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Chapter 1

Ash was in the pokemon center calling Professor Oak. He had just beat every frontier brain and now he is starting is new journey with just pikachu and a mystery pokemon. Anyway, Brock went home to check up on things and May and Max are starting their own journey.

"Hello, Professor Oak" said Ash with a pikachu over his head.

"Oh Ash. good to see you" said Professor Oak.

"Hey, I'm starting my new journey and I sending all of my pokemon execpt Pikachu. Also, I want you to send Bayleef" Ash said "Sure, No problem Ash" said the professor.

Ash sent each of his pokemon through the teleporter, giving them a goodbye. First was his Corphish. Then his Aipom, and his many other pokemon. Then when young Ash finish, one pokeball came back.

"Alright Bayleef, come on out" said Ash with excitement.

Bayleef came out with a little surprise. It appears that Bayleef had a picture of Ash with her and she looked like she was dreaming.

"Bayleef you ok" said Ash worried.

"Bay-bay-bay" said Bayleef not paying attention to Ash.

"Oh Ash, I forgot to tell you something. I made a new pokemon pill that helps you talk to pokemon. I will send it right now.

Something else came into the teleporter. The pill Professor was talking about.

"Just eat it and you can talk to humans and pokemon" The Professor said. "Now I have to go".

The teleporter went off. Ash rushed to Bayleef and tryed to communicate with it.

"Hey Bayleef, are you okay" said Ash.

"Yes, yes Ash harder. I've been a bad pokemon. Spank me" said Bayleef dreaming.

Ash couldn't believe what he was hearing. Ash noticed her giving affection to him but he never thought it was that serious.

"Ash, I CCCCCUUUUUMMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG" said the dreaming grass pokemon.

"Pikachu, quick use thundershock" said Ash freaking out.

"powershock" said pikachu forcefully.

The thundershock woke up Bayleef. She was surprised were she was. Lucky no one was givin' a damn about the moaning. When Bayleef came to her senses, she was embarressed and she was blushing hard. "

"Got damn" said pikachu."You are one Horny pokemon. you know that". "Uh, pikachu were am I and what time is it" said the grass pokemon.

"Your in the pokemon center and it's about 9:00" said Pikachu.

"Did you hear anything while I was sleeping" said Bayleef.

"Well, I got good news and bad news" said pikachu. "The good news is that while you were talking in your sleep, no one gave a shit".

"That's good" said Bayleef relieved. "What's the bad news".

"The bad news is that Ash took a pill and can understand pokemon speech" said Pikachu.

"Does that mean" said Bayleef freaking out.

"Yep" said Pikachu. "He heard every word. If I were you, I'd just hide in a closet".


"It looks like this thing really works"said Ash.

"Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god!"said Bayleef repeatedly.

"Calm down Bayleef"said Ash.

"I bet you proberly hate me now. Don't worry, I don't blame ya" said Bayleef with tears running down her face.

"What, never. I love all of my pokemon" said Ash.

"(Snuff, Snuff) so you don't think I'm a dirty little whore" Bayleef said crying.
"Of course not" said Ash.

Thanks. Um, Ash" said Bayleef quietly. "Do you, um, have a towel. I'm kinda made a mess here".

"Sure Bayleef" said Ash

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