i read a book that my friend suggested i read, and after reading it, there was this particular scene in the book that i absolutely fell in love with. so, i decided to use that scene in this story, which takes place in those three years before the androids came.

"You stupid idiot." Vegeta insulted Bulma, yet again. His anger only escalated when Bulma rolled her eyes. "If I didn't need you or your old man to fix those weak robots I train with, then I would easily blast you to the next dimension."

He watched as the blue haired woman rubbed her temples. "Vegeta," she snapped, "Please, just leave me alone."

Vegeta's eyebrows snapped together. Usually, she retaliated with an insult. Every encounter caused a little battle of wits, insults, and words. And after each argument, he didn't remember any of them. They saw each other almost everyday, so, yes, they did argue everyday. Not all of them were screams; some were calm. It became something he got used to, and to be quite honest, he began to enjoy it. He didn't like talking about one's feelings or one's day to the other; he found conversations like that pretty much boring. And were he to want one, he didn't find anyone he felt comfortable with to say such things anyway. The only "conversations" he seemed to have, or prefer, were arguments. He liked it that way, anyway.

Now, as he stood over the weak woman, he had this urge to shake some sense into her. He rather liked seeing the fury in her bright sapphire eyes, than the puddle of tears that threatened to break and run down her face.

He didn't know why, but he felt something inside of him that wanted to cheer her up. He didn't want to say 'everything is going to be ok' because he knew, from seeing all those soap operas that she watched, girls would break down and expect to be comforted. It was a routine, he noticed. But he didn't want to do that or deal with trying to comfort her. He just didn't want to see her…like this.

"After these months of living with you," he stated as he was walking away, "I thought you were strong-minded, but it seems that you were just weak after all, moping over something completely stupid." He hoped that would anger her enough to deny that; to prove she was strong enough to get over something that probably is indeed stupid.

She didn't, however, do such a thing. She only nodded, and Vegeta would have thought she agreed if he hadn't seen the way her mouth was clenched shut, and the vain that stuck out of her forehead. Seeing that showed that was at least somewhat affected, but for some reason decided not to say it.

He shrugged and left. He was the image of indifference to her issue, but the definition of confusion and concern.

Once he was gone, Bulma whispered out loud, "Bastard."

Who did he think he is? Did he think he was an expert in things like this? He may be a master in fighting back in an argument, but in an issue like this…he wouldn't understand. He never had a significant other to care about; he only cared about himself and his own needs. He would never share feelings for anyone. In fact, he never shared anything, not the carton of ice cream, the bottle of milk…

She had just gotten back from a lunch with Yamcha that was NOT meant to be short. It wasn't a break up though, or at least she wasn't sure. Sure, they have broken up in the past multiple times. But this time it was different.

Lately, she just couldn't seem to get along with Yamcha that she began to find comfort in Vegeta's company rather than Yamcha. True, she and Vegeta rarely did get along as well, but she rather enjoyed the battles they had. The ones she had with Yamcha were just plain irritating and boring. And each had to do with their relationship.

It was the usual, Yamcha flirting with another woman. He had the audacity to even do so in front of her.

Yamcha gave the woman a slow look from her head, to her toes, and back up, smiling flirtatiously. The waitress blushed before leaving to get their orders.

Bulma leaned on her chair, tilting so it balanced on its two back legs, watching Yamcha with angry eyes. "Could you at least have enough sense to do that when I'm not around?"

Yamcha turned to look at her, with that playful apologetic look he always had. "Aw, Bulma, you know you're the one for me! You shouldn't worry that I'll run--"

"Off with another girl." Bulma finished, mimicking his voice mockingly. She rolled her eyes. It was true; Yamcha only flirted with girls, but never once actually touched another.

"Yeah," Yamcha said, not noticing the sarcasm in her voice when she finished for him. "So, be happy that I'm choosing to be with you. See? I could be with any other, but I want you!"

Bulma couldn't believe her ears. This was coming from the man who once feared woman as if they were man-eating monsters. Now, he sounded like she should be lucky to be chosen by him. That was absurd!

She grabbed her glass of diet coke and threw it into his face. She got up and walked away, ignoring his screams. "You got it in my eyes! AH!" Bulma watched the same waitress he had flirted with run towards him. She grabbed the waitress's arm.

"You can have him." She simply said, before dropping her arm like it scorched her skin, and walked out of the restaurant.

To make her day worse, she walked into her house at the verge of breaking down, only to have Vegeta, the almighty strong prince, to criticize her. She wanted to be left alone, she wanted to cry, she wanted to let it all out, but…she knew, like she knew that Vegeta knew, what she was crying about wasn't worth it.

Suddenly, her phone on a round table rang. She picked it up. "Bulma speaking."

"Hi, Ms. Briefs. There are two people down here in the lobby that want to see you. Shall I send them up?" the perky girly voice said on the other end.

"Candee, could you just send them away. I'm not busy at the moment."

Bulma listened for a response. She heard voices in the background.

"Wait, you can't do that!" a distant voice of Candee cried.

"Hello?" a man said in the other end.

Bulma looked at her phone confused, and then returned it back to her ear. "Goku?"

"Sure is! I know you're not so busy to see a friend, are you?"

Bulma laughed. "Of course not. Come on up!"

"Another lunch gone bad with you and Yamcha again?" Goku asked sympathetically after listening to his best friend's rants. Gohan sat next to his father, unsure how to react. He liked Bulma and Yamcha both and he knew they were dating, but he wasn't too comfortable hearing about their relationship. But he did wish he could help Bulma out somehow.

"Yeah," Bulma sighed, "I don't know what to do anymore. I'm beginning to think I'm just undesirable to all men out there."

Goku chuckled. "Why do you say that?"

"Goku, don't be stupid. You know how I was going to wish for a perfect boyfriend with the dragonballs, right?" she watched Goku nod. "Truth is, I can't seem to get a guy. Then I finally do, but I find him too fickle. And Vegeta…"

Goku perked up. "Vegeta?"

"He's just mean! He hates me! If he could, he'd get rid of me! The sight of my face totally disgusts him!"

Goku seemed to move uncomfortably in his seat, Gohan noticed, almost even a little sad. And then he looked at Bulma. Suddenly, Gohan remembered what Vegeta had said to him back on Namek, and decided to share. "I don't think he thinks you're ugly, Bulma."

Bulma looked at him and smiled a sad smile. She hadn't meant it literally. "Why do you say that, Gohan? He told you that?"

"No," Gohan said, "Well, not recently at least."

Confused, both Bulma and Goku looked at Gohan questioningly. "Go on."

"Well, I remember back on Namek, I had just gotten another dragonball when I see Vegeta coming. Of course, I had to hide the dragonball before he saw me. And when he finally did see me, I saw he too was carrying a dragonball. I demanded where he got that, and he said 'It was a gift from you bald-headed friend, and that gorgeous girl he was with.'" Gohan waited, smiling at Bulma. She only stared at him with wide eyes.

Goku laughed. "Hey, Bulma! He called you gorgeous! That's a good thing!" He laughed some more when her face began to turn red, and a modest smile was displayed on her lips, as she looked down at her hands, which clutched onto her skirt.

Gohan cocked his head to the side. He figured that would make Bulma happier, but it seemed it made her embarrassed. Maybe he should've kept his mouth shut.