante mowed demons down like there was no tomorrow (and maybe there wouldn't be), with some kind of attack that nothing was able to block: the Harlot called it Almighty and said she would work on remembering one that she could use.

He could also remove the spells enemies cast to make his group weaker with an item called a Holy Star.

Instead of having the Pisaca make them invisible to avoid being attacked, he had it make them more noticeable, since they were winning battles much more easily without using up Chakra Drops.

Maybe the goddess wasn't an omen after all. Or maybe the more powerful demon was a better one.

Dante wasn't afraid of any of this. He didn't have to be either.