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When Kakashi had said he was going to get lessons on how to become the perfect Showcase pet, little Naruto had believed his teacher would be this elegant creature with a gorgeous fur coat, shimmering eyes, and a voice as silky as Susu Oppa's oh so comfy bed sheets. Boy, was he wrong.

"Listen, kid, I have books to write, places to be," his sensei said with a rough voice, his large paw flailing around comically as he ranted, "so don't waste my time with questions that aren't needed, bathroom breaks that aren't needed, or your little kitty tears. I'm gonna work you long and hard, brat!"

Naruto blinked large, ocean blue eyes and he tilted his head to the side, the bell collar around his neck jingling at his slow, but sudden, movement, "Nya?"

The teacher Kakashi had hired, a mountain ape named Jiraiya, sighed and sat back on his haunches, frowning at the kitten, "I should just change the release date of my book. This is gonna take a huge chunk out of my writing time," he pushed himself up with his thick tail and changed into his human form, amazing Naruto.

"Ano sa, ano sa!" Naruto raised his little paw, "how can you change without human touch?" he asked, truly intrigued.

Jiraiya smirked, his long white hair flowing down to his waist. Crossing his arms, he answered, "Because I am the great Jiraiya! I have trained for years, have become a master in the art of Pureblood training, and you dare ask me how?"

Naruto's left ear twitched, "Yes. How?"

Lips twitching, Jiraiya grumbled something about a stupid student that probably wouldn't amount up to anything, even with his great teaching, "It's because I'm old and wise, brat, old a wise."

"But what does being wise have to--"

"I'm here to teach you the ropes of bein' in the Showcase. If you want to question me, then--"

"Sorry," Naruto puffed out his chest and huffed, his ears flattening against his head.

"Apology accepted," Jiraiya smirked and started walking back and forth in the large room, "now, let's start with the basics. Well, you already know how to talk while in that form... I'm guessing Kakashi taught you?"

Naruto shook his head, "Susu Oppa did!"

"Hmm, well, then we should start with walking. You gotta learn how to walk," Jiraiya stated, pulling an orange book out from inside of his red coat.

Blinking, Naruto said, "But I already know how to walk."

"Not like a Pureblood, you don't," the teacher placed the orange book on top of his pupil's head and he grinned, "now, walk a full circle around this room without dropping the book on the floor. If you can do that by this evening, I'll personally buy you an entire week's worth of tuna."

Immediately getting to work, Naruto turned to start his walk, but the book fell before he even took a step forward. Mewling in annoyance, he used his tail to set it back on top of his head, moving forward to start his second attempt. After five seconds, the orange book fell, once again, and Naruto whined like a puppy would after being abused.

Jiraiya rolled his eyes and stalked towards the kitchen, wanting to sink his teeth into a delicious apple fritter that was always tucked away in the back of the fridge, just for him. He occassionally visited the Hatake residence, since Kakashi was a good friend of his, and there'd been a silent agreement between the two of them around the third visit four years ago. It seemed to go much like this: "If you give me all of the recent chapters to your book every time you visit, I'll make sure you have your own stash of apple fritters in the back of the fridge. Sound good?"

Yes, life was good.

"Ero Sennin!" his student whined from the room next door and he twitched as he opened the fridge.

Ero Sennin? I'm gonna castrate that brat!

Grabbing his apple fritter from behind the jar of pickles, he made his way back into the "training room", raising a brow as Naruto failed to balance the book three times in the 4.7 seconds he'd been standing in the doorway.

"You're hopeless," Jiraiya sighed, "listen, imagine that you're walking down the stage of the Showcase. You have to walk like the perfect Pureblood or else the audience will hate you right away, got it? Now, Sasuke's in the crowd of people, looking at you proudly, whispering 'that's my son' to the humans and other pets around him. You want to make him proud, don't you?"

Naruto nodded instantly.

"Then walk perfectly or your pretty kitty of a father will disown you, brat," Jiraiya hit home and Naruto quickly went back to his training, the book actually staying atop his head for a good ten seconds before plopping onto the floor.


Skimming through his monthly addition of "Pretty Lady", Kakashi laid sprawled out on his bed, the large flatscreen T.V. showing some sort of strange cartoon, no sound coming out, the word "mute" flashing at the bottom of the screen. He reached over and grabbed a marshmellow out of a large bowl sitting on the large wooden chest set up right at the foot of the bed. He popped it in his mouth, ignoring the constant sound of a falling book in the room beside his.

"How to lose twenty pounds in one week..." Kakashi trailed off as he read over an article, "Hmm, sounds unhealthy and unnatural. Who would deny themselves sweets?" he popped another gooey marshmellow into his mouth and chewed, turning the page.

Looking up when his door opened, he swallowed, his tongue running over his bottom lip to get off any creamy remains, "Sasuke?"

Said leopard took a seat beside his master and grabbed the ends of his bangs, inspecting them for split ends. It was like this between them sometimes. They'd just bask in each other's boredom. One would think they had more than an owner-pet relationship, "How is Naruto's training going?"

Kakashi shrugged and flipped over, legs spread, magazine raised in the air, "I haven't gone to see, but I'm sure he's doing fine. Jiraiya's only said fuck about ten times... and that's a lot less than usual," the silver-haired man smiled underneath his bandages, "so I'm guessing Naruto's doing great."

Sasuke snorted and crossed his legs.

"Is that all you wanted? To ask me how his training was going when you just could've gone out to see for yourself?"

Glaring, Sasuke leaned back against the soft pillows of the bed, "I heard from Itachi that you're trying to find me a mate," he saw Kakashi blink and cut him off before he could say anything, "I know I can't really trust my brother, but I thought I'd ask before I started assuming things."

"Oh..." Kakashi put his magazine down and scratched the back of his neck, "I can't say that he was lying..."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes.

"You need a mate, Sasuke. I know you're a bit happy now since you basically have a kawaii little kitten to call your own, but that doesn't change the fact that you need to reproduce. You have to create other bouncing baby cubs," Kakashi chuckled, "and I think I found you the perfect mate."

Raising a brow, Sasuke asked, "Is that so?"

"Yes. Do you remember our lovely Sibel Claire?" after a small twitch came from his pet, he continued, "well, I believe her Siberian would be a perfect mate for you. Imagine how beautiful the cubs will be!"

"I despise Sakura, Kakashi, you know that," Sasuke snarled.

"Ah, but you'd only mate with her once, then you won't have to see her again. It's just for kittens, Sasuke."

"I think you're forgetting the point. I loathe Sakura. I don't want to be near her, catch her scent anywhere near my territory, see her prancing around in my back yard as if it were hers, and I most definitely do not want to touch anything on her that might end up swelling with my cubs," Sasuke growled.

Laughing, Kakashi rolled back over, "Such a way with words. But Sasuke, if you don't want to mate with her, quickly find a mate of your own. I sort of... already signed some documents with Sibel already," he laughed nervously.

Standing, Sasuke hissed, "How dare you--"

Kakashi cut him off, "I'm your owner. I can do as I please with you. Be lucky that I consider you part of my family, Sasuke..." he sighed, "and if you really don't want to mate with Sakura, find a mate of your own."

The leopard growled, "How long do I have?"

"Five months. I know, I know, mating season's in few weeks, but I couldn't make it that quick. Feel lucky."

Leaving the room, Sasuke snorted. He looked down the hall and saw that the door was open to Naruto's training room. Curious, he peeked in, seeing the small kitten walking around the room, a book on his head. Jiraiya was leaning against the wall, eating his apple fritter, praising his student with a grin.

"I can't believe you actually did it, kid. In less than two hours, too. I gotta say, I'm amazed!"

Naruto let the book drop from his head and he happily bounced around the room, mewling and yipping in joy. He wanted to become someone his Susu Oppa could be proud of, and his dreams were coming true! He stopped his rapid movement when he caught someone standing in the doorway.

"S-Susu Oppa!" Naruto bounded towards his fatherly figure and rubbed up against his legs, wanting to be picked up, "Did you see?.! I walked around the WHOLE room with the book on my head!"

Sasuke chuckled and lifted the kitten up into his arms, pressing the tips of his fingers behind Naruto's right ear, watching as he took on his human shape. Ruffling blond hair, he smiled, "Is that right? And what exactly does that help you with?"

"Walking, balancing," Jiraiya answered from across the room. He pushed himself off the wall and took the last bite of his fritter, crumbs falling to the carpeted floor, "your kid's a quick learner, Sasuke, I'll give you that. Most of my students would take an entire day to complete that step, but he did it in less than two hours."

The raven held Naruto against him, used to the pawing hands and rubbing of a soft cheek against his neck, "So do you think...?"

"Hm? Oh, well, he definitely has the talent. I should be able to whip him up to shape within the month, but you still need to worry about one thing. Keep him a virgin until after his first Showcase."

Sasuke raised a brow.

"There are strict rules, you know," Jiraiya stated, "if a pet is to be entered in its first Showcase, it must be a virgin. So when he goes into heat, just..." he tapped his chin in thought, "show him how to find relief himself."

Fighting down a blush, Sasuke twitched, "You want me to teach him how to pleasure himself?"

"Susu Oppa, what does that mean?" Naruto asked, suddenly popping into the conversation, "and what's a virgin?"

This time, Sasuke couldn't hold back the blush and he sputtered, "I-It's nothing important. Why don't you take a nap in my arms? I'll wake you in a little while."

Naruto slowly nodded and rested his cheek against his Oppa's neck, closing his eyes and snuggling deeper in the strong arms he loved so much. Nodding off, he didn't hear Jiraiya's advice for mating season.


Itachi despised the new kitten. He loathed him with a burning passion. If his hatred were barbeque sauce, then you might as well just cook a couple of cows right now.

He disliked Naruto's happiness, the bright color of his fur coat, his innocent eyes, the way he purred and rubbed up against his younger brother as if he were a giant slab of turkey. Now, Itachi would be able to at least tolerate him if the cub were to keep his distance, but Naruto being Naruto, that wouldn't be happenning any time soon.

"Ita Oppa!" Naruto chirped and ran into the room while still in his human form. He had on bright orange cargo pants and a fitting black T-shirt, courtesy of Wal-mart. He hopped over to Itachi and smiled sweetly, his fuzzy ears standing up right, "guess what?"

Itachi, who had been reading a thin book of poems, looked up, reading glasses perched upon his nose. He didn't understand why the kitten still came near him. He did, after all, attempt to shatter the brat's hopes and dreams. He even served those broken dreams on a silver platter with tuna and saltine crackers.

He remained silent, narrowing his eyes, sending a warning glare the blond's way.

Swallowing, but keep his ground, Naruto continued, "E-Ero Sennin said that I might be able to be in a future Showcase," his voice was soft, "he said that I'm learning quick and that--"


Naruto blinked, his ears flattening against his head, "H-huh?"

Itachi scowled at him, "He said you might be in a future Showcase. All teachers support their students, no matter how pathetic and worthless they are."

Backing up, Naruto looked away, "I'm not... worthless."

"Yes, you are. What good do you think you'll be to this family? You're nothing but a stray, an Impure. Filthy-blooded creatures such as yourself are hunted down and killed," Itachi smirked as the kitten's eyes watered, fear clouding over his eyes, "yes, but you already know that, don't you? That's why you try so hard to become something you're not. You want to stay in this home, leech of of us, keep yourself safe from the outside world. If you become loved in the Showcase, you may not be killed... that's your plan."

Shaking his head, Naruto whined, his tail falling limp behind him, "No! I--I'm doing this for Susu Oppa! I want to make him proud! I... I love Susu Oppa and I want him to accept me... as his--"

"As his what? His child? His cub?" Itachi sneered, "that can't happen. Your blood is filled with filth, his is not. While yours is like the drains under the city, his is like a river that flows, untouched by humans."

Eyes burning, Naruto looked up, feeling himself want to shrink back as Itachi stared him down, "You're wrong... I might have dirty blood... but--"

"You can't change what you are."

"Why are you... so mean to me?" Naruto cried, tears finally dripping from his lashes, "all I wanted was to be your younger brother... all I wanted was for you to be my Ita Oppa..." he sniffled.

"I already have a brother. You aren't needed," Itachi said harshly.

Turning on his heel, Naruto ran away, past Kakashi and Jiraiya who were talking in the kitchen, into Sasuke bedroom. He leaped onto the queen size bed and buried himself under the silky red sheets, but moved his arm so his sleeves would soak up his tears. He didn't understand why Itachi hated him so much. If he would've known he'd be hated in the household, he would've just let himself die on the streets like his family.

Hearing footsteps approaching the bedroom door, he kept quiet, the sobs building up in his chest. He wanted to just bawl like a baby, but Jiraiya had told him before training, that Purebloods didn't cry. They were strong, tough...

"Naruto, did Itachi say something again?" Sasuke asked softly as he came towards the bed. Sitting down, he smiled a bit when the lump under his sheets rolled away. He tugged the blanket down and saw a huddled up Naruto, the kitten shaking and wiping furiously at his eyes, turning the skin red, "stop rubbing," he ordered, and gently tugged Naruto's hands away.

"S-Susu Oppa, why does Ita Oppa hate me so much?" the cub continued to hold in his sobs, his voice shaking.

"He dislikes everyone. Even me, his own brother," Sasuke pulled Naruto into his arms and rubbed his back, "so don't waste your tears on him, when someday you'll probably need to waste them on me," he smiled and rubbed soothing circles with his palm over Naruto's shoulders.

Giving his father figure a lopsided grin, he giggled, "A-alright!" wiping away the last of his tears, he wrapped his arms around Sasuke's shoulders, "Susu Oppa... someday, do you think I could be your son? Your cub?"

The leopard was surprised by the question, but he chuckled, "Someday? I think not."

Naruto's ears dropped and he felt like crying again, "B-but--"

"Because I consider you my own, right now," he pulled Naruto against him and sighed, "you're my little boy."

Cuddling further into the older male's embrace, Naruto smiled. For some reason, his heart was beating wildly, but he didn't know why.

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