Okay a small announcement. I have decided to begin rewriting two of my fics, and put Icha Icha Engagements on hold for the time being. Reason being the recent developments of the manga, has spurred me to do rewrites, I feel it would help me get a better fic going on. I will also be doing major changes to the flow of the story, since I haven't felt the fics were up to par for what I wanted. I will really try to update them more once I get them done.

Also I would like you to know, I haven't been intentionally avoiding fic writing. I want you to know I have other interests besides Naruto so if I stop its cause I'm reading, World of Darkness material because it interests me and helps give me ideas. So please give me some space to create, I will try and get the rewrites started soon. Also for sake of better development in the fics I have opted to limit women Ginshin will have. I will entail other changes in my rewrite.