As you can tell I'm horrible with deadlines. I say feb of 2009 and here it is july of 2010, yeah, I suck. I can give you many excuses, but I bet you don't won't to hear any.

Here it is, the end, it the best I can do.

Helena slowed the car and parked next to the ugliest most run down building that Dinah hade ever seen. Helena turned towards her, face hard. " Stay in the car.

"What." Dinah sprung forward forgetting about her seatbelt, she was still wearing, throwing back against the seat. Helena pushed the red button and Dinah was released from the contraption. "Barbara said you should come, and look you're here," Helena flipped on the radio. "Relax and listen to the music." She opened the door and got out, then turned around. "Lock the car doors behind me." She slammed the door shut.

Dinah screamed red with anger. "I'm not a child!" Dinah cut off the radio, and slowly counted to ten… then opened her car door. She wasn't going in after Helena there was know since in that, that was a sure way to get herself back in the car but this time lock in. And she knew that from experience. Instead she was heading around back maybe there was a back way in or widow she should look in? This was a win, win for everyone. Dinah could see what was going on and Helena thought she was safely in the car.

Turn out there was a widow, and if Dinah was three feet taller she might have actually been able to look in to it.

"You know…" A male voice said from behind Dinah. "I could give you a leg up."

Dinah turn away sharply, and stared into the face of a man with green eyes and a scar over his left eye. "I've been looking for you." His voice said with a creepy happiness.

"I've been unavailable, in fact still am." Taking a change she threw a punch into the man's face, and took off, however the man recover faster then expected and grabbed ankle pulling her down. Dinah kicked him hard, twice, in the face but it didn't affect him and with free hand he pulled a needle, stabbing into Dinah leg, Dinah cried out! "Now hush little girl and let the good medicine work it magic." In response Dinah drew back her arm and punch him in the stomach, it fell short of hurting him since her arm feel like lend. She figure it was the drug setting in but it made her feel a little better to get the last hit in. Dinah tried fighting him so more but her whole body just felt heavy and weak, also she was having a very hard time concentrating.

The man having enough for Dinah games pushed her to the ground, she stayed there.

Dinah knew she was done for! This man was going to kill her maybe not here behind the bar, he would take her somewhere kill her. She didn't want that, not now! Not when she just found her family!

Dinah looked up at the man. "Why me?" Her words slurred, the drugs making it hard to talk, but apparently he understood because he answered.

"Cause your different ain't ya. They all were different. The last one I free this world from screamed before I even went near her. Turn out she could read my thoughts. Knew I was gonna kill her." The man picked her up, half dragging half pulling Dinah body with his. And the best things know one would question why he was putting a half unconscious woman in his car after all he was right next to a bar. Know one who suspects she wasn't drunk.

Half way to his car Dinah spoke again, weaker this time. "How?"

"How… What? How do I know you're different?" he chuckle. "I can smell you…All of you. And don't smell like roses either. You people stink up my world, and I've been chosen clean up the stench." By now Dinah pretty much out, she can feel her body be forcefully pushed into a car and heard the slamming of the door. Dinah blurry eye make out the inside door handle she tries, unsuccessfully, to open it.

Outside the car the nameless assailant went to go around the car when a dark hair woman stepped in front of him, he sniff, to him she smelled horrible. She reeked of the worlds troubles, he step aside her, he'll deal with this women later. He had other matter to attend with.

Dinah attacker reached for the door-handle, of his car, he went pull it open but a smaller, stronger, hand stop him.

"I've been looking for you..."

Dinah woke feeling warm but equally in pain, the last memory she could recall was being shoved into a car, slowly she opened one eye. Dinah quickly recognized her surrounds as the clock tower. Breathed a sigh of relief.

" You know," say a familiar voice that Dinah easily recognized as Helena. "if you just listen to me and stayed in the car you won't be sporting that lovely headache."

Dinah rubs her head. " Uh, don't remind me."

"Good I hope it hurts, teach you to stay in that car." It was nothing but pure luck that brought Helena out of the bar at the same time as the man was pushing an unconscious Dinah into a car. When Helena saw the car empty she just knew something was off, and, of course this is something she only admit to herself, she was scared, even more scared when she saw that creep push an unconscious Dinah into his car. Oh, yes she was scared, until Barbara assured her that other than a painful headache Dinah would be fine and awake in a few hours. After that, well, scared turn into pissed off.

Noticing the hint of anger in Helena voice Dinah was hesitated to speak, curiosity got the better of her. " Should I ask what happened?"

"You mean after you got yourself drugged, and kidnapped by a murderer."

"Um, yeah, after that."

" I kicked that murdering scum bag ass,who goes by the name Roy Fishman and is a wanted for murder in at leas three states and kept you from being a murder victim."

Okay, Dinah felt a little bit guilty. "Sorry."

"Don't worry about it kid...oh, by the way your'er off paroling for you for at least three weeks."

Dinah face fell. "What."

"When I say stay in the car, I mean stay in the car."

The end.