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Chapter 5- Mission

Ukyo cradled Akane, comforting her friend, who was babbling through a flood of tears.

"Ukyo, I really do love him," she sobbed. "I can't believe people are actually capable of doing this."

"They are, Akane," Ukyo said gently. "Some people just get a kick out of doing this. They use people to make them feel better."

She stroked Akane's hair back as Akane told her the entire story, starting with Cologne and Shampoo. Ukyo wondered why anyone would do such a thing to Akane. Not only was she an innocent young girl, but she was a rare gift to the world.

No wonder people called Ranma a ruthless businessman. Only someone as cold or callous as him could use Akane and throw her away. Only someone who couldn't feel wouldn't be able to see what a diamond she was…

Gradually, the sobs subsided and Akane fell into the soothing, tired sleep of the broken hearted.

Ukyo, who was no stranger to hard work, lifted Akane up and laid her on the bed in the spare room. Akane was her dearest friend. Seeing her so broken truly affected her.

As she walked out of the spare room, she heard Akane's chirpy ringtone, Katy Perry's 'I Kissed A Girl', play. She sighed and walked to the kitchen where Akane had left her phone on top of the pictures of Ranma.

"Hello?" she answered.

"Hey, is Akane there?" a male voice returned. "This is Ryoga and I need to tell her something important."

Ryoga… The name seemed vaguely familiar to Ukyo. Akane's boss!

"I'm sorry, Mr. Ryoga," Ukyo said courteously. "Akane's sick and she can't talk right now. In fact, I don't think she'll be well enough to attend work tomorrow."

"Alright then," Ryoga said, a little puzzled. Akane had seemed perfectly well the last time he saw her. "Just let her know that there are a few new students in the dojo and she'll need to examine them. You know, to determine which grade they're in."

"I will," Ukyo promised.

Akane woke up feeling much better. There was still that tiny ache that will never go away. She knew that she still loved Ranma and would do anything for him but at least she knew that she will manage knowing that her love was unreturned.

She was wise enough to accept that and she knew that she had to stop their relationship before it would hurt her pride and heart even more. Her reputation meant too much to her to throw away. She was always known as someone who did the right thing everytime. Akane simply refused to let herself down.

At that moment, Akane's stomach rumbled. She could smell the okonomiyaki Ukyo was preparing in the kitchen. She immediately got off the bed and rushed to the kitchen. There was a huge plateful of okonomiyaki with her name written on it in sauce.

She walked over to Ukyo and gave her a big hug. "Thanks for everything," she said sincerely. "You're a fantastic friend and I'll never forget everything you've done for me. You were there for me when I needed someone and Ukyo, I'll never ever forget that."

Ukyo grinned. "Yeah, you're welcome. Now go eat your okonomiyaki before it gets cold, sugar."

Akane returned the grin. "My pleasure," she replied.

Shampoo wandered around Topshop, happily. Clothes made her happy. She spied an especially fetching blue top and hurried towards it. There was a sale going on and she didn't really want anyone else to buy that top. Especially since that particular shade of blue accented her unique colouring.

"Get out of my way," she muttered in Mandarin Chinese to a fat lady standing in front of a green blouse. She pushed the lady aside and went for the blouse the way Christiano Ronaldo would a football.

However, just before she reached the top, she saw a flash of long black hair and vividly green eyes. She stopped short, shocked. "He can't be here," she whispered. "He mustn't be."

Her mind went hurtling back to the past; a world full of innocent dreams and childish wishes... A time when she could feel love, when she was actually deeply in love. It all happened long before she became recognized as the best fighter the Amazon village had ever seen in a very long time.

She placed all her concentration on the other girl and swung a powerful kick at her face. The other fighter almost didn't dodge the kick in time. Shampoo immediately followed up with another kick. The other girl fell to the side and attempted a sweep at Shampoo's legs but she wasn't fast enough. Shampoo dropped low and grabbed her opponent's legs with her hands.

"This is for cheating, " she snarled. The girl had tried to hit her before the bell signaling the beginning of he match rang. Shampoo would never forgive her that, which was why the girl found herself flying into one of the cursed pool's nearby.

"The winner of this match is Shampoo, granddaughter of Cologne!" one of the village Elder's announced. "This makes her the winner of this year's tournament!" The other Amazons rushed forwards to congratulate Shampoo. Cologne stood with the other Elders, a triumphant and proud smile on her face. The other Elders had made it clear that Shampoo could lead the village in the future. As she was the strongest female of several generations, she was entitled to battle the current Leader. The one who emerged victorious would head the village until another potential Leader challenged her.

After enduring all the hand-shaking and cheers, Shampoo ran out of village centre to look for a certain boy. She found him a short distance away from the village walls, sitting under a tree and reading.

"You and your poetry book!" Shampoo said scornfully. "What do they do for you? They certainly haven't thought you to fight."

"Not everything in life is about fighting, my love," the boy chided. "There are better things. And I heard the cheers from out here. Looks like you have the potential to be the next Leader. Overachiever," he added with a grin.

Shampoo's attention was caught by the first sentence. Not everything in life is about fighting, he had said. Yes, to Mousse, there was poetry. Never much of a fighter, he couldn't woo her in the usual way, which was by beating up all her other suitors. The lovestruck boy had instead decided to send her poetry secretly, anonymously. At first, Shampoo stuck her nose up at the poetry, thinking that only a faggot would write such sappy things. She didn't even bother to read any.

But one day... One day, her curiosity had gotten the better of her. She opened one unsigned letter and read it, unaware that the poet was spying on her from the branches of a nearby tree. Stricken by the unabashed love displayed in the poems, her entire body went still. The expensive sheet of scented paper fell to the ground. Shampoo found herself craving for more.

She gradually changed. She used to delight in her suitors' shows of strength. She used to fawn over muscular and athletic men like Gel, one of Mousse's cousins. But now she found herself looking for the weaker men, trying to discover which one of them could write poetry that not only touched the heart but also moved the soul. In desperation, she turned to one of her friends, Cream, the acknowledged queen of gossip. The girl was full of information about everyone.

"Cream, do you know of any of the village boys who can write poems?"

"The village boys? Are you sure, Shampoo?"

"Yes. Someone who can write poems. Possibly one of the weaker boys."

"I'm not sure. I'll check, though."

Another dead end, Shampoo thought miserably. If Cream didn't know about him, he probably didn't exist. She almost gave up, then. But she pulled herself together and reminded herself that Amazon women never give up. It was a few days later when the next poem arrived. With the poem arrived a detailed plan. Shampoo had thought up a way to discover the identity of her secret admirer.

It looked like he was reluctant to be discovered, though. Beneath his poem was the postscript: I heard you were looking for me, Shampoo. Please don't.

Shampoo would rather walk her way to the Sahara Desert than listen to him. She carried out her plan and managed to catch a little boy delivering the letter to her home.

"Who are you?" she demanded. The boy cowered and refused to answer.

"Who are you?" she asked once more. Still no answer.

"If you don't tell me who you are and why you are here, I will tell your mother that you were stealing my flowers and vandalizing my house," Shampoo threatened. The boy didn't recognize the flaw in her threat. If she knew his mother, why would she want to know who he is?

"I'm Spray, ma'am," the boy answered, his bottom lip quivering. "I was asked to deliver this by someone else."

The 'someone else' turned out to be another little boy. He, too, was sent by another person. Who was also sent by someone else. Finally, Shampoo managed to track Mousse down a long chain of 'someone else's'.

His eyes were filled with shock when he saw her standing at his door.

"Shampoo, I'm sorry," he said quickly. "I know that as a non-fighter, I am inferior to you. If my attention insults you, please let me know and I will write you no more poems."

He turned to go inside and Shampoo grabbed his arm.

"No, wait," she said. "I must let you know that I think your poetry's beautiful."

Mousse stared at her. She forged on. "You are not inferior to me. I love your poems."

That was the start of their beautiful relationship. Their beautiful and short relationship.

Shampoo's reverie was interrupted by someone tapping on her shoulder.

"Do you want that blouse?" a perky teenager asked.

"No," Shampoo replied, walking out of the store.

"Where's Akane?" Ranma asked cheerfully. He had just finished negotiating a deal with a renowned American company. That rather pleased him. He had gone straight to the dojo to let Ryoga know. However, the first thing he noticed was Akane's rather obvious absence. He glanced at Ryoga when his best friend didn't reply. "Where is she, Ryoga?"

"Not here. Apparently she's sick."

Taken aback by the short, tense sentences, Ranma flung a knife at Ryoga, who caught it expertly.

"What was that for?" Ryoga snapped.

"Your bitchiness," Ranma replied, his good humour disappearing. "Where the hell is Akane?"

"I told you, she's sick!"

Ryoga threw the knife back at Ranma, who simply dodged it.

"My apologies then, friend," Ranma said. "Your tone irritated me."

"Apology not accepted," Ryoga growled. "You're using Akane, aren't you?"

Ranma merely stared at him.

He walked out without bothering to answer.

Akane returned home, a little happier. She didn't really want to be alone but she could inconvenience Ukyo for so long, after all. She locked her car carefully and skipped up to her home. She fumbled for the key and after she unlocked the door, she slammed it loudly behind her.

"Ms Tendo," a strong voice called.

Akane, who hadn't sensed Cologne's presence in her home, dropped her bag and her body automatically dropped into a defensive position.

Cologne emerged from the living room, chuckling. "It's alright, child," she said. "I'm not a threat."

Relieved, Akane picked up her bag and greeted the old crone. "I'm sorry," Akane said with a small smile. "I don't get many visitors, especially when my door is locked and when I'm not home."

She brought out a glass of cold water for Cologne and they sat together in the living room, each facing the other from a pair of black sofas.

"I came to tell you that Saotome hides the amulet somewhere in safe in his office," Cologne said. "Shampoo had managed to glean the information out of him a few weeks ago. The information might prove useful to you."

Akane nodded. Cologne continued talking, "Please speed up your search for it. We will need to bring it back to the village soon, girl."

Without saying another word, Cologne proceeded to exit Akane's house. She stopped only once to drog a small bag full of money on a table.

Akane did not get up for a while. She simply sat, staring at the money.

Finally, she got up and placed the money on a shelf and told herself to return it to Shampoo or Cologne the next time they came back.

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