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G is for Gaea, third in this oneshot series.


He'd won. They'd beaten God, and now everything was better. No more worlds getting destroyed and recreated at someone's whim.

His had been the last one. He'd killed the first Kagatsuchi, but God had replaced it. He'd felt like an idiot after learning that he could have chosen to just restore the world in the first place without becoming a full demon, but everything had turned out for the best.

He'd made the right decision.

So here he was, home, on good old Earth instead of the Amala. Everything was back to the way it had been. Well, mostly. The Manikins remembered. Chiaki and Isamu didn't.

It was hard to act the same around them.

"Are you alright?" Strange to hear Futomimi's tone from such a different voice, the voice of the ghost in the labyrinth.

"I'm fine, Futomimi." He hadn't told Shura his old, human name. He'd wanted to stay the person he'd recreated himself as, not the killer he had been. It had been an uphill battle to get him not to turn himself in for the crimes he'd committed. Sakahagi's forgiveness had helped. "I just, I just don't feel like I fit in here anymore." Teachers weren't supposed to look at their students almost worshipfully: her goddess Aradia was real as well now.

"Those events greatly changed all of us."

Not just that.

He'd had to learn how to shapeshift (forget makeup, what about the horn?), he kept forgetting himself and crushing things like doorknobs… his parents thought it was him being a teenager, but they just didn't understand anything. Futomimi understood, though. He was a demon now as well, because he had let Shura use the Afterlife Bell on him.

"I thought I would do anything to be here again." He looked around at the park that Hikawa had once turned into a scene of carnage, unleashing demons on innocent people to get the power needed to destroy the world. "Now, I'm waiting for it to be over. Class was always boring, but now…"

"You want action."

Shura (he was catching himself thinking of himself as Shura now, Hitoshura if people were being formal) jumped. How did Dante manage to sneak up on him? He'd always been able to sense him a mile away, even as a demi-fiend.

"Relax, kid. It's just me and a few friends." Dante slung himself down into a chair, flanked by three people. "Guys, this is the kid. Shura, these are Trish, Nevan, and, last but not least, Vergil."

"You found him!" That was great!

Vergil nodded.

"Even after I killed Mundus he refused to tell me where he'd hidden him. So, I managed to convince Lucifer to loan me a few thousand flunkies to do the searching. It turned out he was hidden on Earth, my Earth. Last place we looked. That's why it's taken me so long to come check up on you."

"Oh." He'd started to wonder if he'd been forgotten. After all, Dante was from his own world, with his own problems.

"Mundus managed to gain a lot of ground while I was helping you out. I got him, though." A predatory grin that, strangely, looked perfectly human, not demonic.

"I was sure you would, Dante."

Dante blinked. "Futomimi?"

"In the flesh, as it were."

Dante laughed as the sun shone down on the park, the sound joining the construction noises as the workmen finished up the area that had been such a maze when the fairies lived there.

"I'm here too!" Pixie poked her head out of his pocket.

And suddenly Earth, the homeworld of what had once been his kind began to feel like home again.