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Blinking slowly, Naruto awoke from his peaceful slumber and stretched, his bones popping loudly, causing the older cat beside him to shift in the silk covered bed. His cerulean eyes watered as he yawned, tongue sticking out and curling up in a very feline way, his nose scrunching up. He shook his head, blond bangs falling into his eyes, and glanced up at his father figure.

Sasuke looked down at him with obsidian eyes, a small smirk in place, "We've been napping for two hours. I think you should go back out to train. I'm sure Jiraiya's wondering where you are."

Nodding, Naruto sat up, his ears twitching. He leaped off of the mattress and sent Sasuke one final smile before his departure, "Bye, Susu Oppa!" he waved cutely and ran out, a loud "where the hell were you, brat?.!" reaching Sasuke's ears. He smirked.

Outside, Jiraiya lifted Naruto up by the back of his shirt and carried him back to their training room. ignoring the child's whines and whimpering. Tossing him onto the floor, he crossed his arms, "I wanted to give you a head start on another lesson, but when I turned around, you're gone. Che, brat, how do you expect to enter a Showcase if you just skip out on practice?"

Naruto stood and rubbed his sore behind, a pout on his pink lips, "Sorry, Ero-Sennin, but I was with Susu Oppa and--"

"That's no excuse!" the white-haired teacher frowned, "now, we're moving on to the last lesson of the day; posture. You have to have good posture, kid."

Naruto nodded, the bell around his neck jingling.

"You'll probably get this down quick, though," he smirked, "you are, after all, Sasuke's son."

Eyes widening and glimmering with happiness, Naruto smiled.

"Listen up," Jiraiya uncrossed his arms and pointed down at the kitten, "the key to good posture is to think of something beautiful, go it?"

"Something... beautiful?" of course, the first thing that came to Naruto's mind was Sasuke. The leopard was the very definition of beautiful. His black coat shimmered like the ocean, when he walked his movements were like water, and when he posed for a picture, he oozed an aura of elegance and royalty... Naruto would do anything to be that gorgeous.

"Focus on wanting to be just as beautiful. Keep that thought and let your body move into position," Jiraiya said gruffly, stepping back to give his pupil some room.

Naruto nodded slowly and thought about the first time he saw his father on stage. How he didn't put too much weight on his legs as he sat, how his tail lay flat on the ground, curled around in a perfect loop, and how his eyes were half lidded, a usually bright red shadowed and turned a rusty incarnadine.

Jiraiya pressed a finger behind the cub's ear and watched as he changed back into his pet form.

Sitting back, Naruto made sure to keep most weight on his front paws, his tail fluttering to the floor and lopping around from the back, to his front. His moved his front paws together and straightened his spine, keeping his gaze down, as if he were watching an audience, waiting for their whispered praise.

"I'll be damned," Jiraiya chuckled and squatted down, running a hand from the top of Naruto's head, to the base of his tail, "curved perfectly, brat," he commented positively. He grinned and stood back up, "once again, you've surprised me with how quick you get a hang of things."

Naruto leaped up from his position and bounced up and down on his small paws, "You mean I did it already?" he asked, excited.

Jiraiya gave him a lame thumbs up and chuckled, "Well, since that was the last lesson of the day--"

"No, I wanna learn more!" Naruto begged, pressing a padded paw against his teacher's legs, "please?"

Sighing, Jiraiya scratched behind his ear, "It's not really possible to do it today. It has nothing to do with training, actually, it has more to do with your health."

"My health?" the little kitten asked, curious.

"You have to get shots in order to be entered in the Showcase, kid. I was planning on making you an appointment tomorrow."

Ears going flat, Naruto whimpered, "Sh-shots? I don't like shots!" he complained.

"Sorry, brat, but you can't be a part of the Showcase unless you get them. You either get the shots, or you can give up and disappoint you dad," Jiraiya knew mentioning Sasuke would pressure his student into saying yes. And he was proven right when Naruto hesitently nodded his head, "Good! You just rest up, get your spirits high, and I'll pick you up in the morning."

Pouting, Naruto watched his sensei leave, Kakashi stopping him in the hallway so they could talk. Getting up, he padded across the floor and decided to go take another nap with Sasuke. A comforting hour of sleep would make the nervous flutter in his stomach die down. Hopefully.

He poked his head into the room, but let out a small whimper when he saw that the leopard was missing, "Susu Oppa!" he whined, but no answer came. Turning around, he trotted into the kitchen, seeing Itachi eating a salad by the far end of the counter. He backed away, but before he coud leave, his eyes met narrowed cobalt.

"I suggest you stop sneaking around," Itachi sneered, placing a biteful of lettuce into his mouth. He'd much rather have a large salmon, but Kakashi made a rule that stated that all members in the household were to eat a bowl of salad before indulging themselves with the delicious gutting of fishes. Who made a stupid rule like that?

Naruto looked down at the floor, ears flopping against his head as he answered hesitently, "I-I'm looking for Susu Oppa..."

"Hn," Itachi took another bite and licked his lips, "he's out in the garden."

Ears suddenly perking up, Naruto threw a glance at his older "sibling", "Th-thanks," he ran past Itachi and nudged open the back doors with his head, running out, the doors closing behind him with an audible "click."

Itachi smirked to himself, "Just watch out for the neighbor's hunting dog. He's usually out looking for dinner at this time," he said to no one, chuckling.


Leaping over freshly planted tomato plants, Naruto looked around, the breeze of the cool evening brushing against his soft fur, cooling his heated skin underneath. He suddenly stopped in his search and sat, placing a paw on his furry stomach. If he had eyebrows, he would've furrowed them in confusion.

My tummy's all warm and tingly... he rubbed it, not understanding why it suddenly felt so different. Come to think of it... it had become warm when some strange scent had flooded his senses. It was a strong aroma and it made the kitten tingle. He'd never smelt anything like it.

Picking himself back up, he continued his search for Sasuke, trying to ignore the ball of heat in the pit of his belly. As he reached the end of the garden, he looked into the woods that stood just beyond it, shadows hiding the depths of the huge area. Maybe Sasuke had gone in there?

He sniffed the air, and mixed in with that strong and odd scent was the smell of fish. Smoked salmon, to be more precise. He licked his furry lips and ran out of the Hatake property, his feet taking him into the woods. Smoked salmon was something that Sasuke usually smelled of. When Naruto would cuddle with the him, that specific scent would stain his senses.

Susu Oppa must be in the woods! he chirped inwardly. But after making it a good twenty feet into the woods, something shocked him and he tumbled, falling down a steep hill that led to a creek further down. He didn't noticed until he hit the ground that he was in his human body.

Shakily getting up, he looked at his hands in confusion, What happened? How did I change? There was a shifting of fallen leaves behind him and he turned, eyes widening as something ran towards him. He didn't even get a chance to protect himself before he was slammed to the ground, claws digging into the skin of his arms. He winced, eyes shut tightly.

Then that scent from before hit him and he stomach got impossibly warmer, a dull ache beginning to throb between his legs. His cheeks were becoming warm for some reason and he wriggled around, trying to get out of the grasp of the predator. He slowly opened his ocean blue eyes and they met slits of pitch black.

The human-like pet above him had shaggy brown hair, slitted eyes, sun-kissed skin, and red marks under both eyes. His canines were bared as he smirked down at his prey, a pink tongue sliding out to lick pink lips. Tightening his grip on the cub's arms, the unnamed male dog chuckled.

"Looks like I've caught something better than a stray mountain cat," the dog ears perched atop his head moved around, as if listening to everything going on around him. He looked down at the color around Naruto's neck and read the metal tag, "Hm, one of Kakashi's new pets? But you don't smell like a Pureblood," he bent down and sniffed the blond, making him squirm even more and blush. He raised a brow, then smirked devilishly, "what's wrong, Blondie?" he asked slyly, "in heat?"

Naruto blinked up at the canine, "H-heat?" Ero-Sennin and Susu Oppa were talking about that earlier...

"Hn, what a nice surprise," the dog grinned, showing Naruto his fangs, "my traps caught me a virgin cub. Tell me, do you have a mate? I smell another male all over you."

Shaking his head slowly, Naruto said, "N-no..." he didn't even really know what a mate was.

"Good," the strange pet bent down and lapped at the kitten's neck, a long tongue running along a smooth jaw. He was rewarded with more squirming and a confused whine, I thought I was only going to catch dinner. Didn't know I was going to have a delicious pet under me. Hmmm, the scent of his heat is driving me crazy!

"Wh-what are you doing?" Naruto asked, panting slightly. He didn't understand why he was reacting that way, but what the male dog was doing to him made something between his legs ache. This had never happened before... what was going on?

"I'm going to play with you, that's what," the brunette moved down and nipped at a jutting collarbone, pleased with the breathless whine he received. He sat up and moved his hands away, knowing the blond wouldn't run now. He skipped the foreplay, going straight for the prize. He tugged down loose fitting shorts and smirked at the little pair of boxers covering the small buldge.

Naruto whimpered, "Why are you...? I-I have to go find Susu Oppa..."

Susu Oppa, huh? That must be his nickname for Sasuke, "Don't worry, Sasuke said he wanted me to do this," he lied.

Blinking slowly, Naruto looked up at him, "Really...?"

"Yep, he said he wanted me to make you feel good," he groaned and tugged the boxers down, expsoing the small erection between tan, creamy thighs. Licking his lips, he leaned down, his tongue pressing against the head.

Eyes widening, Naruto arched his back and whined in pleasure. He didn't know what was going on. All he knew was that it felt sooo good. He bit his bottom lip and that long tongue worked his hard muscle, giving it delicious attention.

Smirking, the canine took the entire thing into his mouth, enjoying the throaty cry that tore itself from his victim's throat. But as much as he was enjoying his task, he knew he couldn't fuck the pet. If he did, Sasuke would surely murder him. So he decided on just using his mouth and hands.

Pulling back, he used the bit of precum that had started leaking out of Naruto erection to slicken up three of his fingers. He grinned and spread the cub's legs apart, immediately shoving one long finger inside.

Naruto felt tears welling up at the corners of his eyes as nothing but pleasure washed over him. He wriggled his hips as the finger prodded around inside of him. It was a tad bit uncomfortable, but not painful. He eyes snapped shut and he sobbed as a fingertip jabbed his prostate. His cry got a rise out of the dog and he smirked.

Rubbing his finger around and against the nub deep inside of the kitten, he entered two more, groaning when Naruto thrashed around, crying and whining. God, he loved it. Taking no mercy on the virgin pet, he shoved all three fingers against Naruto's pleasure spot, intent on making him sob and cry in ecstasy during his first orgasm.

Naruto could do nothing but cry out. As he felt the heat in his stomach tighten and let loose, he couldn't help but wonder why his Susu Oppa never made him feel good like that.

With a pleasurable cry, streams of cum spurted out of his small member and landed on his quivering stomach and moist thighs. He took a shuddering breath and closed his eyes.

The dog pulled out his fingers and licked them clean, Damn, I just couldn't resist doing that... Shit, now I have to go hunting all over again, he frowned and stood up, not bothering to help Naruto with his clothes.

Opening his eyes, Naruto looked up at him, "Ano sa..."

"Just get dressed, Blondie, and get back home. I'm sure Sasuke's waiting for you," the brunette ran a hand through his hair and started walking away, Shino's gonna be pissed.

"A-ah, Susu Oppa!" the blond quickly got up and started tugging on his pants, wiping away his cum with some leaves. He turned to say something to the canine but he was gone. Blinking, he ran away, back to the Hatake residence.


"What makes you think I have anything to do with his disappearance?" Itachi asked as his brother glared daggers at him, "but if you must know, I saw him run outside earlier."

Growling at his older sibling, Sasuke went out to the garden and looked around. He heard the familiar voice of his cub and looked past the grape vines, Naruto running up to him. He smiled in relief, but then a strong scent filled his sensitive nose and his eyes widened a fraction.

"Susu Oppa!" Naruto hugged his father and smiled. He pulled back and looked up at the leopard with shining blue eyes, "Susu Oppa, how come you told that pet to touch me?" he asked innocently enough.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes, "What?" That scent all over him... it's his--

"I went looking for you and I met a pet, a canine. He started pulling off my pants and said that you told him he could--" he was stopped as Sasuke pulled him against his legs, "Susu Oppa?"

"Where did he touch you?" the leopard snarled.

Naruto pointed down at his crotch, his brows furrowed, "D-did I do a bad thing?" he asked, scared. He didn't want his Oppa to be mad at him... he honestly thought he had told that dog to touch him, "I'm sorry, Susu Oppa, I--" he watched his father bend down and pull him into a hug.

"You're not hurt, are you?"

Naruto shook his head slowly, "Why would I be hurt? He made me feel good."

Gritting his teeth and looking out at the woods over Naruto's shoulder, Sasuke growled, the sound vibrating low in his throat, scaring the blond cub.

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