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Two smiling girls went up to the stage with poster boards in their hands. The girls were identical twins, with black wavy hair and chocolate eyes. They would appear to be around ten.

The older twin, Keiko, went up to the microphone as the younger twin, Fuujin, set up the posters. "Hello everyone," the people at the party went quiet, "My sister and I are here to present our dad his birthday gift."

Yamamoto, who was sitting in the crowd started to smile, Shunsui saw this, "Yama-jii, do you know what it is?"

"Just watch." was his reply.

"Ready." said the other twin, Fuujin, "Hi everyone, because our dad is...well old-" she smiled at her dad, "-we have decided to make him feel young."

"So that brings us to our presentation!" said Keiko.

Out of nowhere Fuujin and Keiko both had a metal pointer extended in their hand.

Fuujin went first she whacked the poster board and the cloth cover came off revealing, "Things older then dad."

Ukitake, who was also in the crowd started to laugh, "This is gonna be good."

"Number one," said Fuujin she pulled down the poster and then hit it with her pointer, "DIRT. Dirt is older then dad."

The room busted out laughing at this. Once it calmed down a little it was Keiko's turn, she pulled down the poser and then hit the new one, "Soul Society and the Living World, are older then dad, we think."

The room started to laugh again.

"And finally," they said together, "the third thing that is older then dad is, drum roll please." Everyone in the room patted on their tables, "Ta-da, CAPTAIN YAMAMOTO!"

Ukitake couldn't hold it in he was almost crying along with the rest of the room.

It was Fuujin's turn to talk, "We'd both like to thank Captain Yamamoto for letting us have his picture for this." Both girls smiled at him, who was laughing.

"Thank you and good night." the girls said together and walked off the stage with their presentation.

They went over to their dad and poked him, "So dad how'd ya like it?" asked Fuujin.

Shunsui had his head down on his arm and appeared to be crying or laughing but no one knew until he lifted his head up and pulled both his daughters into in lap, "That was hilarious."

"Hey mommy what did you think about it?" asked Keiko.

Nanao looked over to her girls, her eyes were watering, "I'm so glad I got it on camera."

The room started to laugh again. No one in the Soul Society ever for got that party.

AN: i didnt really like the Soul Society and Living World reasons but i couldnt think of anything thats like super old cuz Shunsui is super old.