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Kakashi made breakfast, like he always did on Saturdays, and continued to tell his chef that it was alright for him to take the morning off. It was always like this. Kakashi wasn't what you'd call normal, but someone could already come up with that conclusion with just one glance at him. The man would wake up giddy, happily go for a run around his estate, Sasuke by his side (even though the leopard loathed running early in the morning), eat a breakfast that consisted of smiley-face pancakes and star-shaped grapefruit cuts, go to work and drive his workers crazy with his strange antics, then he'd come home and have a delicious dinner with his pets who were usually up from their naps, all of them muttering prayer even though they were athiests.

But this morning, he was happier than usual. Not because he could fill his plate with as many smiley-face pancakes as he wished, since he was cooking (the cook usually set a limit since he didn't want the man getting fat), but because there was a new pet in the home. A very cute a playful one.

"Ah, such cuteness contrasts well with the personalities of my two other pets," he chuckled and turned off the stove, a large stack of pancakes sitting on a serving plate, ready to be made into happy faces. You'd think they'd have frowny faces since they were going to be eaten.

"Bya bya bya pyo!" his new pet must've been playing with the rocket ship Kakashi gave him.

Kakashi smiled under the bandages wrapped around his lower face and neck, and he carried the pancakes out, as well as the bacon and other foods that were need to make his happy breakfast.

"Breakfast!" he called, immediately getting a reply from his new pet. There was the sound of a vase breaking, Sasuke cursing, Itachi snorting in amusement, then a happy chirp of "food!".

A little Naruto ran into the dining room (in his human form), a loose white T-shirt hung over his skinny frame, reaching his knees. His large baby blue eyes were a very delightful sight to Kakashi, much better than the dark eyes of Itachi and Sasuke, who constantly watched him roam around the house out of shear boredom.

The kitten pulled out the chair at the bottom end of the table, his black spotted, golden ears twitching as he did so. Leaping up onto it, he sat, blond hair framing his chubby face, "Pancakes?" he asked cutely, completely used to asking his new owner for things.

When he'd first been brought to the mansion, the cub was scared to death. He was in a completely new environment, there were big pureblood animals around him, and since Kakashi was a slightly eccentric person, he scared Naruto at first. But then he got used to it all once he realized he wasn't going to be harmed in any way, deciding to call Kakashi his Aboji, Sasuke his Susu Oppa, and Itachi his Ita Oppa. Kakashi had asked him why he'd used Korean instead of Japanese, and the kitten had replied by saying that he was born in South Korea.

"Yes, pancakes," Kakashi set two hotcakes on Naruto's plate and pushed the bowl of strawberries, blueberries, and the can of whipcream towards him, "go ahead and make a happy face, Naruto. I'm going to go clean up that broken vase in the hall."

Nodding, the pet began to get creative, grabbing two large strawberries with his small hands and making them into eyes on his pancakes. He made a joyful "nyah" sound before grabbing a handful of blueberries.

Walking into the hall, Kakashi raised a silver brow at his two pets who were lounging in the library just a few feet away. Itachi was reading a literature book, while Sasuke was skimming through a book on famous paintings, his tail fluttering around behind him.

"One of you could've cleaned this up," he said, bending down to pick up the shards of glass, careful of cutting his fingers.

Itachi looked up from his book, naturally slanted eyes gleaming under the artificial light of the lamp beside him. He sat up straight and tilted his head, dark hair falling over clothed shoulders, "But it was the stray's fault," his voice was rich, yet bitter, like dark chocolate. And unlike his brother, Itachi had snow white ears, and a white tail.

Sasuke glared over at him, "I told you not to call him that."

Itachi let a ghost of a smile dance on his lips before he stood, placing his book on one of the many tall shelves in the library. He adjusted the black, leather collar around his neck and gracefully left the room, but not before saying something to his younger brother.

"I'd wondered why you brought that filthy thing into this house... and now I think I know why," he smirked and left his owner with his glaring little brother.

Shutting his book and placing it on the other side of the couch, Sasuke stood up, a scowl on his face.

Shaking his head, Kakashi stood, his hands free of cuts, "Why can't you two get along? Then we could be just one big loving family who take family photos together at Christmas."

Glaring at Kakashi, Sasuke walked past him, going into the dining room to take a seat next to Naruto. The blond was smearing whipcream over his pancake, coloring it in white. On his whiskered cheeks were little blotches of cream and some red from strawberry juice.

"Make sure it doesn't get on the floor," Sasuke said quietly as he sat, a pancake already on his plate. He raised a brow. It looked like a cat colored in with... blueberry juice?

"It's you, Susu Oppa!" Naruto smiled cheerfully, "I didn't have anything black, so I colored you in blue!" he giggled.

Smiling a bit, Sasuke patted the kitten on the head, "I look lovely, thank you."

Grabbing a fork, Naruto began eating, his cheeks puffing out as he shoved in more than he could chew. Swallowing a large mouthful, he took a sip of his milk, the creamy beverage leaving a mustache below his nose. He giggled again when Sasuke wiped it away with a hand cloth.

"Manners," the leopard said firmly.

Kakashi walked in and sat down after throwing away the glass and washing his hands. He grabbed a few pancakes and began decorating them. When he went to grab the whipcream, he spotted the colorful hotcake Sasuke was eating, "What a beautiful face, Sasuke, I didn't know you were so artistic."

Ignoring his owner, Sasuke kept eating, only stopping when Naruto got food on his face or on his clothes.

"Ita Oppa's no' eatin' wit' ush?" Naruto asked with a mouth full of strawberries.

"No," was the leopard's simple reply.

"But..." Naruto looked like he was about to cry, his blue eyes watering, lips forming a pout, "I made an Ita Oppa pancake," he pointed down to the hotcake he was currently wolfing down. The only thing left of it was an eye and part of the forehead.

"Why, how thoughtful of you," Kakashi commented, unwrapping the bandages from around his face to reveal smooth, pale skin and peach-colored lips. He wasn't ugly, so no one really knew why he hid himself. Taking a bite of his breakfast, he smiled, "oh, Naruto, I wanted to speak to you about something."

"Nya?" Naruto chewed slowly, recovering from his sudden sadness over Itachi's absence.

"I think you should start taking Pureblood classes."

Sasuke looked up from his plate, surprised. But then he narrowed his eyes into dangerous slits and growled at his owner, "How can he when he's not--"

Kakashi gave his pet a firm look, shutting Sasuke up instantly. Then he turned back to Naruto, "Would you like that? You can grow up and be just like your Susu Oppa."

Ears perking up and tail fluttering happily behind him, Naruto grinned, "I want to be like Susu Oppa!"

Chuckling, Kakashi began eating again, "Then your lessons will start on Monday," he completely ignored the glare that was burning into the side of head.


Itachi sat outside on the wooden swing in the garden, another book on his lap. His dark eyes scanned over the Latin words and he swatted away an approaching butterfly. He flipped a page, then looked up when the large doors that lead from the mansion to the gorgeous backyard swung open, Naruto running out in a new outfit. He wore knee-length khaki shorts and a bright orange hoodie, the large hood up over his head, blond spikes sticking out randomly. Kakashi had chosen not to stick the kitten in the type of attire the rich would wear, simple because he thought Naruto wouldn't like wearing the refraining clothes.

Indeed, Naruto loved wearing baggy clothes. He enjoyed the freedom the material gave his limbs.

Itachi scoffed and went back to reading, hoping the ball of sunshine wouldn't notice him.

"Ita Oppa!" the cub called from the path leading towards the garden. He jumped from stepping stone to stepping stone, coming closer to the older leopard, "Ita Oppa, how come you didn't eat breakfast with us?"

Itachi refrained from growling at the kitten, "I wasn't hungry," he stated. It was a lie, though. Right after he'd left his owner and Sasuke in the library, he'd gone out and caught a few mice out by the pool.

"Oh," Naruto stopped in front of Itachi and smiled, making the leopard want to scratch that smile right off his face, "Ita Oppa, guess what!" he jumped up and down excitedly.

Scowling, Itachi said, "What?"

"Aboji told me I'm going to be taking Pureblood classes! I'm going to grow up and be just like you and Susu Oppa! I'm going to be in the Showcase!" the blond's big blue eyes were sparkling with happiness, his small hands gripping the bottom of his bright hoodie, waiting for praise from his respected "older brother".

Itachi kept silent, his eyes narrowing, dark eyes flashing red, "You? In the Showcase?" he sneered, "I don't understand my owner or Otouto at all," he stood, "they only fuel your foolish dreams, even though they know that they'll never come true."

The desire to be as beautiful as Sasuke and the tiger, Sakura... to be in the Showcase and be praised and wanted by everyone in the crowd, that's what Naruto had wanted ever since he stumbled upon the event a few days ago. He'd lived alone, without the tender care of another, wondering if he'd even wake up the next morning... But now he was given a better life and he wanted to be like his Susu Oppa, he wanted to become a beautiful cat in the Showcase.

"Ita... Oppa?"

"You don't understand at all, do you? You're an Impure animal, you can never enter the Showcase no matter how many lessons you're given, no matter how strong your desire is," Itachi snarled, "ever since you arrived here, you've been wanting to be like us, but you can't..!"

Naruto stepped back, eyes watering, Wh-why is Ita Oppa yelling at me?

"You're different from us," Itachi added harshly, moving past the shaking kitten, and going into the mansion.

Turning, Naruto let out a quiet whine, confused as to why Itachi suddenly yelled at him, why he said so many mean things to him, "S-Susu Oppa!" he cried, knowing his oppa woud come to him. He waited patiently, sniffling and wiping his eyes with his sleeve. When Sasuke didn't come, he ran for the mansion.


Sasuke heard Naruto calling him while he was in the kitchen, but Kakashi moved in front of him, blocking his way out as he tried to go for the door. He glared at the silver-haired man, "What are you doing?" he asked, knowing better than to actually order his owner around.

"He'll come to you soon enough. Right now, I need to ask you something," Kakashi crossed his arms and leaned against the glass door, "Just like Itachi, I've been wondering why you brought Naruto here in the first place. Was it because you felt bad for him? How he lived? Or was it because of some other reason?"

Sasuke stared at him, Why did I take him in?

"Is it because you can't have kittens of your own?"

The leopard's eyes widened a fraction.

"It's very hard to find a mate when you're such a rare breed, Sasuke, I know that. And right after you were born, you were given your shots to make sure that you could only breed with the same species, to make Pureblood cubs. I can only imagine how you feel. To want to be a father, but you can't find a mate," Kakashi smiled a bit, "so you found a lonely kitten and took him in as your own, correct?"

Sasuke thought about that. When he took the cub in, he though he didn't really have a reason. He thought he just did it because he felt bad. But after what Kakashi said, he believed that he did it because he wanted a child of his own.

"Is that wrong?" He suddenly asked.

Kakashi blinked, but before he could say anything, he heard Naruto running up the stone pathway outside, crying. Moving out of the way, he opened the door, the bright orange blur running past him and tackling Sasuke. He shut the door and watched as the cub gripped Sasuke's shirt tightly, his head only reaching the leopard's hip.

"S-Susu Oppa, Ita Oppa hates me!" he cried, eyes red and swollen, "he said mean things to me.." he sniffled, "he said that I was different from you... that I couldn't be in the Showcase, no matter what..."

Sasuke let a growl errupt from his throat and he bent down, tugging the hood off of Naruto's head, golden locks falling over watery eyes, silky ears flat against his head, "Don't listen to him, he knows nothing," he ran his hand through the blond hair and smiled when Naruto's ears perked up, the left one twitching as Sasuke's thumb grazed it.


"You're not different at all, you're unique," Sasuke said firmly.

Naruto sniffled, "Unique...? What does that mean?"

"It means you're going to be the best pet when you grow up," Sasuke smiled a bit, "and everyone's going to want you."

The kitten's eyes lit up and his tail began fluttering wildly, "Really?"

Kakashi arched both brows at their conversation, When did Sasuke become so fatherly?

"Really. Now, let's go get you washed up. We're going out to the shops today," Sasuke stood and took Naruto's hand.

"Ok!" The blond chirped, happily walking out of the kitchen with his Susu Oppa, a large smile on his face.

I am going to be in the Showcase! Right beside my Susu Oppa, Naruto thought as he gripped Sasuke's hand tighter.

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