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Tamers: Rika's Story

Chapter 1

My name is Rika Nonaka, or the Digimon Ice Queen as everyone called me. If they weren't busy hating me, they were worshiping the ground I walked on…it was very annoying. Right now I was walking down the street, Renamon was following me, out of sight to the normal eye. Even though I constantly told myself Renamon was just data, I was secretly relived to have her around…even if I wouldn't admit it. Just then Renamon appeared.

"The goggleheaded tamer is near by." Renamon stated. I nodded. The boy…Takato I believe that is what he said his name was…wasn't a bad kid, I didn't have anything against him, but he was an opponent that I had to take down.

"Shall we go greet them?" I asked. Renamon nodded an headed off, I following right behind her. Pretty soon I heard Takato's voice.

"Renamon!" he cried.

"Who did you think it was? Your mommies?" Renamon replied icily.

"Very funny." she heard Takato say.

"I don't think I have a mommy, do I? Wait! Takato's my mommy!" she heard Guilmon say. I had to sweatdrop. Goggles digimon was like a child…poor kid.

"Aw geez Guilmon, don't call me that!" Takato said, she saw the boy hanging his head. A quick smirk flashed across my face. It was funny, in its own way…

"Why not? You'd make a better mother then a tamer the way you baby your digimon." Renamon said emotionless.

"Hey!" Takato started to protest. But Renamon cut him off.

"Now are we going to fight or are we going to flab our gums all day?" Renamon asked, getting to the point.

"Why do you want to pound on Guilmon all the time huh? It doesn't make any sense!" Takato asked confused. I found this time to enter the conversation.

"It would if you weren't such a coward…" she trailed off. Both Takato and Guilmon turned around at the same time.

"Huh?" they both asked confused. Takato's eyes lit up when he saw me.

"Rika…" Takato trailed off. No feelings of hatred or awe…just surprise. If I weren't such a cold person, I would have smiled. It was nice not to be hated or worshiped for once. That's why I didn't mind Takato.

"Why do you keep following me around? You in love with me, lover boy?" I taunted in my icy way, but in her own way, I was just teasing the boy.

"I'm not following you around ok?" Takato retorted back. Wow, this kid had no sense of humor at all…

"Are you guys going to fight?" Guilmon asked, interrupting their staring contest.

"Who?" Takato pointed to me then himself in question Guilmon nodded his head vigorously. Takato raised his hands in front of him in self self-defense. "Ah! No way, she's a girl…" he started off. I narrowed my eyes. He just wasn't going to fight me because I was a girl?! I was about to put him in his place until I heard the rest of his sentence "And she kick my butt…" he said softly. I allowed my self to smirk. Never mind…he did know his place. "You know fighting always isn't the answer!" Takato said softly.

"The coward's credo." I taunted. Takato turned to me.

"Look, maybe the two of us got off onto a wrong foot. I'm Takato and your Rika, right?" Takato tried to reason.

"Yea, so what? What? Are you writing a book about me? Or are you in love?" I retorted. Takato hung his head. I sweatdropped again. He still had no sense of humor, or maybe he couldn't tell when somebody was yanking his chain. I sighed.

"You wanna get off on a better start? Fine, come on." I said turning around and started to walk away.

"Huh, where are we going?" Takato asked. I smiled, briefly, because I knew nobody would see it.

"My house, come on, or are you just going to stand there all day?" I challenged him. Takato looked shocked for a moment and then smiled.

"Lead the way!" he said saluting me. I smirked again. This boy was an endless stream of amusement purposes. Renamon remained stoic, but I could tell she was surprised. She had to grab Guilmon, Takato's digimon, and drag him after the two of us. Takato sighed. I giggled at first, but quickly turned it into a coughing fit to hide it when Takato looked at me. Soon we where there.

"I'll admit I saw you in a dream awhile back and that what's really been bugging me because I don't know what it means…" Takato admitted right off the bat. "But don't get the wrong idea, I'm not fallowing you around because of that or anything, I just wanted to ask you a few questions about Digimon ok?" It made me feel special that even though he knew I was the Digimon Ice Queen, he didn't treat me any different. He respected me and my talents and just wanted to do better. Plus I could tell there was a deeper meaning to it. Call it woman's intuition…

"Alright kid, don't get your underwear all bunched up." I said looking at him out of the corner of my eye. Takato seemed to take offense to the kid statement.

"What do you mean 'kid'? We're the same age!" he defended. Ugh, why do I bother…

"I'm calling you kid because you don't know anything about anything, you show up talking about how you see me in a dream, do you know how weird that is?" she asked. It was creepy, not just weird, flattering though…

"I'm…I'm sorry. I just thought…we maybe we could work together." Takato said, truly seeming sorry. I groaned inside of my head. He was too literal for his own good.

"Well we can't…" she started to say until…

"Rika! You home?" she heard her grandma call. Oh crap…5...4...3...2...1... "Oh hi! Sorry I'm not used to Rika bringing boys home! What's your name?" her grandma asked, looking at Takato surprised. Well it could be worse…it could have been her mother…

"I'm Takato…" he started off before I interrupted him.

"He's not going to be here long…" I said to her grandma. "Your not…" I said to Takato. Heaven forbid if mom came home….

"Why don't I make you some snacks for the two of you? It will only take a second to pop some cookies in the oven, how would you like that Takato?" her grandma continued on as if she didn't here me. Old woman probably playing matchmaker…ugh so frustrating.

"Thanks…" Takato said surprised.

"That's ok grandma, he's not staying!" I quickly intervened. "Your not!" I hissed in an undertone to Takato. Her grandma gave me a knowing smile. Yup, she is defiantly playing matchmaker.

"While bye, hope you come and see us again." her grandma said warmly.

"Sure!" Takato said happily.

"Your not." I said in a final type a tone. Oh heaven forbid if mom found out…

"Let go!" Guilmon's cry came from the side of the house. Just then Guilmon and Renamon came tumbling into sight. I sweatdropped, as did Takato. Poor Renamon had to keep Guilmon out of sight…

"Um…so listen…" Takato started off, catching my attention. "What I wanted to ask you was whether or not digimon turned back into data…I mean do they ever just disappear and go back to their own world?" Takato asked. Apparently he had never saw a digimon deleted before…

"Of course!" I said promptly.

"Not like when you defeated Builmon, but like for good no reason?" he asked. Where is this coming from?

"Digimon are just data anyway, so probably." I said slightly confused as to why he was asking this. Takato's eyes started to water up.

"Doesn't that…make you …sad at all?" he asked softly.

"Hm…" I said, then my eyes lingered to Renamon. "Mmmm" I didn't know how to answer that question… The sky started to turn dark. Takato looked alarmed.

"Aw man, I gotta go! Well thanks for everything Rika!" he said looking at me smiling.

"Yea sure, I'll see you out." I said emotionless.

"Ow! Stop pushing so hard!" Guilmon complained. As Renamon literally pushed him out, Takato sighed.

"Sorry about that." he muttered under his breath to me. He grinned. "Poor Renamon…" A smile flickered on my face for a tenth of a second.

"Move faster then." was Renamon's reply, she apparently didn't catch our…conversation…if you want to call it that.

"Well thanks again Rika, its not everyday you get to meet your dream girl. Heh, heh. Sorry, I just couldn't resist." he said chuckling.

"Ugh." I said. He just had to bring that up…boys.

"Bye!" he said giving me a small wave.

"Renamon…bye, bye!" Guilmon mimicked Takato's actions.

"Hm." Renamon said turning her head away. Oh, I'm going to utilize full teasing rights…But first…

"Hey!" I called out after them.

"Huh?" Takato and Guilmon both turned around. "Yea?" Takato asked.

"You mention that dream again and I'll send you to dream land for good!" I threatened. God, if that got out…if my mom heard about that….if the press heard about it…. I walked back in to my yard, shutting the door behind me.

"Man, she can't take a joke…" I heard Takato's voice from the other side of the gate. I was about to lunge and kick his sorry Tamer butt, but Renamon held me back.

"Let it slide Rika." she stated calmly. Oh the irony…it kills me…

-----------------------------------Later in the day----------------------------------------------------------------

"So I said, girlfriend, as if! Don't go there!" I heard my grandma talking from the other room. Opening the door, I walked in an saw she was typing on the computer.

"Granny chat?" I asked in question looking at my grandma. The one sane human in this house who understands me. "Hmmm…humph." I muttered looking at my grandma and back at the computer.

"You know, I bet your mom would get you a computer if you wanted one." My grandma remarked smiling at me.

"Computers are boring." I stated. 'Goggles is much more entertainment, even if he is a bit of a pain…' I thought, recalling earlier this afternoon. There was a knock on the door.

"Maybe that's your mother now, would you get that honey?" she remarked, her eyes flicking toward the door. I sighed and walked over toward the door and opened. And who was standing there but goggles and a blue-haired boy I vaguely remember as Henry.

"Ugh….great." I remarked.

"Guilmon's gone, disappeared out of thin air." Takato said quickly, almost out of breath. Realization hit me, so that's why he had been asking those questions!

"Renamon, we got a problem." I stated. Renamon appeared out of nowhere right behind me.

"So I've heard." she stated.

"Lead the way." I commanded. Takato nodded and ran off, Henry, Terrimon, Renamon, and me following right behind him. Soon we came to this random place near the tunnel that had been built.

"This is it you guys, this is where he disappeared." Takato stated. He was handling this pretty well I thought. Just then Renamon stopped.

"Rika!" Renamon said quickly. We turned around.

"Ah!" I said surprised. So this what happened to Guilmon!

"She's disappearing too!" Takato panicked.

"Don't move!" I commanded her.

"Terrimon?" I heard Henry ask.

"Check it out!" Terrimon said perkily as he put his ear out a bit and it started to disappear too.

"It's happening to Terrimon!" Takato said surprised.

"Whatever it is that's causing this, it seems only to affect the digimon…Renamon, you better leave before you start to disappear too!" Henry said calmly. Renamon turned to me.

"Rika?" she asked.

"It's ok, you can go." I said calmly. No way in hell I was gonna let her get deleted, not like Guilmon.

"I suppose you want me to go too huh? Fine." Terrimon said lifting his ear up as a wave and walked away. I turned to Henry.

"Don't order my digimon around, got it? She's mine." I stated. I knew how to take care of my digimon. Henry turned to me.

"I'm just trying to keep them out of danger!" he retorted back.

"Why bother? Digimon are just data, who cares if they disappear?" I stated coolly. Though a little voice in the back of my mind was nagging me. 'You care, you don't act it, but you care all too well.' I ignored the stupid voice. What did it know?

"Be quiet! I don't care what you say, Guilmon was my friend and I'll do everything I can to find him, with or without you." Takato said a bit depressed. So much for taking it well. Henry took out his D-arc.

"I'm getting a signal. Come on, let's go and find Guilmon!" Henry said encouraging him.

"Let's go and find Guilmon, waste of time…" I said, though my conscious was nagging me a bit…ok a lot. I felt sorry for making Takato feel bad. I sighed and followed them.

"Rika! You decided to come! That's awesome!" Takato said excitedly. I narrowed my eyes at him. He sweatdropped and coughed. "You know, whatever…" he said nervously.

"A tamer doesn't walk away from danger." I state. 'Plus you could never forgive yourself if you just let them go…' the voice said, which was quickly wanting to get on my to kill list.

"Yea right…" Henry muttered. Person 36 to my must kill list.

"Enough talking, let's go!" Takato said, chasing after Henry who started to walk away. I chased after them. After a moments of silence, Takato spoke up again. "Um, it is kinda scary down here though, right guys?" he said nervously. I rolled my eyes.

"Oh brother…" I said. We walked forever in silence. I hate the silence, so I decided to break it. "How long is this stupid tunnel anyway?" I asked. This was so annoying.

"My teacher says it goes all the way to the next town." Takato replied looking around. Great…

"That's so stupid!" I stated.

"Yea, so you say." Henry said calmly. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

"It's to bad that they don't have one of those people movers, you know like at the airport? That would come in handy right about now, don't you think?" Takato said, probably trying to break the tension.

"It's not funny you know! I don't want to walk all the way to the next town just to find your little friend." I stated a bit annoyed. I was not in a laughing mood.

"Well…if it makes you feel any better, we could have a tunnel flood and we all can swim there." Henry retorted back.

"Just my luck, stuck down here with a couple of comedians." I said turning my head the other way. Though, it could be worse, I could be stuck down here with one of those pricks I have to go to school with. At least Henry and Takato were civil…

"Will you guys can it!" Takato said exasperated. He had his D-arc out. When did he take that out…He turned to us in question and was about to ask one before Henry interrupted him, surprised.

"Look! Forget the D-arc, take a look at that!" he said pointing behind Takato. There was the huge ball of light, it was totally freaky, like something out of a sci-fi film or something.

"What is that?!" Takato asked the question I was wondering, and no doubt Henry was thinking the same thing. "Guilmon must be inside of that thing! I know he is! Guilmon!" Takato said frantically.

"Don't be stupid, how can you possibly know that!" I exclaimed. No way I was about to let him do something stupid.

"I don't know how, I just do! I just feel that he is there!" he said determinedly. I was shocked. Did Takato have like a mind link with Guilmon or something?! It was like those bizarre cases with twins being able to feel each other's pain and what not… Just then, Takato's D-arc started to glow. Henry took out his D-arc, as I did mine. Both of ours were glowing like Takato's. It was so creepy! "What's going on?!" Takato asked in wonderment.

"D-arcs connect us to our Digimon, maybe we can use them…" he trailed off pointing his shining D-arc to the sci-fi ball, Takato and I followed suit.

"Look! Something's happening!" Takato exclaimed in awe.

"It opened!" Henry said amazed. I was amazed as well. What the hell did I get myself into!

"Guilmon!" Takato shouted, pulling down his goggles over his eyes and walked right into the sci-fi ball. "Hold on! I'm coming!" What the hell was he doing?!

"Hey, wait!" Henry shouted frantically, running after him while putting his sunglasses on. "Wait!"

"Stupid…" I said, but all the while I put my sunglasses on and run after them. When we got in there, it was like floating in space, and I didn't like it one bit, and apparently neither did Takato.

"Maybe the digital world from the TV show is real! And we're in it!" Henry suggested amazed.

"Guilmon! I think I see him!" Takato said, removing his goggles. Then he started to 'swim', more or less. "Cool! This is how I fly in my dreams!" Takato yelled ecstatically 'swimming' away.

"Hey! Wait up!" Henry called after him frantically as he too began to 'swim'.

"You and your dreams…" I remarked as I swam after the two Tamer comedians. At least he was constant…

"There he is! Guilmon, wake up!" Takato said ecstatically. Guilmon was tied in these ropes, like he was being held prisoner or something. Guilmon slowly opened his eyes.

"Right now? 5 minutes…" Guilmon said sleepily. A quick smile flashed across my face. I was glad that the stupid dinosaur was alright. Takato smiled happily.

"Don't worry boy, I'll get you out of there, somehow…" Takato said, his eyes watering. Just then there was this…something. Something was going down and that some was big.

"What was that?" Henry, Captain Obvious, asked scared. Just then this…this thing came. I don't know how to describe it at all. "What is that thing?" Henry being Captain Obvious once again asked scared out of his mind. I then turned to where Guilmon was being held captive.

"Look! It's being erased!" I said in a panicked tone. The ropes that were holding Guilmon were slowly being deleted. Takato looked scared.

"I can't reach him in time!" He turned to us. "Help!" he pleaded. Henry turned to me.

"Hey!" he snapped at me, snapping me out of my stupor.

"Huh?" I said confused. Then it dawned on me. "Oh…" Henry and I reached for Takato's hands and sent him flying toward Guilmon. Guilmon reached out and broke the ropes and he and Takato embraced in a hug.

"I thought I was going to lose you for sure!" Takato cried happily in Guilmon's arms. Aw…it was so sweet, but I wasn't going to say anything. Just then Guilmon glowed red and a this path opened. It was so cool!

"He created a road for us!" Henry said amazed.

"Yea, well Renamon could have done the same thing." I retorted quickly. We both started running down the Guilmon road.

"You ok?" I heard Takato ask Guilmon.

"Skating on sausages." Guilmon replied. What the hell was that supposed to mean?

"Have your reunion later! We gotta get out of here before we are erased!" Henry shouted back to the Tamer and his digimon. Both nodded and all four of us ran like hell to get out of there. We soon where out of there and were back in the park.

"I would have never got Guilmon back without your help. I don't know how to thank you guys." Takato said smiling happily at Henry and me.

"That's easy! Just say thank you!" Guilmon said perkily.

"Momentai…" Terrimon said in his laid back manner.

"The little one didn't even do anything…" Renamon said turning her head.

"Well neither did you…" Terrimon retorted back.

"Look at you, blubbering over data." I stated coldly as I walked away, Renamon doing her disappearing thing behind me. I heard Takato laugh and I couldn't help but smile. Still I was glad that Guilmon and Takato were together. I arrived home to a worried grandma.

"Where were you Rika? I was worried sick about you!" my grandma said sprining up from where she was sitting. I just smiled and shrugged.

"Out making new friends." I said mysteriously going to my room.

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