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Naruto began blushing as Kakashi explained to him the wonders of mating and pleasure, the man not letting up one bit, not even when he got to what the unknown canine had done to the kitten. He said that he had been a victim of rape and that, luckily enough, he was still a virgin, keeping him in the run for the Showcase. If the little blond had known all of that beforehand, then he probably would've tried to run from the dog...

The kitten sniffled and his ears were flat against his unruly golden locks, making him look small in the large kitchen. He was currently sitting on the counter by the expensive microwave, Kakashi chattering beside him about what had happened.

He let his blue eyes wander up from the floor, to look outside. Sasuke was out in the garden, yelling and hissing at Itachi, the older leopard only looking at his brother with a bored expression. That's when Naruto knew that Itachi didn't care what happened to him... he was the one who lied and told him his Susu Oppa was out in the woods...

He just wanted to get rid of me, the golden animal felt like bawling, he wanted that dog to eat me... he wiped his eyes, but I ended up... ended up getting--

"--molested. My, I think I'll need to speak to Aburame-kun about this," Kakashi scratched under his chin, then crossed his arms, looking down at the small pet sitting on the counter, "now, are you sure he didn't penetrate you in any way?"

Naruto shook his head, his cheeks still burning, even though he was extremely upset. He'd had no clue about sex before the "talk" Kakashi had just given him, so thinking about all of those things that pets and humans did with each other... it was fresh and a bit embarrassing.

"Ne, ne, Aboji..." he blinked back the wetness of his eyes, "if that dog would've..." his face was as red as a tomato, "if he would've mated with me... I wouldn't be able to enter the Showcase?"

Kakashi nodded, "I'm afraid so. You have to be a virgin for your first showing or people won't like you."

"Oh..." Naruto thought back on his thoughts in the woods, "so if I... wanted to mate with someone now, I couldn't?"

Kakashi raised a silver brow, "Not if you want to be in the Showcase. Why? Is there someone you like?"

The kitten bit his bottom lip and flipped that thought around in his head. Someone he liked? He'd thought about his Susu Oppa touching him like that canine did. He'd even imagined the leopard licking that white cream off of his stomach... but Sasuke was his father now... and fathers didn't do that to their child, did they?

Naruto shook his head, "No... theres no one.."

"Ah, well, brace yourself, little one," his owner chuckled, "Itachi and Sasuke are coming back in."

Blue eyes flickered in fear for a moment, What if Ita Oppa tries to do something like that again? he looked up when the back doors opened and Sasuke stormed in, eyes narrowed into dangerous slits, teeth bared as he growled. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing at end, making Naruto want to shrink back out of existence. He hated it when his Susu Oppa was mad, even when he was just angry at someone else.

"Don't try something like that ever again," he snarled at his elder brother, getting up in the other feline's face. But Itachi didn't seem fazed, he just smirked.

"But Otouto, how can you be so angry with me? Your precious kitten enjoyed it, did he not?" his voice was laced with humor. Oh, how Itachi loved to cross lines.

Naruto's eyes widened when he saw his father lunge at Itachi, theboth of them tumbling back and slamming into the counters on the other side of the room. Sasuke dug his claws into soft flesh and let out a frightening growl. Kakashi moved forward quickly and pulled out a syringe from the drawer beside him, thrusting his arm forward and shoving the long needle into Sasuke's neck, causing the cat to whimper and back away, his knees buckling.

Itachi stared at his younger brother while he fell to his knees, arms shaking. He let his lips twitch upwards, "See the blood on my arms, Otouto?" he whispered, watching as the smaller leopard tried to keep his eyes open, "it's the same color as Okasan's and Otosan's, isn't it?"

Sasuke fell sideways, his head smacking against the tiled floor, eyes still on Itachi, even as he drifted off into slumber.

"Susu Oppa!" Naruto jumped off of the counter and scurried to his father's side, lifting his head up and placing it on his small lap. He whimpered and brushed his fingers over damp bangs, "wh-why did you give him that shot?" he asked Kakashi, fear in his ocean blue eyes.

"It only knocks him out," the scarecrow put the syringe back in the drawer and sighed, "all pet owners are given different types of drugs and medicines just in case their animals get out of control, are sick, or when they are poisoned."

Naruto pressed warm palms agaist Sasuke's pale cheeks and he lowered his lids, giving his new father a sad look.


Aburame Shino, one of the judges of the Showcase, walked down his hallway, the collar of his heavy overcoat covering the lower part of his face. Even though his home was already pretty dim, he wore sunglasses, the item firm on the bridge of his nose. His brows were furrowed and his short brown hair brushed against his ears as he went into the living room, where his prized pet was waiting for him.

The dog that had defiled Naruto sat on the leather sofa, nose scrunched as if he smelt something horrible. But really, that was his "I didn't mean to molest the poor creature" face. His black eyes rolled to the side and he gave his owner a lopsided, nervous grin.

"Y-Yo, Shino!"


"Um, I made you dinner!"


"I know, I know, 'where's the cook?" is probably what you want to ask. Well, I kicked his ass out so I could make a special dinner for my sexy master!"


"I made your favorite! Ch--"

"I got a call from Kakashi," was the first thing Shino said, cutting Kiba off. His hand moved up so he could push his round, black classes further up the bridge of his nose. His tone of voice was proof enough that the phone call hadn't been a pleasant one.

Kiba froze and let out a high-pitched laugh, "Oh, um, about that--"

"Apparently, you touched his new pet inappropriately," the male tucked his pale hands in the deep pockets of his coat, the bottom of it making a swishing sound around his knees, "tell me, Kiba, when did you plan on telling me this?"

"... After we had sex?"


Kiba cracked under the silence. Damn Shino for turning him into a housebroken puppy! He walked over to his owner and looked at his own reflection in Shino's glasses, "I couldn't help it! He was in heat and he was giving off the most delicious smell! You know an animal can't resist a young pet when they're in heat!" he whined, "I swear to God, I tried to resist the temptation! I'm a sinner, temptation turned me into a whore!" he fell to his knees.

Shino raised a brow. Honestly, there were times where his pet made no sense whatsoever. He made no reply, but turned toward an open cage in the corner of the room, a place where his other small pet liked to sleep when tired during the day, "Hinata, go to the Hatake mansion and send them my apologies."

A little chinchilla scurried out of the cage it called its sanctuary and looked up at its owner with pale, white eyes. Shino bent down and touched below its chin, watching as it changed into a short girl with ear length blue hair, pale eyes, creamy skin, and a shy posture.

She sent a shy look toward Kiba, then to Shino, "Y-you want me to g-go see Hatake-kun?"

"Yes, if that's not a problem."

"No, n-not at all!" she smiled sweetly and left the room, her little eskimo looking coat hugging her small but curvy frame.

Shino turned to look at Kiba once again, the tan-skinned man shrinking back and letting out a shaky laugh, "I'll be escorting you on your afternoon hunts from now on," he went into the kitchen, taking a seat at the long table. He crossed his legs and looked at Kiba expectantly, "well?"

Kiba blinked and then made an "o" with his mouth, "Right, dinner," he ran into the kitchen and pulled the plate of food out of the warm stove, bringing it to his owner and sitting it down, "I'm not... I'm not going to get punished, right?"

Shino looked up at him, face expressionless.

Kiba sighed and hung his head low, "Damn."


Sasuke rubbed his sore neck, the muscles firm, but sensitive, fluttering under his rough touch. Beside him sat Naruto, the little kitten wringing out a wet rag into a small container full of hot water. He leaned forward and placed the washrag on his father's neck, giving him a sweet smile as well.

"Does it hurt, Susu Oppa?" he asked in a quiet voice.

The leopard looked over the small feline and let a smile slip onto his usually blank face, "Not as much thanks to you."

For some reason, Naruto felt his cheeks heat up and he looked down at his damp, pruney fingers, "I-It was no problem... I'd do anything for you," he glanced up under golden bangs when a hand was placed on his head, "Susu--"

"Why do you like me so much? And why do you want to be in the Showcase so badly?" he asked suddenly, but firmly.

Naruto blinked, then smiled, "Because you gave me a home when no else would..." he then thought about the second question, "and because I want to be just like you. I want to be seen as the perfect pet, and I want to be loved..."

"What? My love isn't good enough?" Sasuke chuckled.

Immediately shaking his head, Naruto leaned forward, almost spilling the steaming water in the container that was sitting on his lap, "N-No, your love is--!" he stopped himself and blushed, "your love is..."

Sasuke ruffled blond hair, "Don't think too hard, alright?"

Naruto nodded slowly, his cheeks still burning.

The bedroom door creaked open and Kakashi popped his head in, "Sasuke, Aburame-kun just sent me his apologies... so there'll be no need for you to rip his pet dog in half, ok?" he sweatdropped, "so I expect to see you in this bedroom every ten minutes I come to check on you. If not, you're going in 'the room', you understand?" then he left, before the leopard could reply.

Sasuke twitched.

Naruto looked up and blinked his big, blue eyes, "The room? What's that?"

"Some where I really don't want to go," he began rubbing his neck with the now luke warm washrag and sighed, "but since I'm stuck in here for the rest of the day... is there any game you want to play with me? Or maybe you'd like some help with your practice?"

"With my... practice?"

"To be in the Showcase," Sasuke smiled a bit, "you're training for that, right? I could help you out a bit."

The kitten's eyes widened, "Really?.! Thank you, Susu Oppa!" he wrapped his arms around Sasuke, "c-can you teach me how to growl like you? A really deep, but big growl?"

Sasuke chuckled, "Sure, but remember, you're still very young. So don't be disappointed if you can't do it right away," he looked over Naruto's small frame, then furrowed his brows, "actually, I think you're going through your change."

"My change?" Naruto asked, a bit excited. It sounded interesting.

"Every pet goes through it, but only during their first heat. By the end of the week, you should've grown dramatically. I'd say... you'd be around my age?"

The golden kitten's ears perked up and he straightened his back, "I-I'll be as big as you?"

Sasuke sighed, "Yes, so you really won't be my kitten anymore," he looked down when his lower torso was attacked by Naruto.

"I'll be your kitten forever," Naruto promised with a big smile.

"You can't keep that promise."

"I can, too. You'll see."

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