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Chapter One- Betrayal

Saotome Ranma, an elusive (and extremely eligible) bachelor at 29 and owner of Battle Companies and the renowned Battle Dojo, lounged in his Jacuzzi with Shampoo, his current girlfriend. Maybe the word girlfriend did not describe their relationship, which was an unemotional, sexually charged one, accurately. Perhaps the word mistress suited her better. At the moment, he was stroking her smooth back as she laid her head down on his muscled chest.

Saotome Ranma was handsome and charming- and cynical. His long, raven black hair was kept in a short pigtail. Not many men dared defy convention in such a way and this made him stand out. His deep blue eyes were the downfall of many a virgin or widow. He never lacked company in the bedrooms either.

It was too quiet in the Jacuzzi; far too quiet. This unnerving silence prompted Ranma to start a conversation.

"Shampoo?" he asked softly, afraid of waking her if she was asleep, for she had a terrible temper.

"Ranma," she moaned softly in response, lifting violet eyes full of promise and desire to his smoky blue ones.

Ranma secretly smiled for he knew that she was aroused as he.

Tendo Akane, a dedicated martial artist, was a highly accomplished 5th Dan in ninjutsu at the young age of 20. She owned a highly spirited attitude and her biggest dream was to bring the Tendo dojo to the highest rung of the metaphorical ladder of fame and not let it fall from there. Neither did she want the aforementioned ladder to fall on her beloved dojo.

Unfortunately, her dream had little chance of coming true for she was steadily heading towards bankruptcy. The few students she had were not enough to keep the small dojo going. Besides that, most of them were leaving to join that billionaire's dojo (what's it called again?), the Battle Dojo. "It was the honor", some told her breathlessly. "Everyone knows what an honor it is to be taught by Soatome Ranma!"

Rich people had everything, she thought with an unhappy sigh as she thought of the owner of the Battle Dojo, Japan's richest man- Saotome Ranma.

Tendo Akane was a beautiful woman, the sort who inspired flowers and poems, odes to her nose. She was a never-say-die kind of person who had little self pity for herself. Her spunky attitude had also managed to rub people the wrong way. Independent and fiery, she could be a man's dream woman or his worst nightmare.

However, despite her beauty, she had never been in a sexual relationship. Nobody knew why, least of all herself. Sometimes, she thought that she was saving herself for that one special man. The man who would make all her dreams come true. Her soul mate, her one true love…

And other times, she dismissed her fanciful notions. After all, what type of woman would she be if she could not survive without a man in her life? And so, because of these doubtful thoughts, she did not involve herself with any man. She had been attracted to quite a few, yes, but she never acted upon the attraction.

This weird belief of hers puzzled many young men and they ridiculed her for it, most of them stung by the fact she refused to sleep with them. In an age where technology and science ruled the day, promiscuity was as common as dirt and virginity was no longer prized. Akane knew that many people did not understand her and so she tried not to tell any one about moral values.

Although she was 20, she didn't have much of a social life. She did have friends but she did not attend their parties. She had problems her friends did not have. She had to support her sisters and settle their dowries. Most families in her town were old fashioned and still believed in dowries. Her sisters would not marry well unless they had enough money settled on them.

She was young and she had a life, her sisters told her. She ought to live, not work. Akane had smiled at them and answered, "I do have a life. This is my life." Throughout all the heartache and pain, Akane kept a smile on her face.

A sweet smile with the power to enchant all the people who witnessed it.

And at that moment, Tendo Akane secretly smiled to herself for she knew that she could always find ways to solve her problems.

"Shampoo!" Cologne barked her great-granddaughter's name with anger. "Why haven't you gotten the amulet yet?" she demanded.

It was nearly midnight and Shampoo had just reached the lavishly decorated home the Amazon clan rented for them in Japan. She had found her great-grandmother waiting rather patiently for her in the living room. Cologne was, of course, kept company by an old, battered Chinese book.

"I very sorry, great-grandmother. He always hiding it to somewhere no known to Shampoo," she said in a sincerely sorry voice. She had after all, tried her best. And it still wasn't enough.

"He no trusts me enough. He no like women much except for pleasure. Shampoo thinks, he knowing why Shampoo is here." Shampoo punctuated her sentence with a little sigh.

"Hmm, that will present quite a problem, indeed," the wizened old woman remarked a quite unhappily. "We have to lull him into a false sense of security and trust as far as you are concerned, great granddaughter."

"Yes, great-grandmother," Shampoo agreed emphatically, nodding her head.

Together they sat in silence, thinking of ways to overcome their predicament. They had no wish to be cast out of the Amazon clan for not bringing back the amulet they were assigned to steal. The silence was suddenly broken by Shampoo's high pitched voice.

"Oh, great-grandmother," Shampoo exclaimed excitedly. "I got idea!"

"Tell me, Shampoo."

"Send female spy work in Battle dojo and make her close to Ranma. Make Ranma trust her then she tell us where he hide it. Then, she goes betray him and break his heart and Shampoo comforts him. After that, he marry Shampoo." Shampoo finished her enthusiastic announcement and sucked in a deep breath, hoping that the experienced matriarch would acknowledge her brilliant idea and accept her plan.

She was not disappointed.

"Well done, great-granddaughter!" Cologne cackled, pleased. Suddenly, her expression turned serious as she spotted a the large flaw in Shampoo's plan. "And who will be our spy?"

"Tendo Akane. She good ninja but very poor. We give money and she does spying."

"Bribery, eh?" Cologne said wonderingly. "Good idea, Amazon daughter."

"Not bribery- is salary for work," Shampoo corrected jauntily.

Cologne let out a bark of laughter. "We will work out the details in the morning, then. For now, great granddaughter, you may sleep. You have truly earned the trust and responsibility required to be entrusted with this important mission."

Shampoo smiled beatifically.

"Prepare yourself, Saotome Ranma."

The very next day, Shampoo made her way to the Tendo dojo to meet Akane. She was about to knock on the door when she heard weeping coming from within. Ah, that has to be Tendo Akane, Shampoo thought in Chinese. That's right; her two sisters were killed in a hit-and-run accident just last night. The Chinese girl tried not to smile when another thought occurred to her. Due to emotional stress, Akane would be more pressured to accept the position she offered. With that in mind, Shampoo lifted her hand once again to knock.

She barely had time to put down her hand for Akane answered immediately. Speed is good, Shampoo thought, pleased with her choice. But as soon as Shampoo saw the younger woman's face, she stepped back in shock. Akane was beautiful, probably her biggest rival in beauty. This stung Shampoo's pride, for she knew that she was acknowledged as one of the most beautiful women in Japan.

This Akane had beautiful chocolate brown eyes and silky black hair with natural blue highlights. Her petite body was luscious and lavished with slight curves; just the type a man would like to run his hands over. Her mouth was made for kissing for it was a wide, generous mouth with full, pink lips.

Akane stared at the curious looking woman on her doorstep. All her thoughts of grieving were forgotten as she looked at the woman who was making a very… (shall we say) violet first impression on her. Everything about her was violet; violet hair, violet eyes, violet clothes… She even smelled violet! She looked Chinese and when she spoke her voice was saccharine sweet. Akane squirmed. A 'real woman', she thought amused.

"I Xian Bu, Amazon Chinese. Here to give you job," she declared. "Good pay, easy job, big-big money," the violet woman added quickly. Akane didn't care. She wanted to know more about the job. Especially the money part.

"Hello Shampoo," she greeted in the nicest way possible. She really wanted to make a good impression on the Chinese lady but poor Akane hadn't realized that she had made a very common mistake (but it didn't really matter to Xian Bu who knew that most Japanese mispronounced her name) by calling the Amazon warrior Shampoo. "Do come in. I would love to know more." Fixing a smile on her face she directed Shampoo to the living room and made sure she was comfortable.

"Would you like drink?" she asked. Shampoo shook her head and let out an irritated sigh. Akane then realized that Shampoo was impatient to tell her about the job. Not that she wanted to complain about Shampoo's choice.

"You have hear about Saotome Ranma?" Shampoo asked her.

Akane nodded. "He owns a prestigious dojo, doesn't he?"

"Yes, Battle Dojo," Shampoo confirmed. "You hear about Amazon women in China?" she then asked.

Akane gave her a confused look before nodding.

"Ranma steal precious jewel from us few year go," Shampoo said quickly, messing up her grammar in sheer desperation to finish telling Akane the story Cologne had told her just that morning before Shampoo made her way to Akane's house.

"He steal it because it very useful, very beautiful, very precious. It can use to tell who you true laugh is." Here Akane assumed Shampoo meant to say 'true love' instead of 'true laugh' but she preferred not to interrupt Shampoo as this might lose her the violet girl's favor. "He is in China that time, looking for place to stay near Jusenkyo, place of cursed springs because he gets cursed turn to girl. He is in Jusenkyo to train. We let him stay at village with man there overnight. But at night he steal jewel from us and we not know until now."

Akane couldn't help herself; she just had to interrupt. "Why didn't you know earlier?" she asked. "Not everybody allowed looking at jewel," Shampoo straightaway answered, remembering the details Cologne had told her to memorize. "Every few years, at special ceremony, we bringing jewel out. This year, we no find jewel. This ceremony very special, needing to earn Favor of Gods, which is God's love."

"What about Ranma's curse?" Akane wondered curiously, very confused about the 'Favor of Gods' ceremony. "Did he get healed?"

"We give him cure but he no grateful."

A few moments passed in silence. Shampoo decided to speak up then.

"Tendo will do job or not?"

Akane buried her face in her hands when a sharp feeling of guilt stabbed at her.

It's stealing, her conscience told her firmly. But it can be considered as justice when you look at it one way, for Ranma did steal it from them. The Amazons really need it for their ceremony, too. Akane also needed the money to support herself and work on the dojo.

Looking at it that way, Akane decided that it definitely wasn't a crime.

She met Shampoo's stare head on.

"I'll do it."

Hit-and-run accidents, for those of you who don't know, are accidents in which the person who is guilty of hitting another person down with his vehicle (this usually happens on the road, by the way) simply runs off without taking responsibility for his actions. This sort of thing is rather common, especially in my country- Malaysia.

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