Vegeta didn't do much in the space ship. The gravity pulled on him as he simply lied there. He was a mix of confusing emotions, things he didn't understand. Last night, it was obvious that he was attracted to her. Has he always been like that? He did know that he'd been paying attention to her more and more lately.

Not only that, she had seem him naked! Oh, Kami! Was that the most embarrassing thing ever, or what?

Vegeta scowled as he sat up. He wanted to get it out of his mind, he didn't want to remember it. But did she remember it?

He frowned. Would she simply forget a night that he thought was a huge turning point for him? He knew she was drunk, and although he has never been drunk in his life (he would never allow such substance to enter his body), he knew that alcohol placed you in a state of drunkenness that was sure to be forgotten…and gave you a massive head ache in the morning.

But what caused her to be so drunk? Wasn't she just with Yamcha before he took a shower? Did they drink together? Wait, no. That can't be. She said she had defended him to Yamcha, which probably meant they had gotten into an argument…about him?

Vegeta felt flattered that one would defend him. He had acknowledged the fact that people won't like him at first, and probably never like him again, and quite frankly, he didn't give a damn. But to know that he was defended was…surprising and a bit…amazing. He began to feel admiration towards the little woman. She stuck up for him even after all those arguments they had.

Turning off the gravity device in the ship, he exited, looking for her. He didn't know why, and neither did know what he would say once he found her, but he just had to look for her, to see her. Even if she didn't remember, so what?

He found her sitting at the kitchen table with a glass of coffee in one hand, and a hand behind her head, as it lied flat on the table. Such an image made Vegeta chuckle. Her head jolted up, but then moved side to side clumsily.

"Is that what you humans call a hang over?" he asked.

She scowled at him, but he only laughed more. "Shouldn't you be locking yourself in the spaceship, your highness?" she shot back. He shrugged, taking a seat across from her. He intensely stared at her, as if waiting for something.

The silence between them was awkward for a bit, until Bulma finally said, "Vegeta…I know I was drunk last night…but…did I do something I should apologize for?"

So she didn't remember after all. Vegeta's heart sunk at her words. "I don't know."

"Usually, it's the sober one who remembers, not the other way around." Bulma said with a weak smile.

He nodded with agreement, trying very hard to seem nonchalant as he suddenly seemed so interested in his nails. "Ok, then, no. There's nothing you should be sorry about."

"Ok, then. Thanks," she stood up and gave him a teasing smile, "…'Geta." She turned to walk away.

Suddenly, Vegeta slammed his hands on the table and stood up. "You said you didn't remember anything from last night!" he burst out before thinking.

She grinned at him courageously, her mouth taking half of her face. "I remembered everything from last night. I was just asking if, in your opinion, I should be sorry for anything." She began to walk away.

Vegeta couldn't believe this! She did remember everything. From the way he carried her to the bed, and to the sight of him nude! This was madness! And, for some odd reason, he couldn't let her get away with this.

He stalked up to her and grabbed her arm to spin her around. Such movement made her sway. He held her straight from falling. "You are…are…" he searched for the words, but the way she looked at him expectantly made him lost. "You are…an idiot!"

She threw her head back and laughed. After recovering herself, she looked at him flirtatiously. "True, but you like me anyway."

His arms fell to his sides as she leaned forward and gave him a peck of a kiss on his cheek, before walking away, her hands on the walls for support, leaving him to stare at her with confusion, shock…and admiration. Damn that woman...

uhh the end. i noticed how ppl asked for updates but...this story is done. i coulda sworn i had put THE END but i guess i didn't. and it should also say COMPLETE or something. um, LONELY, a story i'm working on, kinda follows this story. and it's in first person view...yeah...sorry...