Okay everyone this story is going to be way out there and not about ninjas at all really. The characters my be a little OOC also. This story is completely my creation sadly the characters aren't. I do not own Naruto or any of the related characters. As I promised before here is the better summary. When Hinata was 6 years she saw something strange murder her parents. After the doctors examined her they tried and tried to get her to talk but the only thing she would say was Samantha. So they thought that to be her name. No one believed her about what she saw considering that she was a child so she grew up being knows as "The Orphan". After Kyouya Shizune adopts her she goes back to school and meets her dreaded nemesis Takashi Ayame. After a bad spat she runs away from school and gets attacked by the same thing that killed her parents. Certain that death is on its way she faints not knowing she was saved by some one or something before death could take her.

The memories plagued me in my every hauntingly familiar dreams. Always the same, always they are there one minute and the next their blood coating the walls around me. As I start to scream as a child of six I wake up screaming my 17 year old self.. This time it just so happened to be clearer than it had ever been before and I knew why. It scared me though knowing the reason why. I began to think back to the beginning Almost every night for a week I had been having nightmares of that traumatizing night 11 long years ago. I know what I had seen, and yet I also knew that even if had I tried to tell anyone what I saw they would have either laughed, or attempted to place me in an asylum. Now people would call me crazy for keeping quiet, but I am not crazy. I just know when it for the better to speak or simply go without being noticed.

Being that young everyone doubted that I would remember anything at all, but they were all to wrong. I remembered every bloody detail of the night that my parents were so gruesomely murdered. The doctors all thought there had to be something wrong with me for I refused to speak to anyone. After three days I finally did utter on single word, Samantha. After I had said that it lead to believe that it filled the void of my name. I didn't bother to correct them for Samantha had been my Mother's name and I wasn't about to give up that memory. My real first name I knew yet wouldn't dare say. As for my last name, since I day I turned four and my parents tried to teach me my last name I didn't have a care for it so, I didn't know my own last name or the names of any family members that I had and none of them cared enough to find out about me. My parents had led a secluded life never talking to people unless they deemed it necessary including their own families. So whether or not my grandparents knew I existed didn't matter. I had spent 3 unbelievably long months in the psychiatrics ward for children. The doctors were all attempting to get me to utter another word for them but, I had stubbornness inside of me and made my mind up before hand. After that I had been in and out of foster homes and orphanages.

"Samantha, are you alright? I heard you scream from down the hall." Shizune called from the other side of my door. Her voice pulled me out of my own memories. As I wiped the sweat from my face I pulled my knees up to my chest and answered her with a shaky yes. I knew that she wasn't going to believe for I hadn't even convinced myself of that. Shizune opened my door anyways and peeked in at me. She wore that same worried look I had seen since had come to live with her. I was surprised when she agreed to adopt me considering I was a runaway orphan and could do it again at any given moment.

"I am okay really Shizune." I said my voice sounding more confident this time. She smiled softly at me and sat on the corner of my bed,

"You know honey, I might not be your real Mom and we might not have known each other that long but, well I just want you to know that you can trust me. It might sound a little corny to you but I really do understand what it means to go through a rough patch. It's okay to cry also honey. You don't have to keep everything bottled up. If ever you want to talk I will always be willing to listen." She comforted me.

"Thank you." I whispered to her so softly I doubted that she had head, and yet she did..

"I know also that you have a lot on your mind seeing how school is starting up again tomorrow and all" She added. Those words she said had an affect on me. My whole life I felt that no one would care to listen for truly I never really had anything to say. I smiled at her weakly as she patted my hand before leaving. True she wasn't my mother and it had sounded a little foolish, but none the less I still felted touched some how. As she walked out the door I laid back down and pondered into my thoughts. Most of them consisted of school and how I hated to go back there. When I had been adopted by Shizune school had only been in for a week so Ashley left it up to me whether I would be home schooled or went to the public school. The idea to go to a public school tickled me. I was more than happy to go and be around kids my age.

When I got there though everyone excluded me for I just so happened to be "The Orphan" and they all had parents. When I thought of all the cruel people that had teased me about that and my name I thought of Takashi Ayame. The head cheerleader, dumb, rich, and above all else a redhead described Ayame. It was sickening how she got treated like a goddess for her red hair. In Kohona having brown or blonde, or having black hair was natural. Having any other color like pink, dark blue, green or having red hair meant you were like a delicacy. Though there wasn't supposed to be any of those left in Kohona so Ayame got the title of being " The Delicacy." I looked over at my clock. It read me the horrible time or 2:26 A.M. I groaned and turned over on my side to go back to sleep so I didn't have bags under my eyes when I woke up the next morning. Whether hated them or not I wasn't going to look like death itself.

I awoke the next morning to Shizune bouncing around in my room trying to find me something to wear that day to school. As she pulled out a flowing purple dress I shot her a glare and she put it back.

"How about I leave the clothes to you and I go fix us some breakfast real quick huh?" She suggested. I nodded and she smiled before running down the stairs. I chuckled at her happy manor and crawled out of the pile of dark red that pertained to be my covers. Shizune had let me picked them out myself. I headed over towards my closet and flipped through some on the clothes Shizune bought me towards the clothes I bought my self. I smirked as I pulled my outfit out. Black trip pants with dark green chains and glitter affects. A black under shirt and a dark green hoody. Pulling the top over my head to hide my hair I headed down stairs. Shizune looked at me a little disappointed but quickly wiped it away.

"Samantha, here is your breakfast and why are you covering your hair up honey it is beautiful." I shrugged my shoulders at her and ate quickly so I wouldn't have to be under her gaze anymore.

"I am leaving now. I will be back later." I called heading out the door and walking towards the dreaded school. WE unluckily lived only 3 blocks from that damned thing. Entering the school building I knew I had stepped into a miniature hell.