A Legend Is Born

I don't own LegendZ but the characters that I made up are mine. If you have heard of anime show of LegendZ and watched it on youtube then you might get what this story is about, but this story is a little different that the anime show. It is a spin off after the first season and it will have some twists in it I'll make sure to make this story as interesting as possible.

Chapter 1: The wind and the dragon

There were three children who have been best friends for a long time. Their names were Kato, Tim and Kim and they were about to have an adventure of a life time when they meet strange creatures and meet a few people with some them become their friends, and some becoming their enemies.

Kato was a thirteen year old boy with blond hair and green eyes. He was wearing a green short sleeve T-shirt and long cargo pants; his shoes were red, blue and white runners.

Kim was a girl with long red hair that was always tied up into a ponytail; she also has bright brown amber eyes that show emotions that she wishes to keep secret from her friends. She was wearing a red T-shirt with white sleeves, blue jeans with one of the legging's ripped off, and light blue runners with white shoelaces, Kim was twelve years old.

Tim was the same age as Kato and they have been best friends ever since they were little. Tim was an Asian boy; for his parents had once lived in India before he was born. Tim's skin was a dark tan; he has short black hair and dark brown eyes. He was wearing a dark blue T-shirt with a white rim around the sleeves of the shirt, black shorts and dark green runners with a red dot on the outside of his heels.

The three friends were just getting out of school; for it was the beginning of the summer holidays and the three friends were deciding on what to do with their summer time.

"I say we should go to the beach this summer." Kim argued with Tim.

"No way, we're going to the arcade and that's that!" exclaimed Tim as he walked backwards in front of Kim as he glared at her.

Kato sighed as he watched his two friends argue with each other, this would always happen when the summer day's come around every year. He was about to suggest something when he felt a hand slam down on his shoulder. Slowly he turned around and saw Ben the tormentor of the school.

Ben was fourteen years old; he had black hair and forest green eyes. He was wearing a spiked collar chocker around his neck, a red muscle T-shirt with the sleeve's ripped off, black long legged cargo pants with a brown belt that was rapped around his upper right tight, and dark blue runners.

Kato gulped as he took a step back. "Uh…hey Ben, h-how are you doing?"

"Cut the chit-chat Kato!" yelled Ben as he grabbed Kato's Shirt. "You know what I'm here for, so give up your bus money or get a world of pain."

Kim and Tim just stood on the sidelines watching, they knew what Ben could do to them if they interfered with his torment on the people he was bulling. Kato quickly dug into his left pocket and pulled out his bus money. Ben grabbed the money and threw Kato to the ground before he'd walked away.

Kato stood up from the ground, dusted off his pants and sighed.

"Looks like I'll be walking home again." He muttered as he started to walk down the street with his friends following close behind him.

As the three friends walk back to their homes Tim decided to start a conversation with his friends. "So…what do you guys think we should do? I mean we do have a summer vacation to stay on."

"I'm not sure what we should do." Kato said in a gloomy voice as he looked down at the pavement he was walking on.

Kim and Tim looked at Kato as he walked between them. It has always been like this for Kato after school. Ben had always tormented Kato, ever since first grade. Nobody knew why Ben would always pick on Kato, but people would always say that Kato was too nice for his own good because he was the type of person that was too afraid to fight anyone stronger than him.

Soon the three friends came to Tim's house. Kato and Kim said goodbye before continuing on their way. Kato was by Kim's side as they started their walk home together.

Kato and Kim soon came to an alley, which lead to where Kato's home was. Kato said goodbye to Kim as she walked down the street that lead to her home and he soon turned his head to look down the alley. He gulped down his fear before he began to start walk towards his home.

'There's nothing to be afraid of.' Kato said within his head as he walked while he kept staring straight ahead of him and not at the shadows that were in the alley.

His heart was beating faster and faster when he heard the sound of trashcans being turned over. Kato quickly went into a power walk as he raced towards the entrance that will lead him home. Kato was almost near the exit when a strong wind suddenly blew into his face, and he had to lift up his arms and arched his legs to keep himself from falling over. The wind soon died down as Kato slowly removed his arms form his face, he looked up and saw his apartment and quickly ran towards it.

If Kato had looked up towards the roof tops that moment, he would have seen a huge shadow looking down on him.

"No doubt about it." The shadow said with a smile on its face. "He is the Kaga no Saga."

With one beat of its huge wings it flew high up into the sky and disappeared from view from any eyes that would have looked up at the shadow.

In the apartment building

Kato was in his bedroom that night as he sat on his bed while he looked out through his bedroom window. He was wearing his dark blue pajama's, with two white stars on the front of his sleeves. His parents had told him that they were going to be late tonight, but Kato didn't mind for it was always like this for him. Kato curled his legs up to his chest and rested his chine on his arms. Kato listen to the wind outside his window.

"I wish that I had someone who understands me." He whispered as he looked out at the night sky.

He let of a sight before he crawled under his bed sheets and went to sleep, but he soon started to have a weird dream that would soon decided his fate of both him and his world.

Next day

Morning quickly came and Kato was waiting for his friends to show up, he was in Centurial Park, as he sat under the shade of a huge tree. The wind was blowing the leaves of the tree, while making a rustling noise through the branches. Kato's eyes were half closed as he thought about the dream last night. Just then, Kim's face came into view.

"Good morning Kato," greeted the red head with a smile

He sat up and smiled back at her.

"Hey Kim" replied Kato as he started to get up on his feet. "Where's Tim?"

"He's waiting for us at the beach." Kim answered with a chuckle. "Come on Kato, I'll race you there."

Kato wasn't one to give up a challenge and soon the two of them were running down the street towards the beach as they ran side by side together.

At the beach

Tim was sitting on a large rock that over looked the ocean as he let the sea air washed over his face. Kato and Kim had just arrived as saw their friend sitting on the rock. Kato knew that Tim loved the sea ever since he was a little boy.

"Hey Tim!" called Kato to his friend.

Tim looked behind him after he had heard his name being called and saw Kato with Kim. He quickly got up on to his feet before jumping down from the rock.

"Hey guys!" yelled Tim as he ran over to them. "So have any of you two thought up on what we're going to do this summer?"

Kato and Kim shook their heads 'no'. Tim sighed as a mushroom cloud floated out of his mouth.

"That's just great," he muttered as he placed his hands on his hips. "Okay, how about we go to the arcade?"

"Or how about I punch you guys until you're black and blue?" question a voice from the three friend's right.

Kato, Kim, and Tim flinched when they heard the voice that spoke to them.

They quickly turned their heads and saw the last person they expected to see.

"Ben!" shouted Kato, Kim and Tim in fear as they saw the older boy in front of them.

"That's right," replied Ben with a smirk. "Now, how about I fix your dilemma by giving you a pounding that you guys won't forget?"

"Uh…No thank you "declined Tim as he and the other took a step back, "We've all ready found out what we're going to do…and that is to…RUN AWAY!"

With that said Tim, Kato, and Kim ran for their lives as Ben chased them into the city.

In the city

Kato and his friends were running as fast as their legs could carry them as the tried to escape Ben, but thy quickly stop when they come to an intersection, they looked left to right furiously as they tried to pick with direction they should take.

"What are we going to do?" asked Tim as he panted for breath. "Ben will be on us in five minutes if we don't choose now."

"I think we should split up" advised Kato as he looked at his friends. "Tim you go left, I'll go straight, and Kim you go right."

"Okay!" echoed Kim and Tim.

With that done Kato, Kim and Tim shot off in three different directions. Ben soon came to the cross roads and kept ran straight after Kato with a smirked imprinted on his face. 'Now that you're all alone Kato, you'll be mine to do with whatever I want.'

Kato was running as fast as he could down the street until he suddenly came to a construction sight and ran into it. Nobody was there as he entered the construction sight. Kato took the time to catch his breath before he ran any further. Suddenly he heard feet running down the street towards him and with one final puff, Kato ran up the stairs that lead all the way to the top of the unmade building. Kato finally reached the top and he was met with a cold blast of air that hit him in the face. Kato slowly collapsed onto the ground and gasped for air as he tried to catch his breath once again.

"Well, well looks like you finally stop; this must be my lucky day."

Kato quick stood up and turned around with fear in his eyes; for there behind him stood Ben as he glared at the thirteen year old with a smirk on his face.

"I don't get why you keep going after me? Why can't you just leave me alone for once?" yelled Kato as he looked at Ben with angry in his eyes.

"Now, now Kato, where would the fun be in that? After all kid you're the only easy prey that I can find that begs at my feet."

Kato stepped back in shock when he heard what had come out of Ben's mouth. He, Kato, was an easy target to Ben who can pound him because he was so weak in front of him. Kato slumped to the ground not even knowing that the wind was picking up around him.

"I'm a…easy…target?" Kato voiced quietly as the wind started to blow a little stronger around him.

"That's right, you are" Ben said. "Because you've always been so weak that it was easy to manipulate you, but I'm kind of getting bored with you now a days and I think its time to end it right here and now."

Just as he said it a dark wind started to whip around him as it grew stronger, and stronger with each passing minute. Kato started at the dark wind that blew around Ben with confusement. How could there be a black wind? And why was it only blowing around Ben? But Kato was given no time to figure this out.

"Dark wing" Ben said quietly as the wind formed two huge black wings on his back, "Tornado!"

With one thrust of his wings, Ben sent Kato flying over the edge of the almost finished building. Kato let out a scream as pain when he felt the black wind tare right into his body. His shirt had holes in it now and cuts began to appear on his face, arms and legs. Kato started to fall through the air like a cannonball as blood pored out from his open wounds. Kato had his eyes closed for the wind that was whipping past his body was so intense that he couldn't keep his eyes open to see what was going on around him.

'So this is it huh?' thought Kato as he fell towards the concrete ground that was rushing up to meet him. 'I'm going to die; I guess I am as weak as everyone said I am. '

"I that really what you believe?" questioned a voice.

'W-who said that?' thought Kato as he questioned the voice that talked to him.

"Kato, you are not weak," encouraged the voice. "You can become stronger if you just believe in yourself."

Just then, Kato felt, what was once the whipping cold wind on his body, change into warmth that wrapped around him. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw that he was up against someone's chest.

Ben watched as the new comer came into view with Kato gently cradled within the stranger's arms. Kato found himself being gently set down on the metal fool of the unfinished building and that was when he got a good look at the being that had saved him. What Kato saw made him gasp as he saw who the stranger was. It was a white and blue dragon with white feathered wings on its back.

The dragon had light blond under a pilots cap with goggles on top; on his three fingered clawed hands were brown gloves with two blue stone brooches on them. On each of the dragons wings were two golden rings, around its neck hung a golden collar with four copper rings that were hanging down at the bottom edge of its collar.

Kato looked up into the dragon's eyes and saw that they were they were light blue.

'This is the dragon from my dream.' Kato said in his head.

Ben smirked at what he looked at the dragon that was standing in front of him.

"So the great Legendary Windragon of LegendZ has come." He said as the dragon glare at him. "And has chosen a poor excuse, of a boy, as his master. You should have chosen someone stronger…Shiron."

Kato kept staring up at the white and blue dragon before looking down in shame, how can any one see him as strong when people only saw him as a weak, helpless child.

"Hey, Kato?" at the mention of his name he looked up at the dragon, who was know as Shiron, was looking down at him. "If you keep this up, then you won't be able to show this guy what you're made of; do you really want to be looked down on for the rest of your life kid?"

Kato looked away from the dragon once again and started to think on what this guy, Shiron, had said to him.

'He's right' Kato thought. 'I have to be brave and show Ben that I'm not afraid of him. Not any more!'

Kato stood up with white wind blowing around him. "Let's show him what we're made of." He said as the wind grew stronger around him.

Shiron smiled down at Kato before he turned to glare at Ben once again.

Soon the wind that was around Kato began to now beginning to whip around Shiron like a hurricane. Ben was trying to hold his ground against the wind that was now whipping and lashing out at him.

"What's going on here?" he yelled against the mighty wind blew.

Shiron rose up into the air with his wings opened wide before he yelled out his attack with Kato's voice mixing with his.

"Wing tornado!" and with one might thrust of Shiron's wings, along with Kato throwing a punch forward, a tornado was formed as it slammed into Ben and sent the fourteen year old for a flight.

Just the, a dark wind suddenly came out of no where and caught Ben. The wind, along with the fourteen year old boy, vanished into thing air with Kato and Shiron staring up at the sky in wonder. Kato let out a sigh as he fell onto his knees, Shiron landed in front of Kato with his arms crossed over his chest.

"You did good Kato." He said with a smile on his face.

Kato looked up at Shiron and smile at the dragon in front of him.

"Thanks Shiron," replied Kato as he stood back up on his feet. "But I just what is going on here, why would Ben go so far as to kill me and what was that black wind."

Shiron shrugged his shoulders at the question that Kato asked: "I don't know kid, but we will figure that out later. Right now we'd find you friends."

Kato nodded but soon asked another question which made Shiron smirk.

"But how are we going to find them?" asked Kato as a sweat drop appeared on the side of his head.

Shiron shook his head as he looked at Kato in amusement. The dragon bent down as he gently grasped the back of Kato's shirt with his mouth before he lifted Kato onto his back. Kato quickly grabbed onto the edge of Shiron's collar as the dragon started to fly up into the air. Kato had closed his eyes for he was trying not to look down in fear of how high he was, but his curiosity soon got the better of him. Slowly Kato opened his eyes and gasped in amazement when he saw what New York City was really like. The buildings were tightly packed together that it was hard to see the people and the streets, but the view out in front of him was what really took Kato's breath away. He saw the sea that stretched out for a miles before him.

"This is so cool." Kato said with a huge smile on his face.

Shiron smiled when he felt Kato's excitement flow through him and chuckled as they fly through the air to find Kato's friends.

At the beach

Kim and Tim had met up at the beach again and they were panting, trying to catch their breath.

"Man, that was close," panted Kim as she looked at Tim who was sitting on the sand beside her.

"You're telling me," groaned Tim as he nodded his head in agreement.

"By the way, have you seen Kato, Tim?" asked Kim as she looked around the sandy shores of the beach as she looked for their missing member.

"No…" Tim replied between breaths as he stood up from the sand to look at Kim. "I can only…hope…that Kato-san…is alright."

Just then, a big wind started to kick up around the sand and the two friends had to cover their heads from the sandstorm until it died down. Tim and Kim slowly lifted up their heads when the sandstorm had disappeared and what they saw in front of them made the two kids scream their lungs out; for there in front of them was a huge white dragon.

"Monster…!" they both shouted together.

The dragon bent its neck forward as it came face to face with Kim and Tim. The two friends held onto each other and stared wide eye at the dragon.

"You're friends seem a little jumpy Kato," said the dragon as it cocked an eyebrow at Kim and Tim.

Kim and Tim blinked in surprise when they just heard the dragon speak.

"Did…that thing…just talk?" echoed Tim and Kim while the dragon rolled his eyes at them.

That was when Kato, who had been on the dragon's neck, slipped off and landed on the ground before his friends as Shiron drew back his neck.

"Hey guys," he greeted with a smile.

"KATO!" yelled Kim and Tim as they ran up to their friend.

"What in the world happened to you?" questioned Kim as she stood in front of Kato with Tim.

"Yeah man, we were worried about you!" exclaimed Tim in anger as he flailed his right arm around wildly before pointing at Shiron. "And who the heck is this guy?"

"Easy guys," soothed Kato as he tried to calm his friends down. "First off, lets all get comfortable so that I can explain everything to you."

Two hours later

Kato had finished his story on what happened between him and Ben, and how he met Shiron when the dragon saved him from falling to his death.

"So you're telling us that Ben had just disappeared in thin air after sent him flying?" Tim said, trying to get the picture on what Kato had just told him and Kim, everyone was sitting on the sand of the beach as Kato finished telling his story to them.

"That's what happened," answered Kato as he looked at his best friend. "But this wind was different, it was a black wind and it had this really ominous feeling to it."

Shiron looked down at Kato with a frown on his face when he heard what this boy had just said.

'That black wind did seem familiar,' thought Shiron within his head and his frown quickly changed into realization. 'Could it be that human boy, Ben, had met up with him?'

"I have a question Kato." Kim said as she looked at Shiron. "How does this dragon…Shiron I mean…know you?"

Kato looked down at the ground with embarrassment. "It could be from the dream I had last night." He said in a shy voice. "Last night I had a dream where I was on this battle field, as if a war had began there a few years ago. There were these statues of some kind; they were of creatures that we would read in story books that we use to read when we were kids and that was when I came upon him within my dream."

When Kato had said him, he was meaning Shiron. Kato looked up at Shiron who was looking down at him; the dragon nodded his head for Kato to continue.

"Shiron was just a statue at first glance, but then I started to hear a thumping noise and it got louder when I got closer to Shiron's statue. I was soon standing right in front him. That was when I started to hear my own heart beat with the sound that was echoing through my head, it felt strange at first but soon I started to feel my body growing stronger with power for some reason. I soon laid my hand on Shiron's right leg of and that was when a bright light flashed in front of me. The dragon statue was soon engulfed in the light, than I heard his voice. He said to me 'I have chosen you, Kato Stone Heart to be my Kaza no Saga.' And after that my dream ended."

Tim and Kim looked at their friend for a few seconds while blinking their eyes in amazement. Kato suddenly felt very small now as his friends stared at him and quickly turned his gaze down on the sand. Shiron looked down at Kato for a moment before put his right claw hand over Kato's right shoulder to comfort. Finally after a few seconds Tim was the first one to speak after the long silence.

"You've saw creatures that were stone statues, I know it may sound weird to you guys but I had the same dream last night."

Kato looked at Tim in surprised after what he just heard from his friend.

"Yeah I also had the same dream too." Kim said as she scratched the back of her head sheepishly.

Kato couldn't believe what he was hearing from his friends. They had the same dream too. Shiron didn't look the least bit surprised at all, for he knew that Kato's friends are the masters of earth, and water.

'I just hope that the three of them are ready for this.' He thought as the looked down at the children before him

Suddenly, Kim looked down at her watch and gasped in fright.

"Oh-no!" she shouted in distress. "It's all ready 10:00, I have to get home quick."

"Why do you have to go home Kim?" asked Kato as he watched his friend pick herself up.

"I'd promised my parents that I look after my sister tonight Kat, that's why." Kim said and ran off towards her home.

Tim, Shiron, and Kato watched Kim run home while leaving behind a dust cloud behind her. Tim sighed as sweat drop appeared on the side of his head; Shiron looked down at Kato who was looking back at him before helplessly shrug of his shoulders at the dragon.

"That's just what Kim does." He explained to Shiron. "On Mondays, when her parents go out, she is always left to baby sit her little sister."

"If you ask me Kato, Kim's parents are just plain crazy in leaving both their daughter at home together," grumbled Tim said with a frown on his face.

Shiron only looked at the two boys before he raised his head up to the sky. 'These three will have to be ready for anything in the near coming future, or else they will get killed…in the war to come upon their world someday.'

To be continued