-1Rei; Will You Dance With Me?

By: shinjitheassassin

Authors Notes: Well, for a long time now I've wanted to do a good Rei and Shinji fic, and seeing Valentines Day is coming up, what better time. This fic was inspired by Axel Terizaki's fics, Asuka, Will You Dance With Me? And its sequel Shinji, Will You Dance With Me? If you are interested in reading these two fics and cant find them online, let me know and I will send them to you.

A cool breeze blew through the classroom, while previous to the Second Impact, this kind of weather would have been unusual, this was considered normal weather for February. The students chatted idly amongst themselves as the teacher continued to drone on about life before Second Impact. A blue haired girl sat in her seat, staring out the window. Leaves danced in the wind, almost as if they were alive and moving on there own. While not really paying attention to the teacher she still listened to his words in case he may reveal something she already didn't know. Soon she started to let her thoughts wander. She couldn't place it, but every time this time of year, she always felt there was something missing, something she couldn't put her finger on. What was it exactly that she was missing, all she lived for was to pilot Eva and follow the commanders orders. She was content with this, but the thought still nagged at her mind, what exactly was she missing and needed? Though it had only seemed like a few minutes, it in fact was hours. She started as the final bell rang, she had become so deep in her thoughts she didn't even realize what time it was. Slowly she got up from her seat and grabbed her books, shoving them in her pack, and exited the class room.

Shinji had noticed her depth in thought and was worried, he had known his fellow pilot for nearly a year, but had never seen her this deep in thought. Grabbing his own pack he took off after her, leaving behind the red haired second child. It wasn't long before he caught up to the first child at his hurried jog.

"Ayanami" He called out. The blue haired girl stopped and turned to him, her red orbs looking at him.

"Yes, pilot Ikari?" she asked in her mono tone voice.

"I…I.. was…" he stumbled over his words before finally making a complete sentence. "That is, I… noticed you were lost in thought in class."

"Yes Ikari, I was pondering many things." she simply answered

"Are you alright?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"Well, because; I..I never seen you so lost in thought before…..I guess I was just worried something was bothering you."

"I am fine, there is no need for your concern Ikari." with that she turned to leave but was stopped.

"Wait, Ayanami, um I was wondering if…." he never got to finish.

"ANTA BAKA! Why did you just leave me behind?" a furious red haired girl asked as she stormed up to him.

"Goodbye Ikari." Rei said and turned and left feeling the conversation had ended.. Shinji could only look on with concern; then pain as Asuka hit him on the back of the head.

"OW! What was that for?"

"For leaving me behind you idiot!" stated the red head and walked off ahead of him. Shinji looked forward, but not at the one who had just assaulted him. He watched as Ayanami disappeared down the street and sighed, maybe tomorrow would be different, he hoped and with a sigh followed after Asuka.

The two made it home, though Shinji was on the breaking point as Asuka yammered the entire way that she was still the best pilot, and most popular girl in school. As soon as he opened the door to the apartment he quickly hurried to his room, where he could shield himself from the constant ego trip Asuka was on. He slid his bedroom door shut and dropped his bag on the floor, not bothering with the books. Grabbing the SDAT off his night stand and placed the buds in his ears before hitting the play button, allowing himself to get lost in the soft music that flowed through the ear pieces. As he tried to relax, thoughts of the first child slowly crept into his mind. What was it that she was thinking so hard about? Did something happen that he didn't know about? More questions followed, none of which he had the answer for, he had wanted to walk home with her. Maybe they would have had a better chance to talk, but Asuka had saw to the end of that. Shinji frowned at that, while Asuka was gorgeous no doubt but her personality destroyed any feelings he may have had for her. Shaking the thoughts of the second child from his mind, he once again returned to the first child. With his final thoughts he feel into a short slumber, exhausted from the days events.

Morning came, a little too early for Asuka as a shower of german curse words could be heard being shouted at the rising sun. Shinji was already up preparing breakfast and fixing his and Asukas lunch. Soon the two were off, Asuka angrily complaining that they were going to be late, even though it was her fault, she continued to place the blame on Shinji. It wasn't long before they reached the school. Shinji was glad as Asuka parted to catch her friend. Letting out a sigh of relief he turned and entered the class room, first taking a glance over to the desk by the window, he felt his heart sink for some reason when he saw that the first child wasn't there. With a more depressed sigh he turned to move to his own desk, until a soft voice startled him from behind.

"Good morning, Ikari" greeted Rei.

"Oh.. G -g-good morning Ayanami." he stuttered, returning her greeting as she walked passed him, taking her seat at her desk. Shinji smiled, for some reason, he was happy that she was here, for that matter; he felt happy every time he looked at her, but he didn't know why.

"Stop starring you pervert" came a harsh voice from behind him, it was Asuka. Closing his eyes he mumbled something, deciding to ignore her he simply just turned and walked to his seat, sitting down. This caused Asuka to fume, as she glared at him 'How dare he ignore me like that!' she thought to herself as she took her own seat.

Class resumed as usual, nothing too much out of the ordinary. Rei once again, feeling that nagging feeling dove into her thoughts, still trying to find the answer to her questions. What was she missing? Her thoughts were soon interrupted as the class rep placed a pink paper on her desk. Rei curiously looked at the person who had just delivered the paper then to the paper itself. Picking it up she read it over and saw that it was advertising a school dance, for the upcoming Valentines Day, only a week away. She didn't understand this, as to why people made a big deal out of single days throughout the year, what were their purpose? Setting down the paper she continued to stare out the window. Again the school day ended, seeing each of the children leaving the campus. This time Shinji left first, as he was hoping to be able to talk to Ayanami again, this was his chance, as Asuka was going home with Hikari. He didn't have to wait long as the azure haired girl exited the building.


"Yes, pilot Ikari?"

"Um.. I was… wondering " he stumbled over his words again, like the previous day, clenching his fist, he summoned the courage to finish " I was wondering if I could walk home with you"

Rei pondered this for a moment as she looked at him, feeling her cheeks become warm as she blushed some. This was an unusual request coming from the third child. What was the purpose of him walking home with her, it was out of the way and would take him longer to get to his own residence.

"Why?" she asked.

"Well…. I.. its just that….. it's a nice day." he said quickly, coming up with an excuse. Truth was he didn't know why he wanted to walk with her. They wouldn't have much of a conversation. Rei once again pondered his answer. This was true, it was a pleasant day out.

"Yes" she answered him and turned , starting to walk away. It took a few seconds for Shinji to realize she had answered his question, rushing to catch up. There was silence for about half way to her apatment, Rei once again lost in her thoughts as she walked. At this time, she felt….. Comfortable, the nagging feeling of needing something wasn't present now.

"Are you going to the dance Ayanami?" Shinji ventured, trying to start up a conversation. Immediately he wanted to kick himself, Why did he ask about the dance? This was Rei.

"No." she simply answered.

"Why not?"

"Who would I go with?" she asked. This did prove a point, Shinji couldn't think of any of the boys at the school who would be brave enough to talk to Ayanami, let alone ask her to a dance.

"I guess your right" he replied.

"Are you going?" she asked, returning his question back to him. Completely catching him off guard as he began to blush.

"Um, no" he quickly answered.

"Why?" she continued to turn his own questions against him.

"Well, same as you I guess, no one to go with." he replied, a hint of sadness in his voice.

"What about the second child?"

"I don't really like her that much." he answered "Besides, she is going with someone else."

"What about me? Do you like me?" she caught herself off guard at these questions. Why did she ask this? Her cheeks began to burn as she blushed in embarrassment . Shinji face turned red enough to match her crimson eyes.

"Well, I.." he stuttered, but somehow found the courage to answer he straight "Yes"

It was at this time that they had reached her apartment, Rei turned and looked at him.

"Thank you for accompanying me home" she said and entered her apartment, still blushing as she closed the door. She didn't know what else to say. For some reason Shinji knew she wasn't being rude. Walking away he made his way home. Going over everything that happened in his mind. In roughly thirty minutes he arrived home. Entering the apartment he closed the door behind him and leaned on it, still lost in his thoughts, and of course still blushing.

"What are you blushing for?" Misato teased him. Breaking him out of his thoughts.

"N-n-nothing!" he quickly stammered.

"Its something alright!" his guardian shot back with a smile. "So tell me, what happened between you and Asuka" she had assumed it was their other roommate.

"Nothing!" he answered again. "Its just that Ayanami…" he stopped and blushed even more.

"Oh! Getting close to Rei are we?" she teased.

"Its not like that!"

"Then what is it like?" the woman persisted.

Shinji sighed, he was stuck, he was going to have to spill everything out, just to get her to leave him alone.

"Well, its just that, I think she asked me to the school dance."

"SHE DID WHAT!" Misato exclaimed. This would have been a very unusual thing for the first child to do.

"I don't know if she did though, we were…..talking about it, that's all."

"You don't know?" this confused the older woman


"Well you should make sure" though she rarely did, Misato offered good advice this time. He did need to make sure. This excited him. But why?

"I will tomorrow" he replied, more confidence in his voice. Feeling tired he moved to his room and laid down, not bothering with his SDAT this evening. Again, his mind wandered to Rei, he couldn't shake that this afternoon she was acting, different.

Meanwhile, across the city Rei laid on her belly in her bed, using her arms as pillows. A pink piece of paper lay on her desk. She had saved the flyer, for what reason she didn't know, but that wasn't what was on her mind. Why had she asked Ikari that question? Did she like him? She knew that he liked her. Then another question came to mind.

'If he likes me, can he love me?'

This thought made her blush again, these feelings were new to her, and they interrupted her usual routine, Usually this would upset her, but now she didn't mind, she wanted to feel more of this. Could this be love? She had heard the word, but didn't understand its concept. It was irrational and illogical, making people do things that didn't make sense to her. She then began to question he feelings towards other people.

'Do I love Commander Ikari?' This thought didn't agree with her, 'No' she mentally answered her own question, she respected him and trusted him, that was all. He had shown concern from her, but she didn't feel any real emotion in his concern. His son was different, when they fought the fifth angel together he had put himself in harms way to rescue her from her entry plug, severely burning his hands in the process. That was when she first smiled, to anyone. Even before he knew her, he had shown concern during the attack of the third angel. Originally refusing to pilot but did so anyways. Was it to protect her she wondered. Her thoughts continued to come, as more and more questions surfaced, and were met with answered one at a time until finally she drifted off to sleep. Whispering the name of the third child she smiled as sleep over took her.

The next day passed without incident. Many of the students were excited about the upcoming dance, the school had not had one for three years. During class, Rei had chanced a few glances towards Shinji, though he didn't notice as he was busy jotting down notes from the teacher. When the final bell rang she had waited outside for him, as he gathered his belongings.

"Ikari." she softly called as he exited the building, grabbing his attention. "Would you like to accompany me home again?" she asked

Shinji could only nod at this time, caught off guard by her question, though he had planned to ask her the same thing. This would have been fine, except both Toji and Aida had overheard.

"WAY TO GO SHINJI! GETTING IT WITH REI!" Kensuke exclaimed, causing Shinji to blush some.

"Its not like that you guys." he quickly retorted.

"What ever, you two love birds have fun" Toji laughed. With that the two parted, leaving Shinji and Rei alone. Asuka once again had taken off to spend the day with Hikari picking out dressed and such for the dance, which suited Shinji just fine, he was enjoying the time away from her. As Rei began to walk, Shinji followed.

"So whats up Ayanami?" Shinji asked, once again trying to start a conversation with the girl.

"The sky." she answered, thinking his question was literal. Shinji couldn't help but laugh at this.

"What is funny Ikari?" she asked confused.

"Nothing, its just when someone askes 'Whats up' it meaning, 'how are you'" he said, trying to explain the meaning of the question as simply as possible. If he didn't know her better he would have thought she was making a joke.

"I. understand" she answered. Shinji then remembered what he and Misato had talked about the previous night, but he was unsure if he had the courage to do so. It was easy to say it last night but he wasn't sure of he would be able to do it. 'Target center, pull the switch' he mentally chanted to himself.

"Ayanami?" he began

"Yes Ikari?"

"I was wondering…that um, that is, if you would like to go to the dance with me?" he finally asked as he found more backbone. Rei stopped walking and turned to look at him.

"I thought we had already decided that yesterday Ikari" she said.

'So she did ask me yesterday' Shinji thought to himself. "Well, I uh, just wanted to make it official." he replied back.

Rei nodded. "Then yes. Yes I will" she answered, causing Shinji to smile. Finishing their walk to her apartment. "Thank you" she said and disappeared into her apartment. Closing it behind her she leaned against brining her right hand up to her cheek, feeling like it was on fire from her blushing so much. For some reason, she wanted to be around the young pilot even more. Moving over to her bed she laid down for awhile.

Shinji continued on to his own home. Still not believing he had actually summoned up the courage to ask a girl to a dance. He had never done anything like that. Soon he arrived back home, letting out a sigh as he entered the apartment, knowing full well the barrage of questions his guardian would no doubt be asking. Sure enough his fears came true.

"So did you ask her?" Misato excitedly asked as soon as he entered.


"And? What did she say?"

Shinji took a moment, more so to build the suspense in her, bowing his head some to give her the wrong impression. It worked.

"She said no?" the concerned guardian asked.

"No, she said yes" Shinji looked up with a big smile on his face

"That's great!"

"I'm tired so I am going to go to bed early tonight" Shinji yawned, he just wanted to get to the next day as soon as possible, just so he could see her again.

"Ok" Misato said as she watched her young ward walk down the hall and into his bedroom. Smiling to herself.

The next morning Shinji was in too much of a hurry that he didn't even bother to make Asukas lunch, he didn't even make breakfast for that matter as he hurried out the door. He was surprised to see Rei was waiting for him at the corner.


"I thought it would be nice to walk to school together" she simply answered, though she was blushing. The two continued to walk to school, not really saying much, but then again they didn't need to, both were content being next to one another. The two arrived at school, getting some strange looks from some of the students but were dismissed as the two being together was just a coincidence. Entering the building Shinji was greeted by Toji and Kensuke, more so teased then greeted.

"I will talk to you later Ikari" Rei simply said and moved to her desk.

"Shinji, why do you have all the luck?" Kensuke asked, but was proven wrong when an angry red haired girl pushed between them.

"IDIOT! Why didn't you make breakfast this morning" she yelled at Shinji.

"I didn't feel like it" he answered


"You can make your own food cant you?" Shinji shot back at her, becoming annoyed with her. He then turned away and took his seat at his desk. Rei had watched the whole thing, during this time something she didn't understand happened. She felt, angry at the second child. What was this feeling, anger she knew, but this wasn't as simple as that. Was this jealousy? It had to been, she was jealous that the second child had more time with Ikari, though she found comfort that her fellow pilot showed no interest in him, but why? Why did this comfort her? She contemplated these thoughts until lunch, when she was approached by the second child.

"So Wondergirl, are you going to the dance?" there was more sarcasm in her voice then curiosity.

"What business is it of yours?"

"Well I am." she ignored the first childs question. "I've already had six boys ask me." she gloated. "Too bad Wondergirl doesn't have anyone to go with."

"I am going" Rei answered.

"You need someone to go with, you cant just go by yourself, its unheard of" Asuka stated.

"I do have someone to go with."

"What? With who?"

"It is none of your business second child" Rei said, becoming annoyed by the others bragging and non stop ego trip. She wanted to end the conversation immediately. "I have tasks I must finish" she continued and walked away from the red haired girl, who was fuming….again. Rei walked only a few yards away when she saw Shinji eating his lunch with his two friends. A strange idea crept into her mind and she made her way towards them. As a shadow loomed over them, the three looked up to see Rei standing there.

"May I join you Ikari?" she asked.

"Um.. Sure." Shinji answered. Getting the answer she sat down, opening her own lunch, which wasn't much, looked more like a standard lunch with a sandwich, apple and a drink. Shinji saw this and frowned, no wonder she was so skinny. He then reached into his own lunch and brought out a small container and offered it to Rei.

"What is this?" she asked as she looked over the container.

"It was last nights dinner, pretty good. Its steamed rice with vegetables covered in sweet and sour sauce" he told her. Rei accepted the container and opened it, taking a cautious bite at first, noting its flavor.

"Its delicious." She complimented.

"Come on, lets leave the two love birds alone" Toji jested and pulled Kensuke away with him.

For the rest of the lunch break, Shinji and Rei ate together quietly, for the most part no one even noticed they were there. One did though. The red haired girl looked on at the two with despise. The lunch bell rang, signaling the students to hurry back to class. The rest of the school day seemed to pass without much incident, however Shinji could swear he felt someone glaring at him, he could only guess who. A feeling of gloom fell over him, today she would be coming home. He didn't have much time to think about this as the final bell rang. With a sigh Shinji got up from his desk and grabbed his pack, slinging it over his shoulder he walked out the door, followed closely by Asuka.

"So what was that during lunch?" she sneered at him.

"What was what?"

"You and Wondergirl being so close, when did this happen?"

"Why do you care?" Shinji spat. He wasn't alone with her for five minutes and she had already worked herself down to his last nerve. He would have probably said more, but was instantly calmed when he heard a cool voice.

"Hello Ikari" Rei was waiting for him outside.

"Hi, Ayanami" Shinji greeted her back, completely forgetting about Asuka standing there, until Rei said something to her.

"So. You two are going to the dance together." it was more of a statement then a question.

"Yes." Rei answered as Shinji remained silent. He knew Asuka wasn't going to live this down.

"I don't suppose you already have a dress to wear."

"Yes, I do" Rei answered. Shinji was taken aback by this. He had never known her to wear anything but her school uniform, and of course her plug suit. He was now more curious as to what she would look like in something else. Even more so, Asuka remained speechless, if it wasn't for her mono tone voice, she could have sworn Rei was answering with an attitude.

"Come on Shinji" Asuka scoffed "We need to get home"

Shinji sighed and looked at Rei, who was looking back at him, with almost pleading eyes not to go. Somehow he knew she didn't want him to go.

"I promised Ayanami I would walk her home" he stated, knowing he was only going to get it worse from Asuka later on, but it is worth it, he thought. With that both Rei and Shinji walked away from Asuka who stood there, flabbergasted . It took her a few minutes to regain her composure and continue home. Once there however she vented out on the poor guardian about how Shinji ditched her for Rei.

"THAT IDIOT! Why does he want to be with Wonder Girl of all people" Asuka continued.

"Your jealous!" Misato couldn't help but point out.


"Why else would you be so bothered by this?" Misato had a point. "So what, he's taking Rei to the dance, arn't you already going with someone else anyways?"

Asuka shut up, becoming tired of arguing, and she didn't want to admit that her guardian made a valid point. She shouldn't care what those two did, she was already going with one of the other guys at school who had asked her to the dance. Stomping to her room, she slid her door shut, almost slamming it. She also didn't want to admit that, she was jealous of Rei. Letting out a long sigh, she slumped on her bed, laying down. It was a few hours before Shinji got him, Rei had invited him in for a while, this came across as unusual to Shinji but he accepted. They didn't do nothing special, just actually talked, holding a full conversation, it seemed Rei has had an interest in dancing.

Over the course of the next few days, this routine would continue, Shinji would leave early in the morning, meet with Rei and walk to school with her, and same on the way home. Placing Asuka completely out of the loop. Everyone at school noticed this change, some would snicker while others were glad. Asuka however was frustrated with this, but decided it best not to push the issue. During these days, Rei had become more and more familiar with her feelings, and how to express them.

Finally came the night of the dance. Shinji had left the apartment to meet Rei, while Asuka had gone on ahead, disappointed because the guy she originally said yes to had canceled on her, leaving her with only one option. Shinji arrived at Reis and knocked on the door hiding his hands behind his back, waiting for a reply. He was dressed in a pair of black slackers, a white dress shirt with a coat over it. Nothing to out of the ordinary of what he normally wore. He didn't have to wait long as Rei answered the door, looking stunning. She wore a dark blue dress, the neck line and sleeves made from a see through material. Along her neck the fabric was solid again, weaving an exotic design, same with the belly section of the dress. In her ears were silver earrings that looked like leaves. Shinji was at a loss of words as he looked her over, almost forgetting the gifts he had bought her.

"You look amazing." was all he could say.

"Thank you, Ikari."

"Um.. these are for you." he said, remembering what he had bought her. Brining his hands out from behind his back, one hand holding a heart shaped box, red in color wrapped in a velvet material; and the other a dozen red roses. Rei smiled as she accepted the gifts. Taking a moment to smell the roses before placing them in a empty glass that was on her desk, soon they were off, walking towards the school.

Everyone at the school was excited. The school had gone all out, actually hiring an official band to play in the auditorium for the students. Decorations were hung up everywhere, red hearts, pink hearts, card board cut outs of cupid on a string having from the ceiling. Complete with lights and even a disco ball in the center of the room, suspended no more the twelve feet in the air. At the far end of the room was a series of tables, with drinks and snacks on them. To the far right were chairs for the students to sit on when they got tired of dancing. As soon as Shinji and Rei entered the auditorium, every head turned, no one recognizing the blue haired girl that had just entered, her arm wrapped in Shinjis as a gentleman would normally escort a girl. The two made their way through the crowd of people to the chairs and sat down as they waited for the music to start playing, both were nervous, never having done anything like this before, but each others presence had given them strength to move on.. Soon the band started playing and couples all around the room started dancing, but the two remained there in their seats. There was something about the music that they couldn't quiet figure out, but it didn't seem right to dance to it. All of a sudden the room was filled full of germen curses as the infamous red haired girl stormed out, Kensuke following her; seemed he couldn't dance and ended up stepping on her feet. Both Rei and Shinji couldn't help but let a soft laughter escape their lips. At that time a song started playing, Shinji got up and turned to Rei, extending his hand to her.

"Rei, Will you dance with me?" he asked her. She didn't say a word as she accepted his hand and stood up, allowing him to lead her to the dance floor. Taking her in his hands, he brushed away all fear and let his feet do the walking. Though it was the first time either of them had danced they had no trouble keeping in time with each other or the music. As the music picked up its tempo, so did Shinji, as he twirled her around. One would think that they were professionals as the blocked out everyone around them, only focusing on each other, they didn't even notice that everyone else had stopped dancing to watch them as a spot light followed their every movement. Soon the song was over, but without a pause went into a slower song. The lights in the room dimmed creating an atmosphere. Shinji pulled Rei closer to him, holding her by her hips as she wrapped her arms about his neck, resting her head on his shoulder, closing her eyes. She felt, comfortable in his arms, more secure then she had ever felt. For once, Shinji didn't feel scared as he danced with her. Rei lifted up her head and looked at him, gazing into his eyes, feeling them come closer. Shinji had done the same, trapped in her crimson eyes as the lights bounced off them as both of them drew closer together until finally their lips met, closing their eyes not knowing what exactly was going on, both following instinct and enjoying the moment. The room erupted with applause, throwing the two out of their trance as they looked around. Everyone was looking at them, clapping their hands.

"ALL RIGHT SHINJI!" came Tojis voice from somewhere in the crowd. The sudden focus of attention caused the two to blush furiously. Looking at each other they laughed and made their way off the dance floor. Having enough fun tonight they left.

Shinji didn't return home that night, instead he stayed with Rei the entire night. Both lay in the bed, holding each other, Reis dress lay on the floor along with Shinjis cloths. As the two lay there, Rei looked up to Shinji, kissing him again.

"I love you Shinji-kun" she smiled

"I love you too Rei-chan" he returned her smile, brushing his fingers through her hair.

Closing her eyes, Rei continued to smile, she now. This seemed right, the feeling she had only a week ago that she was missing something was now gone as she lay in Shinjis arms. Soon both slipped off into a peaceful sleep.

The same could not be said for Asuka, who after leaving the dance ran all the way home, only to find the house was locked. She had forgotten her key in her room as she rushed to get ready earlier that night. Misato had gone out with Kaji, accepting the fact that she still did love him. Leaving Asuka to wait outside, hoping that Shinji would be home soon to let her in. This of course was not to happen.


Additional Authors Notes: Well there it is, my first serious Shinji and Rei fic. I know it moved a little fast, but I wanted to get the ball rolling and have this up before Valentines Day. I hope everyone enjoyed it. Did Shinji and Rei unite? One body, one mind and one soul? I will leave that up to you to decide.

Disclaimer: No, I do not own, nor do I claim to own Neon Genesis Evangelion or any of its characters. They are property of Gainax and other respected owners.