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It starts out fifth year but goes into adulthood.

Luna sat in the astronomy tower wrapped in a blanket, looking up at the sky as if searching for the answer to some question that only the heavens could answer. As she scanned the heavens she closed her eyes to make a wish. She opened her eyes to see two emeralds, no they weren't emeralds only the same color. A boy's voice spoke. "I guess you got your wish he said, quite coyly, his emerald orbs dancing with mirth. "Only if you were to fall out the window right…" pausing for dramatic effect, "now." Her sapphire eyes snapping with a half serious fire. "I could just push you out myself." She said coquettishly. Her eyes were a different story, they revealed an animalistic and demonic undertones.

Harry picked her up and carried her to the makeshift bed he had meanwhile been making with a blanket he donned a southern accent, "Scarlett O'Hara I have wanted you since the first day I saw you." He said laying her down on the blanket. "Oh Rhett!" Luna said in reply donning the accent of a southern belle. She giggled. Later she would remember that night as nothing but a blur of passion to rival that of those characters in gone with the wind who had swept away the hearts of so many.

It was seven weeks later and Luna was in the hospital wing vomiting as Madam Pomfrey scanned her over with her wand. She had also missed her period, but that was due to stress, right? As Madam Pomfrey finished she looked at her with newfound worry on her face. Could she be…no that wasn't possible! But then again…no! She was not… "Pregnant. Who have you been knockin' boots with? Well get ready and buy some sweat pants cause there's no magical way and I don't know how the muggles do it!" She said getting angrier and louder by the word. Luna looked at her with horror. Pregnant she couldn't be pregnant she and Harry had only…only once!

At first she only trudged out dimly realizing in the back of her mind. But as reality slowly wafted to the rest of her brain she tore down the hallway, up the stairs and into the astronomy tower she started running toward the balcony not intending to stop, but she did. Halfway across she did. What will I tell Harry? She thought. She was going to be a mother, at fourteen!

She dropped to her knees in the place that had seemed magical only seven weeks before. Seven weeks! She started to cry. As she realized her situation ,as fully as a confused fourteen year old could, she let the uncontrollable sobs rack her body without any opposition on her part and after hours of sobbing and weeping she fell asleep.

She had read somewhere that every time someone did something, even something unsubstantial; it sent a ripple that went around the whole world until the world was changed. That night was to be the first of many ripples that changed her and Harry's world. For the better, and the worse.

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