Chapter 9: A New Pantera is Born

"Hold on love, I know you're hurting but help is on the way." Razor soothed his mate while his heart was squeezed with fear. needed surgery. He was also very worried for their unborn kit.

A commotion near him made him look up and was relieved at the sight of a pair of paramedics and a gurney headed their way. The lead paramedic with T-Bone by his side halted a little distance away.

"Is it alright for them to approach buddy?" T-Bone asked cautiously.

"Yes. She is in too much pain to offer much resistance and as long as she can smell me she'll be safe to be near." Razor said reassuring them.

The paramedic moved close and began a quick exam. He cut her shirts away so that they could see the wound clearly. It was still oozing blood. He signaled his partner to come close as he applied an antiseptic then slapped a tight bandage on to try and stop the bleeding. The other medic started an IV. Soon, with the SWAT Kats help, they lifted Feral to the gurney and strapped her to it. With a medic at one end, T-Bone on the other and Razor squeezed at its side they hurriededly made their way down the stairs followed by the other medic, Steele and Feral's Sergeant.

"It will be faster if you go by the Turbokat. The streets are still a mess around this area." Steele warned them. T-Bone was surprised Steele was willing to let them take care of the Commander. Nodding his acknowledgment, T-Bone led the way to the parked jet. The enforcers had kept a clear space around it which T-Bone appreciated.

Soon the Commander, paramedics and the Sergeant were loaded aboard and T-Bone was lifting the jet into the air. Not applying too may G's, T-Bone still got them to Megakat Trauma Center in minutes. He had warned them of his arrival so that when he landed a medical team was standing by.

Feral with Razor at her side was rushed into a trauma bay. After stripping her clothes off and examining her wound, she was stabilized and sent up to surgery. The exam had shown the kitten was alright, to Razor's intense relief, now all they needed to do was take care of the tear in it's mothers rib cage.

Razor stayed near her side until she was under anaesthesia before he left and waited in the observation area above the surgery room so that he could keep an eye on his mate. Anaesthetics were tricky with their kind. It wouldn't do to have her wake suddenly during surgery and harm her doctors in her disoriented state.

The doctors were relieved to discover the heart had not been pierced but one lung was and they quickly sewed that up and her side. She was given a liter of blood and more fluids. Surgery was only a couple of hours and soon she was being wheeled into recovery where Razor was allowed by her side again.

"She's lucky. There was no major organ damage just a simple sew job on the lung and side. She should heal fairly quickly and the kitten seems to have come through it alright as well." The head surgeon told Razor. "She'll be sent up to her room in about a half hour. You're going to stay by her side I take it?" He asked curiously. He wasn't very familiar with Pantera but did know they were a very dangerous predator.

"Yes, I must. She'll be fairly combative when she wakes until she gets my scent then she'll be okay." Razor said quietly. "Thank you so much for your care of her."

"You're welcome! I'll be checking on her before I leave for the day." The doctor smiled warmly and left them alone.

Razor stared at his mate's face tirededly ignoring the nurse who was monitoring his mate from a safe distance. She was already beginning to rouse. He placed his wrist near her nose. It twitched and sniffed groggily. Her eyes opened slowly, her pupils still large and unfocused.

"Hello my love. How you feeling?" He asked her softly leaning his face close.

"Tired and sore. What's happened?" She murmured slurrily.

"I tell you all about it when you're more awake, love. Right now you and the kitten are alright. They sewed up the damage . I'll heal you when you are up in your room so I can rest afterward. Just sleep now, everything is alright." He reassured her. Sighing she closed her eyes and drifted off.

An hour later she was settled into a bed in a single room. Razor yawned. He was soo tired. As soon as Ulera had been settled and he had warned the nurses not to intrude without warning him first for their safety, he blocked the door. Used on themselves, the venom acted as a healing action. Jake gently pierced her throat with his fangs injecting the venom. She only moaned softly in response.

Feeling too sweaty and dirty to sleep he took the chance and showered. A few minutes later, he was feeling immensely better as he slipped into the bed beside his mate and fell quickly asleep.

Because of his healing her the night of her surgery, Ulera was released from the hospital only two days later. When she returned to duty, she was surprised and pleased to find that Steele had gotten the cleanup as far along as he could that didn't entail rebuilding and the reports weren't backed up on her desk. Perhaps the annoying little pest was finally getting a back bone and applying himself. Whatever the reason, she was relieved not to have a huge backlog of work waiting for her. The bad side, however, was the extensive damage done to Enforcer Headquarters.

Her office floor was cracked and all the windows had been shattered (though they were now replaced). The flight line plus several floors below that were completely destroyed. Cleanup was done and rebuilding was already in full swing. She shook her head at the damage as she toured the ruined areas of her headquarters. It was recoverable but still shocking that Dark Kat had come so close to shutting them down completely. At least that particular omega would never bother them again. She had made sure that the death was listed as justifiable homicide. No one questioned her on it since everyone was relieved that the evil creature was gone.

It took two months for Enforcer Headquarters to finally be back to normal. No more omegas had made an appearance giving the city a break again. Ulera's pregnancy was now very obvious garnering many sidelong looks from her enforcers. She was happy and excited. She sensed the kitten would be due soon. Her pantera doctor said the kitten was doing well. She would not be delivering in a hospital as her species preferred privacy and quiet with only her mate at her side.

Their home was finished and the birthing and nursery room was waiting. They made love until she was too far along for comfort. Chance got them some baby gear to their amused surprise. He had blushed and said a she kat friend of his had helped him select the diapers and toys.

It was some weeks later and the day had been cloudy with a threat of a summer storm by nightfall. Jake and Chance had a full garage of cars to do and it took them to closing time to get them all finished. They were bushed.

Feral was becoming restless as the day moved to evening. She didn't have more than the usual reports and meetings to fill the day. She suspected tonight was the night and warned Steele that he might have to take command by tomorrow for a few weeks. His eyes had widened as he involuntarily looked down at her belly. She smirked at his discomfort and confirmed that she may be in labor by tonight. He swallowed but gamely accepted he might be in charge in the morning and wished her a safe delivery. She was pleased by his behavior and left work in a high mood of excitement.

When Jake met her at home, his nose told him he might be a father before the night was over. He fussed over her ensuring she ate a little and took in plenty of fluids. He checked to make sure everything he needed was ready then they settled down to watch some movies to aid her in relaxing.

The storm finally hit a few hours later lashing branches of nearby trees against their home and spraying rain hard against the window panes. Ulera couldn't sit still and restlessly puttered around their home. Jake watched her alertly. Sometime after nine that evening, Ulera had made her way to the birthing room, stripped and laid down. Jake put on some sweats and nothing else and laid down near her. For the next few hours, he caressed her through the contractions that had begun. By one in the morning, she was straining to push their kitten out. Thirty minutes later a loud cry greeted the world.

Ulera licked her kitten all over and bite off the umbilical cord. Jake used a towel and helped clean his mate up and waited for her to pass the placenta which came twenty minutes later. He gathered up the soiled linen and made his mate comfortable. He took everything to the laundry room for later cleanup and disposal then returned to his mate and new son. He lay down next to her and began licking his son so that it would know his scent then kissed Ulera in joy. They slept until their newborn woke them at dawn for his first feeding.

He called his partner later that morning. "Chance, it's a male, born at one-thirty this morning. Ulera is fine. I won't be in today, think you can handle things?" He asked his voice high with excitement and joy.

"Congratulation, Jake. Say the same to Ulera for me. Yeah I can hold down the fort for today. Don't know about tomorrow though!" Chance said pleased for his friend but concerned about keeping up with the work.

"Hey no problem! Should be there day after don't worry. Thanks buddy." Jake said happily

"You're Welcome! Though I expect you will be a zombie when I see you since you won't get much sleep!" Chance laughed.

"Ain't that the truth. He already woke us up at dawn this morning." Jake laughed too.

"Hahhaha! Hey what did you name him." Chanced asked chuckling.

"Ohh...we haven't thought of one yet. Let you know soon and could you tell Callie as well?" He asked quickly and then went on before Chance could reply. "Gotta go, Ulera is hungry and I've got to make her breakfast." Jake said.

"Yeah I'll tell Callie as soon as I hang up. Take care buddy. See ya soon!" Chance said and hung up.

Jake made two more calls. The first one was to Dr. Sinian to report the birth for her data base and, the second call was to Lt Commander Steele informing him of his need to take temporary command. Both parties congratulated the new parents.

Jake was humming and bouncing on his feet as he made his mate breakfast. Carrying it in on a tray he set it down near her. The kitten was nursing. He looked at it adoringly. The kitten was an auburn color with chocolate tips on ears, nose, paws and tail and he had a mop of black hair.

"He's soo beautiful Ulera. I feel so blessed." Jake sighed happily. "So what are we going to name him?" He asked as he caressed the kitten's body.

"Hmm...How about Jaren?" Ulera asked gazing at her son.

"Perfect!" Jake agreed warmly

The End.