Ruki44: For those who stalk me on my profile will know by now that I am in college.

Ruki: WHAT?!

Tetra: When in hell did this happen?

Ruki44: It's been a couple of weeks now. And for anybody that knows anything about college is that the proffessors like torturing you with a cruel and unusual form of torture also known as "homework". Anyways that means I'll try to update my stories but it won't be as often as I hoped. But you all should be used to that by now. I hope to have an updating streak during breaks, but no promises. It depends if fan fiction wants to corroporate because when I tried to upload this yesterday, it did not want to work and it took me three times today to get this stupid thing up.

Rukia: So wait you're in college.

Ruki44: Yes!

Hinata: We're trying to grasp that your apparently mature enough to be living on your own know.

Ruki44: I'm a good actor :D

Ruki: That means she's just bullshitting stuff as she goes along.

Ruki44: Just like my homework! Anyways these we're actually pretty hard to write, especially for the lesser characters. I did have a poll going on but only like 3 people responded so yeah. I don't feel like looking back in my reviews to look. Speaking of reviews, 272 reviews for this story, you guys rock! And to address the most common one about the sequel, follow up piece, whatever. One of the main reasons I'm not doing one is because I'm fearing I'll screw it up. Writing this was easy because I was watching the episode as I did so. Plus I really wouldn't know how to follow up with this, I mean the only idea I have is that they're the orginal members of D.A.T.S. I will be trying to tie the other two seasons in it somehow, mostly Digimon Savers and I don't know how I would be able to pull that off. Like I said earlier, if anybody else wants to give it a whirl, go right ahead. I don't own any character I may have used except Ruki to some extent.

Character Profiles

Rika: The main character and story teller. A tough kid with a heart of gold, she may not act like it sometimes but she cares for her friends deeply. She was cold in the beginning, but she really did care for those around her. She needs the occasional push in the right direction...ok shove but once you get her started down that road she'll follow it until the end. She's a bit random and acts childish sometimes, although that is unsure if that's because of Ruki's 'negative' influence. She has a great deal of power and is a good fighter, which is shown threw Sakuyamon. She is also the 'light' of the group...the person that people come too when they're having a hard time. She has a major crush on Takato throughout the story.

Ruki: Rika's 'inner' voice...she is Rika's conscious more or less. Ruki is the one that made Rika accept the facts that she denied (like the fact she liked Takato) and sent her down the right path. She is extremely childish, a bit stupid at times, and rather sarcastic and it's not below her to make lewd remarks. But on the same level she's also really deep and she puts Rika's mental well being above everything else. She has the ability to control Rika if she not mentally there (she did so when Rika saw Takato when he went into Chaos Gallantmon mode and she wasn't technically in her body, also she controlled Rika or attempted to when Parasimon was controlling Rika). She also has access to the powers that Rika cannot yet control or have not yet 'unlocked' and is able to channel them for Rika (like she did with Sakuyamon). The only other person that knew about her in the story was Renamon, but Takato knows at the end.

Renamon: Rika's Digimon partner. She is Rika's best friend and also a sister figure to Rika. She makes sure that Rika doesn't go out and kill herself, though that's easier said than done. She also stops Rika from beating the crap out of someone if she believes that Rika will actually HURT the person. She easily takes things into stride (such as Ruki). She is also incredibly strong and has a big heart. She is also incredibly good at arcade games, much to Rika's frustration.

Takato: Rika's second best friend and love interest. He is very non-serious for the most part, he joins Rika quickly when she's goofing around during serious situation such as singing inappropriate music. He's also kind on the slow times sometimes (like with the whole Twilight not knowing romance thing) but he holds all his friends in the highest regards and will do anything to protect them. Originally he had a crush on Jeri but sometime that sort of just like dissipated throughout the story. He really does rely heavily on Rika because she really does keep him in check since he's such an emotional boy. The first time he actually realizes this is when she prevents Megidramon though.

Guilmon: Takato's partner, he's pretty much the same bread snarffing dinosaur doofus he was in the show.

Henry: Rika's and Takato's best friend. He's the brains and the 'straight man' of the group. He makes sure that Rika and Takato's immaturity doesn't get them and everyone else killed. Which is harder said than done. He also understands 'nerd' as Rika puts it and usually understands what's going on. He seems to get hurt a lot (physically) by Rika, but he respects her deeply. He gets a crush on Jeri when they're in the Digital World but is too afraid to act upon it for numerous different reason…it takes the combined efforts of Rika and Takato doing random ridiculous stunts to make him finally confess and ask her out. He seems to understand Rika without many change of words, he was the first one to tell her to her face that he thinks she has a good side to her. He confides in her, especially when he has girl problems.

Terriermon: Pretty much the same as in the anime. However, he seems to enjoy making random references to Rika's violent nature.

Jeri: She is Rika's best female friend and was Takato's original love interest. She seems happy-go-lucky, but she has some serious shit turning about her deep down. She respects Rika's strength and looks up to her and like Takato, relies on Rika heavily. She sees Rika as the person who has all the same problems as her (such as a parent dying) yet was still able to make it out ok and is able to get through it (the general negative attitude and the violent tendencies Rika has is completely lost on her somehow). It was Rika (and Takato somewhat)that inspired her to start fighting the D-Reaper when she noticed that Rika (and everyone else) was giving it their all to save her. It made her feel like she was actually worth something to people. She has a satanic sock puppet that everyone has dubbed Lucifer.

Leomon: Pretty much the same as in the anime.

Kazu: A part of Rika's 'friends' circle. He is funny and sarcastic and is more than willing to join up with Rika on stuff such as attempting to destroy Takato's Tamers Flag. Incredibly loyal, he can always be counted on in a pinch, but most of the other time he's completely useless and rather annoying. He is one of 'Ryo fanboys'. Alice likes him in the end because he's 'funny'. How he managed that nobody really knows.

Guardromon: Pretty much the same as in the anime.

Kenta: His goal in life is to pick up chicks, as he announced when they were leaving for the Digital World. Unfortunately with his lack of people skills (let alone being able to talk to girls) leaves him for a life of alone. That and the fact he REALLY likes Rika besides the fact that she scares the living crap out of him and she likes Takato. It's sad that for the fact he is a pathetic excuse for a human being, he has one of the strongest Digimon as his partner. Not only is he a Ryo fan boy, but he is Kazu's lackey.

Marine Angemon: Kenta's partner. He has terets, but other than that he's pretty much the same...except he's NOT quiet. At all. In fact he won't shut up. He's more of a help with the D-Reaper then his partner was however.

Ryo: He is 'Mr. Perfect'...and Rika pretty much hates his guts. In fact saying that would be an understatement. It would be closer to say that Rika wishes that he went and died in a ditch and a zombie ate his remains. He's a good tamer and fighter...he's just a douchebag. He, like Kenta, is in love with Rika, believing that the two of them were meant to be together, him being the Digimon King, her being the Digimon Queen. The only reason he isn't dead yet is because Kenta and Kazu keep being witnesses and Henry, Renamon and Takato prevent her from killing him. He keeps disappearing into the Digital World and breaking Alice's heart.

Cyberdramon: Same as in anime.

Alice: Goth girl who later on becomes Rika's friend. She originally liked Ryo but after him running off for the millionth time she marries Kazu. She is the only Tamer without a Digimon...however most Digimon listen to her anyways after the news of her beating up a creeper Sukamon quickly became known throughout the Digital World.

Dobermon: Same as in anime...though Takato mistakes him for Jacob Black.

Moltres: Pretty much the same as in the anime, but he respects (though he'll never ever admit) Rika's strength.

Azulongmon: Same as in anime. We yet have to do a 'most annoying' competition with Tea from Yu Gi Oh and him to see which is worse, Tea's friendship speeches or his regular speeches in general.

Absol and Torterra: Did they even play a significant role at all?!

Rukimo: Ruki's mother and famous super model. She is originally viewed as the "voice of doom" among other negative things by Rika in the beginning. However Rika attitude warms up to her when she returned from the Digital World. She and Rika both have the amazing ability to scare the general population in their general vicinity. Rukimo at first seems rather shallow but she has Rika's well being in mind and wants to connect with her daughter.

Seiko: Rika's grandmother. She is the only human in Rika's family that understands Rika. She is a calm and collected woman and isn't startled by much. She wants Rika to be happy (however this doesn't mean she won't pass up an opportunity to make Rika uncomfortable) more than anything and after Rika's dad died she was the primary caretaker of Rika. Despite being an old lady, she is the most technical savvy person in the house. She is also into extreme sports and should not be trusted behind a wheel. Ever.

Yamaki: Aka, Mr. Stalker Guy. He's a creeper that went from douchebag to good guy. He gives the Tamers the COM device, aka the Nintendo DS before they go off to the Digital World. Rika is still confused why it won't play her Digimon World Dusk. He had a thing going on with Riley even before they got married. He is also a pimp, according to Rika.

Riley: A genius behind the computer. She also drag races (her arch-rival is Seiko) which might explain her need to go well above the speed limit.

Suzy: Henry's younger sister. She's pretty much useless in the story but she later become a better fighter then her brother. But only when she's mad...therefore Rika pisses her off before every battle by hiding her Disney Princess dolls.

Lopmon: Pretty much the same as in the anime.

Ai/Mako: Did they even do ANYTHING in this story? Anyways, they're the same as pretty the anime but they every day in winter they dress up as Ice Climbers. It is needless to say they are pretty much the coolest kids of their generation.

Impmon/Beezlemon (aka Ghost Rider): Pretty much the same as in anime.

Gregory: One of Yamaki's workers. Is secretly a Power Ranger but don't tell anybody, it's a governmental secret.

Anybody else: If I forgot them, they are obviously not important.

Ruki44: Well that's it. I'm glad that you guys liked it so much! Thanks for staying with me all this time!