I AM DONE I AM DONE I AM DONE! This has probably been my lest favorite story to write but you all seem to love it so I'm glad I could give it to you. Just to make it clear now: THERE WILL BE NO SEQUEL. I hope I did this last chapter justice, but to be honest, I'm not satisfied but this whole story has been bigger than me so I don't think I would ever be happy with it. Thank you to ALL of my reviewers and inparticular: Corey, Lynn, Lizzy, BG(Christine), and Lou who have all helped me out with this story in there own way. It's been one hell of a ride and I hope you all enjoy!

This is all going a lot faster that her other pregnancies. Maybe she's simply gotten used to it... she hadn't noticed any major pain the day before but then she suddenly realizes it.


She groans and pushes her hand against her forehead due to her own stupidity. Haley walks back into the room after getting her second cup of coffee and a snickers, and tells Brooke that Nathan's on his way with the kids. Then she notices the look on the brunette's face and asks what's wrong.

"I'm in labor, that's what's wrong," Brooke bitchily replies, covering up her own anger at her inability to make any choice that relates to her relationship with her husband. Upon seeing Haley's shocked and hurt face, Brooke quickly apologizes. "I'm just all over the place..."

Haley nods, understanding yet not, and then proceeds to change the subject. They talk about the most random things, from the peculiar smell coming from Michael's room to Jell-O. Brooke almost starts to laugh at the absurdness of it all when suddenly a contraction hits her harder than before. She clutches her stomach and squeezes her eyes shut.

When it passes, she breathes out and turns over on to her side. "My back is killing me," she groans and Haley begins to rub her lower back. Haley tells her it'll all be over soon and Brooke can't help but think how right she is. A few minutes later, another hits just as strong and Brooke finally breaks and tells Haley to call Lucas. The older mother lets out a grateful sigh and nods.

Brooke sits, brooding ironically, in the hospital bed in agonizing pain. For her other three births, she'd been on MANY drugs but she figured since this was her last baby, she'd go at it naturally.

She's an idiot.

Sophia walks in suddenly, mixed emotions playing on her face. Smile for the impending arrival of her baby sister, worry and anger towards her father. Brooke scoots over in the small bed and pats the warm sheets next to her. Sophia climbs in and lays down next to her mother, resting her head on Brooke's shoulder. She rubs Brooke's aching stomach silently and Brooke wraps her arm around her daughter's shoulders. "Are you feeling better my baby girl," she asks her daughter quietly, stroking Sophia's bare arm with her fingertips.

She shrugs indifferently before letting out a ragged breath. "I love you," Brooke says and Sophia tells her the same. A minute or so later, Wyatt and Finley bounce into the room, Finley the most excited.

"Momma you're having the baby," he exclaims, bright toothless smile filling the room. Brooke grins despite her pain and she feels like her decision keeps getting a little but easier. She waves her sons over and tries to find room for them on the bed. It's a little hopeless, considering the size so instead she kisses her boys a million times each. Wyatt tries to pretend he's annoyed but the smile is still on his face. Finley giggles loudly with each kiss and the noise is music to Brooke's ears. She loves that her children can still be kids and enjoy it.

"Are you guys excited to meet your sister," Brooke asks through clenched teeth. Finley begins to ramble, much like Brooke, about how much fun it's going to be to be able to play with both Brooke AND the baby. Wyatt mentions that it'll be cool to have a little sister to protect along with the rest of his family. Sophia smiles at him and then tells Brooke that she's going to spoil the baby like no other.

Brooke smiles widely at her children's' words before clutching her stomach and squeezing her eyes shut. She starts breathing heavily and tries not to groan in pain while her kids are present. Sophia gets out of the bed, giving her mother the rest of the bed space. The door opens, revealing Nathan and the doctor, both smiling. She hates that everyone always grins like idiots when she is clearly lying there in pain. "How are we coming along," Dr. Fina asks and Brooke opens her eyes.

"I think we're there,' she replies and Nathan tells the kids to come with him.

"Haley or I will be back as soon as you get checked out," he says before taking the kids back to the waiting area.

"Hey, are you going to go back in with her," Nathan asks when he reaches his wife.

She shrugs and tells him it's really up to Brooke but that it'd probably be better if she went. He nods in agreement and then Haley notices his stance harden. She glances back to see Lucas frantically looking around in front of the elevator. She sighs before waving her hand in the air as a way to flag him down.

"Is she okay? Has she given birth yet," he asks, short of breath from running all the way there. Nathan walks away with out acknowledging him, instead going to seemingly guard his own children along with Brooke's.

"Just follow me, she should be delivering soon," Haley tells him lightly, putting her hand on his sweaty shoulder and guiding him towards Brooke's room.

Brooke sits, a pained look gracing her once more. In the time she's been here, she thinks she may have come to her conclusion. The one that would resolve the mess that has been the last have months. She hopes that Nathan or Haley hurry back because she hates being alone right now. And when all this is over, and it will be in a few hours, she'll tell them all her decision and look down at her beautiful baby girl and will know it'll all be alright.

The door opens and she looks over, expecting one of her in laws or her doctor. Instead, she sees Lucas' tired and sweaty face, followed by Haley and her doctor. "Lucas you look horrible... you didn't drive here did you? Jesus, you're going to give yourself another heat attack," Brooke scolds and he just nods his head, mumbling he's sorry.

He rubs her belly lovingly and Brooke breathes her way through another contraction. The doctor smiles as Haley takes her place on the other side of Brooke before saying, "It's time."

Two hours, forty seven minutes, and thirteen seconds later, Carolynn Nicole Scott rests against Brooke's chest. There's nothing but smiles across the room, both Haley and Lucas smiling like there is nothing horrible in the world. The kids have come in, all gushing over the baby, both Michael and Finley amazed by how tiny she was. "She looks exactly like her mother," Nathan commented when he held the baby.

Carolynn weighed seven pounds and was 18 inches long, had ten fingers and ten toes. Sophia, Wyatt, and Finley all looked like Lucas, but Carolynn looked like a carbon copy of Brooke. Head full of dark brown hair and the most unusual eyes for a new born baby. They weren't blue like most, but the lightest shade of green.

Now, they all sit in the silence of the room, the only noise coming from the buzzing lights and the new life sleeping against Brooke. Lucas sits in the chair by the window, the world outside now dark and lit by the twinkling lights above. He has a small slated smile on his face as he looks at his wife and his newest daughter. They're both absolutely beautiful and he hopes to god that they'll be a family again.

Haley's left to take the kids home with Nathan and it's so quiet that Lucas needs to fill the empty space. "You did wonderful Brooke... I'm sorry I wasn't by your side from the beginning like I should've been."

She shakes her head slowly. "I didn't need you... I could've done it by myself," she tells him quietly, softly. "We need to talk Lucas." He sits up in the plush chair and nods his head. "I realized something tonight, and I guess it's been looking me in the face these past couple months but I haven't seen it. To be honest it wasn't till Paul said something that I really gave it any thought." Confusion is evident on Lucas face as he stares at his wife.

She looks down at her new baby girl and lets out a sigh. "I have been Lucas Scott's girlfriend, Lucas Scott's wife, Lucas Scot's whatever since I was 16. I used to be so incredibly independent but before I even knew it, I wasn't. I was relying on you or the kids to help me make it through the day. I mean, I don't work. You provide me with a house and money to make clothes, and the food to feed our family. And the kids rely on me for everything. I barely have time to be my own person anymore... And I don't want my children, especially this little one or Sophia to think that they need to rely on anyone."

"Brooke, if that's a problem I know we can fix that. Part of the reason you did stay home was because of the kids but if you need that space then tell me. We'll work it out, I promise we can work anything out," he pleads to her, fearing that she may be stating the beginning of the end.

She smiles softly. "I know, but there's so much more Lucas... This whole thing with Peyton.. I just..." She's at a loss of words, any words that may reason any of this. So she stops, takes a breath and looks down into her baby's green eyes, finding the strength to settle it all.

"I have never regretted the last 13 years I spent with you. Did you know that despite everything I still love you? That when you kissed her I still loved you? That when you were with her and I was at home crying myself to sleep in our bed, I'd think of you to make me feel better. I've loved you when you do not deserve it. I want you to love me like that. I want you to love me when you see me kiss someone else. I want you to love me despite everything I've done or could do. I need you to love me like that." Her words are calm and relaxed and he can't imagine how she can be. Her words hurt and he wants to tell her that he did love her when she was with another man.

"I do love you like that, I have always loved you like that," he tells her, tears forming in his eyes. This is all wrong. Every single action that brought them here; every fucked up speech or stupid mistake, every wrong need and want.

"I can't remember why Lucas. Why I love you despite everything," Brooke whispers, holding back her own tears because she refuses to let them fall on the day of her daughter's birth, a day where she should be happy. "Because you just keep letting me down. And you may love me like that but I don't see it, not with the way you treat me..."

She's not looking at him. Hasn't during this whole conversation because she's afraid of what could happen. She's afraid she'll break and take a step backwards and just forget about all the bad shit and just take him back because she does love him so much. She's afraid she'll just lose it and cry, her tears being her baby's first rain. But she needs to be strong and put her foot down and stop all of it. "So, I can't be with you for a while. Not until I can be my own person again and you can prove to me that you are worth everything."

He doesn't say anything after that, can't think of anything that could change her mind and he's honestly not sure he wants to. He has been a shitty husband and maybe they do need time apart. They need to fix themselves before they can fix their marriage. So, silently he stands and kisses Carolynn's head. Then he kisses the side of Brooke's head and catches her eye.

They make eye contact for the first time in hours and they both know this is going to be a long battle that neither are sure they can win.