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A/N: Originally, I planned to put up 5 fics at once on Valentine's Day, but I decided to just put up a one-shot everyday until wenesday. I might miss a day on accident though. This fic was for one of amaya no shiori's KaidohRyoma challanges. The theme is "blue."


"Yes Kaidoh?"

"What's your favorite color?"

Inui paused for a moment.

"Blue. May I ask why you want to know my favorite color?"

"...for a project."

"I see."


At the next practice, Inui noticed that the power on Kaidoh's forehand shots decreased by 10 and his grip was a bit more lose than usual. He also noticed that Kaidoh had a bandage on the index finger of his right hand.

The next day, Kaidoh's forehand and backhand power decreased by 20 and his racket was knocked out of his hand by Momoshiro's half-serious Jacknife. Kaidoh also bore two new bandages, this time on his right pinky finger and left thumb. He decided to consult his kouhai.

"Kaidoh, does the injuries on your hand have to do with your 'project'?"

Kaidoh avoided Inui's eyes and looked to the ground. "Maybe." He said, before slipping away to the locker rooms.

This continued until Friday when Inui found a blue teddybear holding a heart in his locker along with various other chocolates from fangirls. On the heart, the words "Happy Valentine's Day Senpai" were sown on in navy blue.

"Ah, this must have been his project." Inui said to himself. He had completely forgotten it was Valentine's Day pondering about Kaidoh during the week.

A/N: Question! What day is White Day? Because I might write a sequel where Inui gives Kaidoh a White Day present. Oh, and sorry that this is a bit short.