Raven: I don't own Naruto!

Gaara: Who cares about Naruto?

Raven: I mean the show which means everyone in Naruto.

Gaara: …ok…

Raven: Oh yea! I own Natsuri!

Gaara: Natsuri?

Raven: Oh she's this girl…

Gaara: I know she's a girl…I want her description…

Raven: It's down below can't you read?



Oc name: Kikimi Natsuri (Natsurifirst name, Kikimilast name)

PS: These are names I made up and Natsuri means "Star." As for Kikimi…I just made up something that sounds Japanese so don't kill me! I don't know what that means or if it is even a word!

Age: 12(Gaara too! Slightly younger than him though.)

Place: Somewhere in Suna.

Height: Little shorter than Gaara.

Weight: Lighter than Gaara.

(Sorry, I'm trying to make her fit Gaara as best as possible! . )

Hair: Brown.

Eyes: Green.

Skin: Peach color.

Character Traits: Daring, caring, naughty, bold, loving, interesting, sweet, brave, smart, stubborn…more.