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dance to nothing

' ' because when you've lost it all... ' '

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She was a different one.

She may have had the same come-hither stare of her peers. Empty, soulless eyes that caught attention and gripped it, despite the mirror image of nothing. But she was a rare gem among her kind, and she had the inquisitive mind to prove it, even if such curiosity added up to nothing.

Nothing. It was a pretty word that went well with the lustrous movements beneath the heated rays of an angry sun. She was entertained as much as she was entertaining. Most of the time it was the flashbacks, the little sparks of memory that danced across her mind, disappearing as quickly as they came and fading into the blank blackness that were her thoughts. She should not have been thinking, but it couldn't have been helped, and she kept that secret from the others, even if telling them wouldn't have been an option either.

She didn't have a lot of options actually, so she did the only thing she could do that she knew she could do for the rest of her miserable little life; she danced. Betwixt and between the sparks of memory and the pains of her reality, she danced to the tune of her own misery, all until that fateful day when she came face to face with her destiny.

After watching her friends and possibly family get slaughtered with a simple swipe of that impressive weapon, the dancer, devoid of will now, urged herself onwards, continuing to dance, to be entrancing, hypnotizing. But he would not be taken. Be that as it may, however, it did draw him closer to her with that massive sword unsheathed and poised for the final, deadly blow. She welcomed it with open arms and danced into the blade, unafraid of her inevitable end.

At least she knew she wouldn't feel a thing.


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