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Chapter 30

Gregory, one of Yamaki's workers was driving us somewhere and we were looking at a screen in the black of the truck and Greg was giving us a run down on the situation.

"That thing is absorbing several square miles a day, nothing can stand against it. Pretty soon the entire city will be absorbed." Greg told us. I frowned as I studied the map.

"Are we going to my house?" I asked him.

"I'm really sorry, but it's just not safe there anymore. Mr. Wong and Yamaki are setting up temporary headquarters and we're going to join them." He told us. "They're moving as much as the Hypnos network they can salvage. By the way, what happened to your friend Ryo?" My eye twitched at the implication that Ryo was my friend. Takato lay a hand on my shoulder in order to calm me down before he answered Greg's question.

"I don't know, when we woke up, he was gone." Takato said as I muttered 'good riddance' under my breath.


We walked through the crowds of people at the temporary headquarters of Hypnos and found Yamaki, Henry's dad, Shimbumi among other adults huddled around a computer. Shimbumi turned and noticed us and swallowed the riceball he was eating and walked over to us.

"Can I borrow your D-arc?" he asked one of us. We all just stared at him.

"Huh?" Henry asked, the sentiment of pretty much everybody. What did he want with one of our D-arcs?

"I know it's a personal thing, but I need it." He explained. We all look at each other and shrugged.

"Um...ok." Henry replied, taking out his D-arc and gave it to him. "What do you need it for anyways?" He asked as Shimbumi pressed a button and a USB drive opened up as he hooked it up to his computer.

"For Grani. Without our help, it won't be able to immerge in this world." Shimbumi told us simply. Who the hell was Grani?

"Grani is a mechanical war horse." Ruki told me.

'How the hell did u know that?' I asked her incredulously.

"I overheard that lady talking about it when we got here." She told me simply. Eavesdropping, of course!

"Put simply," Shimbumi continued "we're making our ideas real. This is more like teleportation then creation. Grani's original was damaged and returned to the Digital World. It could have just dispersed into Digital streams, but Grani is self aware and wouldn't let that happen. Grani held on to an image of itself that Daisy was able to rebuild. But it still exists as data only until we give it a form in the real world." He told us. Takato and I were pretending to understand what he was saying, while Henry actually seemed to comprehend every word. "That's where your D-arc comes in, it teaches to behave." He explained to us.

"Only if it would work." Henry muttered giving a look to Terriermon. "I bet Grani will though, you're going to copy the D-arcs program, right?" Henry asked Shimbumi. Takato and I stared at him.

"SMART PERSON! BURN THE WITCH!" Takato yelled, pointing his finger accusingly at Henry.

"Takato." Takato and I turned to see Guilmon who was pointing to some people in the corner.

"Who's that?" I asked Takato curiously.

"Jeri's dad and step-mom finally showed up." He explained to me. Oh.

"They must be devastated by her disappearance." Mrs. Matasuki's voice commented sadly from behind us as she walked up next to her son. Takato looked at his mother then back at Jeri's parents.

"I dunno, he looks pretty mad to me." Takato admitted as he walked away. I sighed and walked up the stairs to the roof and as I looked down I saw my mom talking to Mrs. Katou. I smiled as she looked up at me and continued on my way. Once I got outside I sat on one of the platforms and looked at the sky.

Boy do I have a lot to learn, how could I have been such a dork? Jeri only seemed happy and to enjoy things and smiled all the time. All I ever thought about was me and my stupid problems, I never thought about what her life was really like. She lost her mom then her partner. I mean ok, fine. My dad is also dead...but still. I was able to get through it eventually and I had a loving family but her dad seems like a total bastard.

"I think you should give him a chance. You seem like a total bitch but really you're not...for the most part." Ruki told me before she sighed. "Sometimes I wonder how the world spins sometimes. People like you who people seem to avoid are really those who are kinder then most and people like Jeri who seem the happiest are those who are hurting the most. While that may not be true for everyone, that's what it seems like to me from what I can see." Ruki told me.

'Humans are just that way Ruki.' I told her as I stood up and walked back inside. When I got inside Takato came running up to me.

"Mr. Katou hijacked Greg's truck!" He explained to me panting. I grinned wildly and Takato, understanding my grin, grinned as well.

"RESCUE MISSION!" We yelled, running off.


We got to the edge of the D-Reaper to see Greg's truck and Mr. Katou standing there, yelling 'Jeri, Jeri' over and over again.

"See, what did I tell you?" Ruki gloated.

"Mr. Katou?" Takato asked confused. Mr. Katou turned and looked at us.

"It her!" He insisted. "It has to be her!" And as if fate was trying to prove him wrong a huge ass multi eyed beast appeared out of the D-Reaper.

"You sure about that?" I asked as Takato groaned, muttering something like 'It just never ends' or something along the lines of that. From the mouths, Jeri's voice saying "destiny" came out over and over again.

"What the hell?" Mr. Katou asked confused.

"The D-Reaper has stolen her voice and is hiding her somewhere." Takato explained as the agent kept repeating 'destiny' over and over again. Just then one of its tentacle things shot down and revealed a camera which it must of stolen from somewhere. The camera then began to inspect Mr. Katou.

"Subject: Jeri Katou..." It was like a voice of like a super computer. "Scan completed. Takashi Katou, organic life form. Species: human, father of...father...father..."

"What's wrong with it?" Guilmon asked confused as it kept repeating the word 'father' over and over again as if it was confused.

"It doesn't understand the word. The D-Reaper and we Digimon don't have parents. It's a new concept for it." Renamon explained. Oh, so they didn't partake in the act of making babies. So that's why it's so desperate to rape Henry, Takato and any other male it can get its hands on! Sexual tension!

"Memory scan, subject: Takashi Katou." The D-Reaper spoke again, apparently going a different route.

"I'll do anything you want." Mr. Katou pleaded as the camera inspected him. "Just give her back to me, please give back my little girl. Take me instead, take me! Please!" Mr. Katou pleaded with the entity that was trying to destroy us.

"You know with the D-Reaper liking men...that last sentence...could be a different way..." Ruki informed me between bursts of laughter. Typical, heart wrenching scene and Ruki is laughing her ass off.

"Memory scan interrupted." Then it said something I couldn't understand, then it said attempt failed, and then it kept repeating failed like a CD with a scratch on it.

"Of course it failed you stupid thing!" I yelled at the D-Reaper. "How could you possibly understand human emotions?" The camera then got sucked back into the tentacle and it began to retreat back to who knows where.

"Hey wait, give me back my daughter!" Mr. Katou roared as he jumped on the tentacle and held on as it went upwards. The tentacle waved around, attempting to shake Mr. Katou loose but a father trying to get his daughter back isn't so easily tossed aside.

"Renamon." I turned to my partner as I watched the spectacle going on above me.

"Let's do it." She confirmed as I took out my D-arc.

"Biomerge activate!" I yelled as the warmth of Renamon surrounded me and once again not only could I hear my and Ruki's thoughts but Renamon's as well. I would never get used to the feeling this gave me. As the D-Reaper managed to shake Mr. Katou loose, I jumped up and caught him, doing a sweet ass frontal flip as I landed.

"Memory scan reactivated. Subject: Jeri Katou, initiating memory scan." This thing was starting to piss me off more than Ryo, and that was no small feat.

"Stop it! Get out of Jeri's head and stop messing with her feelings!" Takato yelled as he too got out his D-arc. "Biomerge activate!" And in a brilliant shaft of light encompassed both of them before it died down to reveal Gallantmon. As the D-Reaper reached down for the knight, Gallantmon charged it with his Lightning Joust and succeeded in deleting a part of its hand.

"Bow chika wow wow!" Gallantmon gloated. Then the hand grew back. "Son of a bitch! Just then it reached out and grabbed Gallantmon and shot tentacles at Gallantmon who dodged it somehow while still being manhandled.


"Justice Kick!" Justimon appeared out of freaking nowhere and deleted part of the D-Reaper's hand and Gallantmon was able to get free.

"Justimon!" Gallantmon declared surprised. I growled. Typical.

"Rika, please keep your anger in check, Gallantmon is safe thanks to Justimon." Renamon told me.

"Yea, but I was going about to save him until that guy showed up!" I growled, pointing an accusing finger at Justimon.

"Yea but isn't the guy's job to save the girl, not the other way around?" Ruki asked me.

"Do I look like a princess?" I growled.

"No, but he looks like a knight." She replied amused.

"Quit it you two! Right now we have a fight on our hands." Renamon rebuked us. "Let's rock and roll." Fine...

"Enough chit chat you two!" I yelled as they promptly agreed with me. We then jumped up only for the mouths to like grab our legs and arms. Holy crap, tentacle rape!

"I thought it only like guys!" Ruki freaked out before we noticed that more mouths were on Justimon and Gallantmon.

"Seems like they still do." Renamon noted. Just then the mouths began yelling destiny again.

"Screw you! We can choose our destiny!" I yelled and for my troubles it stretched me like I was on some Medieval device which I cannot remember at the moment since I am in pain and since I'm not a machoist, I'm not particularly enjoying it. Just then Mr. Katou drove the truck into the D-Reaper. While it didn't do any damage, it did make the D-Reaper throw us as it went after Mr. Katou instead but Gallantmon was able to save him. While Gallantmon kept it busy from the front, Kazu, Guardromon and Justimon cut the cord and deleted it from the back.

But then a large thing with a bunch of the bitches that shot lasers appeared and surprise, surprise they started shooting at us. Guardromon tried going up but he was shot down. Gallantmon and Justimon managed to delete some but more just took their place.

"We need to destroy the big one." Gallantmon informed us. Thanks Sherlock, I sort of figured that out for myself. Gallantmon and Justimon tried charging it, but they too got shot down like Guardromon did.

"That's not going to work." I told them helpfully. Just then the red clouds began to clear up above us and was replaced by a Digital Field.

"Great last thing we need." Ruki grumbled.

"Maybe it is on our side." Renamon told us optimistically.

"Yea but then again with our horrible luck, who knows."

"We've got to get up there!" Gallantmon growled. Did he mean up where the Digital Field is or where that huge agent that was sending its bitches with guns our way? It turned out it was the D-Reaper agent but he wasn't able to jump/hover that far so he just simply fell back down. However when he was falling, a golden rope ran from him to the Digital Field and seemed to connect to something. That something was a plane of some sort and it zipped under Gallantmon and caught him.

"Ok that was weird." Ruki whistled as it hovered down before it zipped up again. Gallantmon deleted the bitches that dared oppose him before shooting through the head and coming out on the other side and cut its cords, effectively deleting it.

"Anything with Takato is weird." Renamon replied. Wasn't that the truth?


Ryo and I were helping Mr. Katou walk since he had jumped out of the truck before he had shot it into the D-Reaper. And jumping and landing out of a vehicle that is moving rather fast sort of hurts in case you weren't aware of that. Takato had resumed Mr. Katou's task of yelling Jeri's name.


We had returned to the headquarters (I had to sick Kazu on Takato and Guilmon to bring him back) and I was sleeping on the couch until I was rudely interrupted by Riley who proceed to kidnap me on her way to a "very important meeting" that I had to attend as well.

"What's all the commotion?" Yamaki asked as Riley sat down, he also looked like he was rudely interrupted from a nap as I was.

"Just watch." Riley told us and she pressed some keys on the computer. "We stumbled upon this when we were going through Grani's memory. They are images it recorded when it was in the Digital World." She told us as she brought up a screen. The images it showed on it were shocking.

It was a wasteland like where Scar lived in the Lion King. Wait that was called the Wasteland wasn't it? Oh well, anyways, still, holy shit. Murmurs of vulgarities from everyone, not just MarineAngemon, surrounded me. Some worse than others. Never knew Grandma had such a mouth.

"According to the data we pulled from Grani, about 47% of the Digital World has already been deleted and at this rate the whole entire plan will be wiped out in a matter of days if not hours." And old guy who I think name (or nickname) is Dolphin added on.

"It's the same for us. Come look at these images." Yamaki called us over to where another girl was sitting in front of yet another computer. I think she was the one who was also in the truck with us when Riley almost killed us with her driving. I looked over to where Yamaki and the other woman sat to see random buildings being consumed by the D-Reaper. "We got these satellite pictures from the government intelligence, so we're not the only ones under attack."

"Where else has D-Reaper appeared?" Mr. Wong asked Yamaki.

"A more accurate question is where hasn't it appeared!" The blonde girl replied, freaked out. Not that I blame her. If Ruki wasn't singing Don't Say Lazy from K-On, I would be freaked out too. "The D-Reaper has attacked communication systems in North America to Zimbabwe! It looks like the whole world is under siege!" She told us. Well then that isn't good...

"Don't say lazy because I'm actually crazy..." Ruki sung still. Catchy song...NO! Must...not...break...out...into...random...dancing...

"My family...what will they do?" One of the monster makers (I think her name is Daisy) started to cry.

"This is madness!" Takato and I opened our mouths but Henry stomped on our feet before we could say anything. "We've given it everything we got, we've put our children in danger, and for what?" Takato's dad freaked out. I could see where Takato got it from.

"We don't have any other choice. There is no Plan B so we have to fight and besides as long as we're here there's always hope." Yamaki declared before pretending he was Ratio from CSI: Miami and took off his sunglasses dramatically. "That's a lesson I learned from working with your sons and daughters Mr. Matasuki." Mr. Matasuki looked at Takato as Yamaki continued. "They don't give up and they fight with their hearts and souls. And now it's our turn." Awesome, let's do that. Now let me get back to my nap...

I was about to walk off to find that comfortable couch I was sleeping on when I was rudely interrupted before something came out of the center blob between two towers. Dolphin got out a video camera and used it as a makeshift telescope so we all can see. I looked into the screen to see that it had a ring around it with green plates connected by golden rods, with a golden ball in between every 5 plates or so.

"It seems the D-Reaper is trying to defend its core, the cornel of consciousness. I squinted at the screen and then I noticed something that caught my attention.

"Look! There's someone in there!" I alerted everyone, pointing to the screen.

"It's Beezlemon!" Renamon gasped.

"Let's give him a hand guys, what do you say?" Takato suggested. I grinned and ran out the door, nap forgotten. I stopped when I got outside and waited for the rest of them to catch up.

"I bet that's where Jeri is, in that kernel or something." Takato declared.

"Kernel is an un-popped piece of popcorn..." Henry sighed.

"Same difference!" Just then a bunch of those gun wielding D-Reaper bitches appeared.

"Dude, let's do this thing." I smirked as I punched my fist in my hand. Most of the people standing next to me inched away...

"Hang on Jeri, we're coming to get you." Takato declared as he took out his D-arc and in a brilliant shaft of light he transformed into Gallantmon. He then went on a killing spree yelling random things at the D-Reaper. I wasn't about to let him have all the fun.

"Biomerge activate!" I yelled as Ryo and Henry decided to copy me, the bastards. However that was forgotten as I felt the warmth of Sakuyamon flow through me.

"Let's go kick some ass!" Ruki declared valiantly before she began to laugh like she needed to be locked in an insane asylum and never let out. Ever. Just then the guns started to shoot at us so we had to use our kick ass ninja skills to dodge all the bullets, which let me tell you right now, was pretty hard. It was like a monsoon of them. Not a regular rain, a monsoon.

"Alright, enough of this shit. Let's show them what we got." I growled to Ruki and Renamon.

"Finally some violence, bout damn time." Ruki yelled as a smirk played upon her lips.

"Sometimes I wonder who is influencing who..." Renamon sighed.

"Spirit Strike!" We yelled, deleting a good chunk of the little bastards, but more just filled in their spot. Justimon destroyed some more, but his results were the same as mine.

"Bastards don't know when to stay down." I growled as Justimon and MegaGargomon landed next to me. Just then Grani flew over us. So I see his tune-up is complete.

"Gallantmon, we'll keep the agents busy for awhile, you go and find Jeri!" MegaGargomon suggested as Gallantmon destroyed some of the D-Reaper agents.

"What, all by my lonesome?" Gallantmon called surprised.

"That's sort of the plan..." MegaGargomon replied.

"But what if I get raped again! And no one there is to rescue me! I'm mentally traumatized from the last attempt as it is!" Takato told MegaGargomon. We all sighed.

"I'll go with you, come on. Dear lord Gallantmon..." I sighed as Gallantmon beamed.

"Come on Grani!" He yelled up to his trusty flying machine and jumped on and looped around and I jumped on behind him. "Thanks Sakuyamon." I rolled my eyes.

"Whatever." I told him, as I had to steady myself on Grani. "Hey, isn't that the Ghost Rider?" I pointed to a figure outside the D-Reaper brain. Gallantmon squinted.

"It is." He confirmed. "Hey Beezlemon!" He yelled pulling up next to the winged demon. Beezlemon turned and saw us.

"Hey it's about time you showed up. Jeri and Calumon are trapped inside whatever that is." Beezlemon informed us. He then looked at me, then Gallantmon. "Isn't it the job of the knight in shining armor to rescue the fair maiden by himself?" Gallantmon shrugged.

"There is no way in hell I'm going in there all by my lonesome. That thing likes to rape people, guys in particular! Anyways, whoever established that rule is stupid because there is strength in numbers." Gallantmon protested. "Anyways I have a plan, if we all attack together we should be able to get to her."

"Sounds like a plan." Beezlemon agreed before making his gun appear. "Chrono Blaster!"

"Shield of the Just!"

"Spirit Strike!" Our attacks joined together and hit the wall dead on, but it didn't even make a scratch or a dent. Well damn.

"Come on!" Gallantmon grumbled darkly. "That's bull."

"Argh and now we got more trouble. The Mr. Tweetums are back." Ruki informed us as I looked to see that indeed that the Mr. Tweetums have surrounded us.

"Awesome, this is just great." Renamon said sarcastically. Gallantmon waved his lance around in every direction he seemed to fancy, almost hitting me on occasion. I almost fell off if Beezlemon wasn't there to steady me.

"Back! Back Mr. Tweetums, back!" Takato yelled. I noticed something out of the corner of my eye to see a screen showing a naked Takato before showing Gallantmon. My eye twitched slightly.

"Enjoying the show Rika?" Renamon teased me. I growled at her as my face heated up. I didn't see his whole body dammit! All I saw was his torso! Guys walk around with their shirts off all the time.

"You know, you'll probably be shown as naked on the big TV screen too..." I paled at that thought.

"Why do I have to be naked in here anyways?" I asked both Ruki and Renamon.

"Digimon don't need clothes." Renamon informed me as I groaned.

"Dear lord this isn't funny, Ruki something you can do?" I asked her desperately.

"Nada." She confirmed. I groaned. Awesome, I was going to be on TV completely naked where a bunch of people can see me and then it will be my luck some pedophile will hunt me down and try to have his way with me because of that.

I was shaken out of my misery by a bunch of the little bitches shooting at Gallantmon and me. Perfect way to let out steam. I smirked evilly and I'm pretty sure a couple of them actually flinched. Just then the D-Reaper brain (as I liked to call it) began shooting out lasers at us.

"Tch, bring it on!" Beezlemon roared. And the D-Reaper brought it all right, it shot Beezlemon back.

"Beezlemon!" Gallantmon cried out worriedly. "Hang on Sakuyamon!" He cried as he urged Grani to go after Beezlemon. Just then two of the green plates separated from the defense of the brain and one came in the front and the other in back. They then separated into smaller plates.

"Hoy boy, what now." I asked worriedly. My question was answered as the plates acted like blades and shot at us and let me u, they hurt like hell. Eventually Grani was able to get us out of the fray, but like homing missiles, the little bastards followed us.

"Tch, they're still following us Gallantmon!" I informed him as Grani dodged left and right trying to shake the plates.

"Rika? Takato? Can you both read me?" I heard Yamaki in my head. Awesome, last thing I needed was more voices.

"Yamaki?" I heard Takato ask. Ok this wasn't funny.

"What do you want?" Ruki asked. Dammit Ruki!

"Oh good they can hear us." Yamaki said relieved as someone gloated in the background.

"Ok Takato, Rika, both of you listen very carefully." Yamaki instructed us. Hey didn't notice that wasn't me? Ruki and I did sound similar but still...must not argue with her with Yamaki listening in. "Grani is equipped with a powerful weapon called the Yugoth Blaster. I want you to use it on the D-Reaper."

"With pleasure. Over and out." Takato replied.

"I didn't see what this had to do with me!" I grumbled darkly.

"Hang on tight Sakuyamon, we're going to go blow shit up now!" Gallantmon told me, a grin forming across his face before he shot towards where Beezlemon was fighting. Hey what happened to those plates.

"Beezlemon!" I yelled as we approached him. "Watch out, Gallantmon is about to open a can of whoop ass all over the D-Reaper." I warned him as we approached the D-Reaper, feeling proud that I managed not to call him the Ghost Rider for a change. Beezlemon smirked and moved out of the way and Grani unleashed this super blue mega beam and blew up the defense wall of the D-Reaper. Bitchin.

Beezlemon rushed into the explosion, determined to save Jeri.

"Jeri! Listen to me, Beezlemon is hell bent on saving you, let him help you!" Gallantmon pleaded as I could see her in the pretty much emoest corner you would ever see and Calumon freaking out. Beezlemon then got to the bubble and started to punch it as much and as hard as he could, curses flying off his tongue with every punch.

Just then what happened next surprised me, Beezlemon used Leomon's Fist of the Beast King.

"I don't think that was such a great move on his part..." Renamon told me worriedly as Gallantmon and I watched with open mouths.

"He opened it but probably screwed himself over doing it." Ruki agreed.

"Damn it Jeri, take his hand!" I roared when I noticed the bubble closing in and she still hasn't moved, Takato urging Grani forward fast as he possibly can.

"Rika?" I heard her ask. "Is that you?"

"Damn it Jeri, please!" I roared as I jumped off Grani, Gallantmon right behind me. We landed on the bubble as Beezlemon started pounding on the bubble again. We were about to help Beezlemon until the plates that were following us earlier made their return and decided to hone in on Beezlemon.

"Beezlemon, watch out!" Gallantmon warned, but alas it was too late. The plates hit their mark and Beezlemon fell from the bubble, fizzing in and out.

"I just want to save you Jeri!" Beezlemon cried out as he fizzled in and out. "One more chance, please!"

"I'll get him!" Gallantmon told me as he jumped on Grani. "You work on getting Jeri out of there."

"All right." I agreed as Gallantmon dove after Beezlemon. Beezlemon began to dissolve and Gallantmon picked up his speed but all of a sudden more tentacles shot out and held him back. "Argh, damn it." I growled as Jeri whimpered. "Hang in there Beezlemon!"

"We should go after him!" Ruki urged.

"We wouldn't be able to catch up in time." Renamon told Ruki sadly. I grimaced, I hated this. I couldn't do anything! I couldn't do anything but watch as Beezlemon completely disappeared and fell into the D-Reaper. Just then Grani went after where Beezlemon fell and after a few seconds, he brought back Impmon and cut the cords that were holding back Gallantmon before bringing Impmon to me.

"Thanks Grani." I thanked the flying machine as I took the little imp off his back as Grani went back to fetch Gallantmon.

"Looks like he'll be ok." I told Renamon and Ruki relieved.

"Right, then let's get back to rescuing Jeri." Ruki declared as Renamon agreed. We were about to attack the bubble that held Jeri and Calumon captive but Yamaki interrupted us.

"Takato, Rika! You and everyone pull back!" Yamaki barked at us.

"What why?" Takato protested.

"We're getting word that the Global Task Force are about to attack." Yamaki told us.

"Up there's!" I declared as Takato agreed with my statement with a few choice curses himself.

"Listen you two, the planes are coming and we can't reach them. If you're not out of there in less than a minute you won't have a prayer." Yamaki told us.

"Screw them. We're not leaving." Takato told Yamaki off.

"What? Why not?!" Yamaki asked, obviously frustrated with both of us.

"Jeri is in here where I am, I can see here!" I yelled as Takato agreed with me.

"Do you think you can get to her?" Yamaki asked.

"I'm standing on the bubble, yea I'm pretty sure I can get to her." I growled.

"Tch, you guys have to leave immediately." Yamaki told us after I could hear him talking to some people.

"What part of no don't you understand, the n or the o? Anyways I bet we can stop those bombs." I told Yamaki as Takato backed me up .

"Not an option. You guys are only hope. We can't risk losing you, now pull back." I used some choice words that I had learned from MarineAngemon.

"Tch, let's split up guys, let's see what the task force has in mind." Gallantmon announced to all of us. I growled and looked at Jeri and Calumon who were looking at us.

"Don't worry, we'll be back...I promise." I told her and smiled at Calumon before I jumped off the bubble and Gallantmon and Grani flew under me and caught me.

"Come on Sakuyamon, let's see what these guys got." He told me as he flew near MegaGargomon and hovered near his shoulder. The planes came and dropped what look like blue little balls into the jello and I watched as bright patches of light kept on lighting up, pulsing. Wonder what they did? Just then Impmon woke up.

"Jeri..." he moaned.

"Don't talk, save your strength." I told him as Impmon moaned.

"Yea, we'll blow this guy to hell!" Gallantmon added in, before all of a sudden red lights shot out of the D-Reaper. "As soon as we figure out what the hell is going on, Sakuyamon do you have any idea?"

"Nope." I told him. Just then like these red tentacle things grabbed the towers that held the brain and lifted it up in the air. Oh come on, what now?! Then the jello surrounded the brain that turned into a headpiece and I groaned and Gallantmon and I both swore...which then lead off into a swearing match...which ended when we had to dodge a geezer.

"Tch, forget this. Let's go in there and save Jeri!" Gallantmon declared and both of us were about to charge in before MegaGargomon stopped us.

"In case you two have forgotten, even though we're megas, we can't hold our form inside of that thing." He reasoned with us. "Gallantmon, you lost yours and Sakuyamon almost lost hers and I would have lost mine if I didn't get out of there when I did." MegaGargomon told us both, make Gallantmon stop Grani in his tracks.

"Tch, what a pain. We better pull back and think of a new plan of attack." I told him and Gallantmon growled but reluctantly agreed.


It's been a week since our last attack on the D-Reaper and Takato seemed to be stir crazy. He was so bad in fact that Henry and I have been told to watch him to make sure he doesn't do anything stupid.

"I know we need a new plan of attack, but I feel we're just giving up." Takato grumbled.

"Don't worry Takato, we're working on something, we just need a little time to put it into action." Mr. Wong told Takato in attempts to calm him down as we were having another board meeting as I liked to call them.

"But Jeri is still out there, I just know she is! We have to get in there and save her before it really is too late. Takato protested.

"We'll get to her long as we...still can..." Dolphin said slowly. Oh shouldn't have said that buddy. I looked at Takato at the corner of my eye to see how he'd react. He looked like he was about to cry. I sighed and stood up.

"Come no Takato." I told him softly. "Let's go." Takato looked at me before nodding his head and we got up and left the room, I waved to Henry as I left. He was staying since he was the only one of us who understood what these guys are doing/saying. He can talk nerd.

"You must really like Jeri." I commented idly as we walked down the hall.

"That was blunt." Ruki told me as Takato simply shrugged.

"I had a crush on her once...but I don't know anymore. But I still feel like I have to protect her and do everything I can to save her, you know?" Takato told me a bit glumly. "I just wished I saw the signs. If she didn't have that demonic sock puppet, I bet we could have realized that Jeri was being controlled by the D-Reaper and could have gotten to her before it evolved this much." I nodded my head in agreement. Just then, what he said next surprised me. "Thanks Rika."

"Huh, for what?" I asked surprised. He smiled at me, it was a sad smile, but a smile all the same.

"If it wasn't for you...I probably would have done some stuff I wouldn't be proud of. And you always got my back, no matter what." He told me and I couldn't but blush and look the other way.

"Nothing that nobody else would have done." I mumbled as Takato laughed at that.

"Yea but nobody else did, did they? And to think everyone called you the Digimon Ice Queen. They obviously don't know you like I do, otherwise they would have realized that you're anything but ice. In fact you're pretty much the opposite. You're a raging fire, people think it destroys life but really it creates it and humans can't survive without fire." Takato answered me as he flicked my nose. I rubbed it, hoping to rub the red out of my cheeks as well.

"Thanks I guess." I replied. Takato grinned at me.

"Anytime. Anyways I have to get going, we're living in a shack above the sea. Visit me when you have a chance or if you manage to escape that formal resturant your mom is making you attend, you can hide out there." Takato told as he gave me a brief hug before he ran off his way. I managed to get my bearings straight when he was half way down the hall.

"I'LL HOLD YOU UP ON THAT!" I yelled after him and he waved his arm in response.

"Can you feel the love tonight..." Ruki began to sing before I punched her, my blush returning again. Stupid Ruki.


"Rika, hold still." My mother complained as I fidgeted, looking for the quickest and nearest escape exit.

"You think a fancy place like this could afford cushions for the stupid seats." I grumbled, fidgeting in my chair.

"I heard that." My mom told me frowning. I frowned as well.

"Good." Couldn't we have had family time in a fast food restaurant? If we're going to be served crap, might as well make it cheep crap that at least looks like it's something edible.

"Rika." I turned to Renamon, who also looked like she was going insane being here.

"Yea?" I asked as I began playing with my fork.

"I don't think I can just sit here any longer." Renamon told me. I sighed and took a sip of my Pepsi.

"I know, but there is nothing we can do at the moment." I told her. Renamon sighed.

"So Renamon, you're a girl right?" Mom asked Renamon, who turned over to my mom in interest.

"Actually, we Digimon aren't divided into genders." Renamon informed my mom.

"But only a woman can wear fur that well. I don't care though, you're still part of your family." Mom told Renamon sighing and I grinned as Renamon fidgeted a bit, obviously embarrassed but happy.

"Rika." I turned to my Grandma, who was sipping the coffee she had ordered. "I know this isn't the way you like things to be, but I think it's important to spend time as a family right now, okay?." She told me and I nodded my head, clutching my D-arc. Like Takato though, I couldn't stop thinking about Jeri. I sighed and blew some bubbles in my drink, only to be rebuked my mom. Stupid fancy restaurant.


I was outside the hotel we were staying at when my D-arc started to glow. I took it out and examined it.

"Henry's calling, time for us to go Renamon." I informed my partner. Renamon nodded her head.

"I know." Geez, what's the point of me telling her then? Oh well. I looked back at the door.

"Sorry Grandma, Mom. I'll be back before you know it." I promised. I held up my D-arc. "Biomerge activate!" I yelled and the warm feeling I got whenever I merged with Renamon. It was awesome, I will never get used to it.

"Heh, there is nothing stopping us this time. That D-Reaper scum better watch its back." Ruki gloated to both of us. I laughed.

"Got that right, together we're unstoppable."

"This time will be the last time." Renamon told us. "You two ready for it?"

"What a stupid question, of course we are. Like Rika said, together, we're unstoppable." Ruki replied, no negative mood was going to get her down.

"Then let's do this." I grinned. We were going to rescue Jeri this time, I'm sure of it.

Ruki44: Heh, managed to fit in some Rukato in there. When I was typing this up, I realized that unless I made some drastic changes, or if made some explanations, it would seem that its a Jurato with one sided Rukato. In this Takato orginally like Jeri, like he did in the show. However by the time of the D-Reaper attack, his crush has went (though he isn't totally sure of that himself yet, he's a kid so naturally he's confused) but he feels still protective of Jeri. However, his feelings towards Rika will be explailned later, by him in one of the later chapters. I can't tell you which one b/c that would ruin all the fun. Anyways, next chapter get ready for Chaos Gallantmon! Review!