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Another story from Vanity-sama:Hearts: Love me, adore me! Yeah, bitches! XD This story has shouta! That's some hot stuff right there! Ok, before the story starts, these are the characters and what type of animal they are:

Naruto- Mix between a Clouded Leopard, Eurasian Lynx, and Maltese Tiger

Sasuke- Albino Leopard

Itachi- Albino Leopard

Sakura- Siberian Tiger

Sai- Black Tiger

Hinata- Silver Mosaic Chinchilla

Neji- Arctic Panda

Shikamaru- Black-footed Ferret

Kiba- Shikoku Dog (Kochi-ken and Mikawa Inu)

Lee- Crossbreed of Green frog and Cyclorana

Gaara- Melanistic Red raccoon

And don't worry, it's not animal sex and stuff O.o They're like... people animals most of the time.

A curtain of rain fell over the large city of Naha, but it did nothing to damper the lively streets. Women in expensive dresses and high heels walked elegantly down the sidewalks, their limo drivers right by their sides, umbrellas overhead; Businessmen stood under wide hangings that jutted from the hotels and restuarants, their suits damp from the foggy mist that came with the rain; Children ran across the busy streets, dodging the passing cars and shoving between taller pedestrians who began walking along the crosswalk. The entire city was a mess due to the yearly animal showing that came there every summer.

The animal showing was known across Japan as the "Showcase". Wealthy men and women would show the busy crowds their pets called "Purebloods". Those animals were very rare and have been commercialized as the ideal pet for both adults and children for the past five years. The Showcase's main objective was to not only create copies of these rare creatures, but also to eliminate all "impure" animals. They sought to destroy all animals that weren't perfect .

Amazingly enough, most of the Japanese population didn't disagree with their opinions and just last year, the capturing and slaughtering of impure animals began...

A gorgeous woman walked into the large building that would be holding the Showcase, her high cheeks barely hidden between flips of mud red hair. Her dark eyes scanned the area as she walked past many beautiful pets and their owners. She gracefully made her way up to the long mahogany desk that stood at the back of the entrance hallway, then lifted her hand to tap the bell that sat beside a sign-in sheet, the lengthy fingers and slender arm covered with a periwinkle colored, silk glove.

A few moments later, a short and obese man approached her, his rosy cheeks lifting as he smiled politely to the woman. His white, blue trimmed uniform wrinkled as he took small steps toward his desk.

"Here for the Showcase, ma'am?" he asked, his voice laced with a strong Osakan accent.

The woman nodded, her choppy bangs bouncing around her ears, "I brought my lovely Sakura here yesterday evening, so she could become a used to these surroundings," her smile was tight, the dark, dusty lipstick painted on her lips becoming smooth.

"Ah, the Siberian, correct?" the chubby man asked.

"Yes, please bring her out to me. I have less than twenty minutes before my showing," her voice was cold, yet sweet. She smiled once again as the man bowed before scurrying off to another room. She brushed a gloved hand down her hip, flattening out the wrinkles of her dark purple dress.

Noticing a presence behind her, she turned, the sight of a silver-haired man making her let out a quick huff of a laugh. The man was dressed in casual clothing, the lower half of his face covered in pure white bandages. If he were to stand in a line with everyone else in the room, he would be noticed quickly with his strange choice of clothing. No wealthy man had ever showed up to a huge event in anything but a suit, and this man was always breaking that stereotype.

"Kakashi," the named rolled off of her tongue like a Christian uttering the dark lord's name. Bitter and icy.

The man's exposed right eye moved into an upturned 'u', a smile wrinkling the bandages covering the rest of his face. He took the woman's hand and kissed the knuckles softly, but the hand was ever so politely pulled away, a slight twitch of her lips telling Kakashi that she didn't want him touching her.

"Sibel," his voice held amusement, "I see you've come to the Showcase this year...?"

The beautiful woman known as Sibel tightened her lips as if she was tasting a sour treat, her shaded eyes narrowing into dark slits, "Yes, to display my Siberian Tiger, Sakura. She's a pink-tinted type, fairly rare. What about you? Showing your lovely Albino Leopard, Itachi?" she held back a small smirk.

Every year, Kakashi would show off his Albino Leopard to the large crowds, earning his pet the top spot in popularity when it came to which animal people wanted as pets in the near future. But this year, that spot would become Sakura's. Surely people have become bored with the same pure white leopard with haunting, light red eyes. And of course, since this year's theme is family oriented pets, Itachi would quickly be unliked by the children. A gaint cat like that would not be the right type pet for them.

Kakashi rubbed the back of his head, "Were you looking forward to seeing him again? Yes, well, I'm sorry about that, but this year I've brought a new pet. Itachi wouldn't have been the right kind of animal for this year's theme," he explained.

Sibel found her hands unconsciously tightening at her sides. Needing something to do with them, she lifted her right one to the dark sash around her waist and she pulled out a fan. It was much like a traditional Japanese one, but it was different in it's shape. It took on a type of European Renaissance look.

"Is that so? May I ask what you'll be showing?" she gave him a fake smile.

"Ah, a younger Albino Leopard," he stated, "he's from the same mother as Itachi. Unfortunently, he'll be the last leopard I can show... since his mother's passed on."

Sibel found another smirk trying to crawl onto her face as she covered it conveniently with her fluttering paper fan, "I'm sorry to hear that," she lied, "then I suppose you'll have no more beautiful pets to show once Itachi and this new leopard of yours have passed on?"

"Unfortunently not," Kakashi leaned against the counter, "unless one of them mates with another Albino Leopard, then I suppose I'll no longer be coming to these shows."

"Oh, that's a pity."

"Ma'am, I've brought your Siberian Tiger. Our workers have already grommed her and trimmed her nails for you," the obese man came back, a rather large, but soft and sweet looking white tiger by his side. The white color of her fur was like snow, and as she stood under the lights, her gorgeous coat gave off a pink tint, a very rare trait for a Siberian.

"My, she's beautiful," Kakashi commented, "you've raised yourself a fine pet, Sibel," he complimented with a warm smile.

Snapping her fan closed, she nodded, "Yes, Sakura is one of a kind. Well, I'd love to wait here and see your new leopard, but I have a show in ten minutes. If you don't mind," she gave him a shallow bow and walked away from him, Sakura walking gracefully by her side, her emerald eyes glowing under the many lights in the main hall.

Kakashi waved to her as she left, obviously more child-like that most of the guests in the grand building. He chuckled, "She could always just say she dislikes me."

"Excuse me, sir, are you here for the Showcase, as well?" the man behind the desk asked.

Kakashi turned to him and crossed his arms over the desk's smooth surface, "Please bring out my Albino Leopard, Sasuke," he smiled underneath the bandages covering most of his face.


A rather small cub ran through the pouring rain, his extremely thin body winding in between peoples' legs as they walked. The kitten had pointed ears with black tips that pointed out like soft whiskers, and his fuzzy coat was a peach color, prints of black spots starting from his soft pink nose to the tip of his long tail. From his sides down, solid black stripes ocassionally decorated his fur, wrapping around his pure white stomach.

Many people stared at the cub as he ran by through the rain, most of them looking disgusted because he was so obviously an impure animal, but some looked because of his dazzling blue eyes that shimmered like coins at the bottom of the sea. A little girl tried to chase after him, but her father quickly held her small arm, quietly telling her to stay under the roof so she wouldn't get wet.

The kitten finally stopped his constant running as the scent of human food floated through the air, staining his nose with its delicious aroma. He hesitently stepped inside the building that held the Showcase, his sopping wet fur dripping water onto the carpeted floor. He shook off, much like a dog, and quickly went into the large room when he saw that it was empty.

He sniffed around, his small pink nose twitching every so often. Sneezing at the sudden strong wiff of perfume, he leaped behind a large vase that was set against the wall, watching as a large woman walked by, a toy-sized bear in her arms, the pet growling softly as it gnawed on a rubber toy. Slowly backing up, he ran down the hall, going inside the auditorium that was filled with people. He mewled softly as people so much bigger than him went by, almost crushing him with their shoes.

Leaping under a table, he began to lick his paws, trying to get rid of most of the dampness. But a loud roar interrupted him and his ears flattened on instinct. Moving forward slowly, he peaked out of his hiding spot, seeing the lovely Siberian Tiger, Sakura, baring her pearly white fangs and stretching out her elegant limbs on stage. His ears perked up and he ran out from under the table, making sure he was against the wall where no one would see him. He sat in a spot in the shadows, awed by Sakura's preformance.

"That was Sibel Claire's pet Sakura. A Pink-tinted Siberian Tiger," a voice said, but the little kitten couldn't see where it was coming from. Then applause broke out and he watched as Sakura gracefully made her way backstage, "next, we have a new pet from Hatake Kakashi-san."

The kitten sat up straight and then the lights went out, but he could see something come out from behind the curtains, then a stage light came on and it followed the slightly large creature as it walked down the stage.

It was a leopard. A pitch black leopard with blood red eyes and a light pink tongue than ran across his teeth as he watched the crowd around it. The cub's ears went straight up as the leopard sat down at the front of the stage, a long black tail fluttering back and forth. The leopard looked around and his red eyes immediately fell on the small cub sitting in the shadows.

"His name is Sasuke and apparently, he's a Melanistic Albino Leopard," the woman who was speaking seemed utterly surprised.

The leopard now known as Sasuke, kept his heated gaze on the little cat hidden away in the back.


Kakashi smiled as his pet returned from the stage, its shoulders rising and lowering as he walked. Standing up, he met Sasuke half way and petted him, "You did well for your first time. I think that deserves a nice dinner, don't you think?" the leopard stared at him, then let out a rumbling growl in repsonse to the question.

Pressing a finger behind Sasuke's ear, Kakashi watched as his pet changed shape, turning into a young male with skin as pale as the moon, hair as silky as the finest spider's web, and eyes as black as coal. He chuckled at the glare he was given.

"It still surprises me that you don't have red eyes in this form."

"Hn," Sasuke slid past his owner and began walking towards the back door.

Kakashi blinked, then turned around, "Where are you going?"

"To find a small kitten," the leopard stated as he slipped outside, the rain still pouring down in torrents.


When Sasuke had looked at him, the kitten had ran, scared of the look the feline had been giving him.

Crawling into a damp box, he curled up, his body shaking from the cold of the approaching night. Tucking his head under his paws, he tried to sleep, hoping he actually woke up the next morning. But before he could fall asleep, footsteps alerted him and his head shot up, ears perking up as well.

Sasuke approached the small animal, his body drenched, his hair sticking to his cheeks, jaw, and neck. Silky black cat ears were set atop his head and a long tail swished back and forth behind him. He stared at the small kitten and it reminded him painfully of himself. Bending down, he held out a hand.

"Don't fear me," he whispered, his voice deep and rich. And even though it was loud because of the rain slamming against the pavement, the kitten was still able to pick up his words and he got up, wobbling over to the male.

Sasuke saw a small tag hanging from the cub's ear and he arched twin brows, "You've been tagged? But you're an impure breed," he pulled the animal into his arms and pressed his thumb behind one ear, watching as the small feline changed into human form, blond hair wet and sticking to his face. The child was small and clung to Sasuke, his fingers gripping tightly onto his wet shirt.

Standing up, he held the quivering boy close and looked into his eyes, "How can you change when you're impure?" he asked. He got no reply other than a loud sniffle and a sneeze. Smirking a bit, he carried the blond cub towards the back entrance to the stage.

"What's your name?"


"I asked you a question."

"... Naruto..." was the hushed reply.

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