Alright, here goes the result of devoting many hours of playing Kingdom Hearts and comming up with endless crazy theories!

This is what I see happening after the events of Kingdom Hearts II. Although I will use my theories derived from events in the games and the secret videos, I feel wrong to call this Kingdom Hearts III. This is just the result of brainstorming the games and comming out with rather odd conclusions. In a way, this story is made to give myself closure with the current games, and I hope a lot of you will enjoy it as well.

I will use a few original characters, at the most, maybe two. I pomise with all my heart I will keep them as far away from "Mary-Sues" as possible (one isn't even female). They are not there for original game characters to fall in love with, nor to be better than Sora or Riku, nor to be useless eye-candy, and so on, but I do plan on making them quite active in the story.

I will (and do) greatly appreciate reviews, but please, if you don't like this story and absolutely hate it's guts with all your mights, then don't bother yourself in reviewing this. Or at least, please refrain from cruel putdowns.

The main pairing is SoraxKairi, and more than likely will remain as the only pairing. I will focus a little on their developing romance.

Disclaimer: "Kingdom Hearts" and it's characters are property of Square-Enix and Disney, but I claim credit for the two original characters that will be found later on in this story. So I'd really like it if other fan fiction writers do NOT take my characters and claim them as their own. If you'd like to use them, please let me know.

To Save the Kingdom

Sora had returned home after nearly two years of being away, and had been welcomed back with open arms. Although he wasn't used to sitting still for much longer than two minutes, Sora had adapted to being back home, and for the first time in a very long time, was able to relax. He was actually excited to return to school, not for the attention he would recieve, but for being a normal teenager once more.

The Keyblade, however, was still with Sora; he rarely called for it, but he could feel it within him, quivering with power. Its presence constantly reminded Sora that he was not entirely a normal teenager, and that although he may have finished his intended journey, the Keyblade had not. The Keyblade did not leave Sora, which meant that Sora would have to complete the journey for the Keyblade himself, someday. Someday, not now.

King Mickey had decided that Sora and Riku deserved their last rays of innocence before being plunged into the hardships of adulthood. They were, however, wise beyond their years, and deserved more than many adults would ever deserve. The trio deserved as much of the truth as they could handle, and King Mickey would give it to them.

Sora had only been back home for a few short weeks when Kairi had come up running to Sora and Riku, waving a bottle with a letter inside. The three had huddled together and read it, and when the three had finished reading, they looked at each other: Kairi looked worried, Riku looked amused, and Sora was blank.

Riku had known that this would happen. They were destined for greater things. While Sora had easily re-adaptaded to their calm surroundings, Riku was not. Yes, it felt great to be back in the safety of his home, but his work was unfinished. Riku knew the ways of the darkness, and was possibly the only one that used the power of darkness for the good of the worlds. He could easily feel his element being tampered with, and whoever it was, they were abusing it. Riku was restless, and eagerly awaited the departure into this next adventure, anxious to set things right again, and to make up for his stupidity, even though Sora had said numerous amounts of times that there was no need for it.

It had been one shock to learn she was a Princess of Heart, and yet another to realize she had the ability to weild a Keyblade. Kairi's talents and knowledge with the weapon were undoubtedly far short than those of Sora and Riku's, yet she had the weapon. She was more than anxious to find out more, but every new journey had unmasked an untold truth about her. What should she expect this time? She had been the one to fret the most about the letter, and was probably more nervous than anxious. Still, she accepted it, and was glad that she would have the company of her two best friends along this next journey.

A year had passed since Sora, Riku and Kairi had huddled together and read the letter anxiously, and now, Sora sat on his bed, gazing out his bedroom window. This time, he was prepared; Sora's gaze swept across his room, over to the far wall, where many of his posessions were packed away, ready to go. He'd leave in the morning. He was excited, there was no doubt about that; Sora never missed an opportunity to meet new people, and to see new worlds. At least he'd be able to hug his parents goodbye, and give a proper goodbye to his home. Not that he was leaving permanently. He'd be back; the King only said he'd be away for the summer. Sora, however, doubted that he would wrap up his destiny in the span of one summer.

Sora admitted to himself that he was nervous, but he couldn't help his always-present excitement. Although what awaits him may be dangerous, what's life without a few risks, anyways? This time, he'd have the company of his friends, and finally set out their dream of visiting the worlds together. Wherever they want, whatever they learned, whatever happened, Sora would still grow up with his friends, and that was enough to give Sora more stamina to keep on going.

Thousands of sparkling lights can be seen in the sky at night. There are thousands of worlds scattered through the sky, and none are the same. The worlds have hearts, as Sora had learned. Individuals are unique on their surfaces, but every heart beats in unison.

There are many worlds, but they all share the same sky... one sky, one destiny...

There are many mysteries that must be uncovered, there is so much knowledge to learn and acquire, and new friends to make. New friends... and new enemies.

Sora shrugged and grinned to himself. He couldn't wait. Allowing himself one last glance out towards his Island, and to the sea's horizon beyond that, Sora stretched out and lay back down on his bed, placing his arms behind his head, and stared at the ceiling. He couldn't wait to work alongside Riku, who he knew had not only grown in height (he was too freakishly tall, Sora had mused), and couldn't wait to help Kairi grow in strength.

He couldn't wait until dawn.

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