-1Rei, Will You Dance With Me?

Chapter 3: Forever

By: Midnight Lost

Authors Notes: Well here it is, the final conclusion to the Rei, Will You Dance With Me? Trilogy. I would like to thank everyone for their support throughout this fic. For those curious I do plan on doing a more lengthy Shinji/Rei fic, so be on the look out for that. Without any further delay here it is, chapter 3.

Disclaimer: I'm just going to put this up here. No I do not own Evangelion nor any of its characters. They are property of their respected holders and in no way what so ever am I trying to claim any type of owner ship.

A few days had passed since the last Angel attack. Shinji had recovered immediately, and held to his promise, taking Rei out that night when he was released from the hospital. He hardly ever stayed at home anymore, Misato had been constantly teasing him that he had moved into Rei's apartment with her. Asuka had been ragging on him constantly accusing him of doing perverted things with Rei. In which of course he denied. Tonight was different for him. He was with Rei again. The two of them were walking down the sidewalks, window shopping. They stopped in front of one of the very few jewelry stores in the city, admiring the many rings, necklaces and earrings the shop had to offer. Neither said a word as each was fantasizing about the many possible outcomes and options each item had. The two were brought out of their daydream when the shop owner had approached them.

"See anything you like?" the man asked as he approached them. The two looked from the window to the man.

"We were just admiring the items in the window." Rei answered politely.

"Planning for the future?" the man said with a wink. The two knew what he was talking about and blushed.

"We…we haven't talked about that yet" Shinji stammered out.

"Well, in that case." the man smiled "please come inside, there is something I wish to show you." he continued and opened his shop door, inviting the two inside. They followed. Once inside the shop keeper closed the door behind him and walked behind the counter, gesturing to a portrait of a woman behind him.

"This is my late wife." he began, his tone more serious. "She passed away 3 years ago today. It was her dream to open this shop. At first I was opposed to the idea, a man selling jewels, but it meant a lot to her so I helped her. " the man paused for a moment. "She said she wanted to see all the young people happy, and the happiest moment in every couples life is when they find that one person who is precious to them. Sometimes others will try and test your bonds, but you shouldn't let them succeed in breaking them."

The two nodded as the man spoke, having a strong feeling what he was talking about. Rei couldn't help but squeeze Shinjis hand tighter, Shinji in turn gave hers a reassuring squeeze. Then the man smiled as he noticed the time. "Well, it seems I have kept you long enough, I must close shop now." he said as he walked them too the door. "I hope we shall meet again"

"Thank you sir." Rei spoke, bowing slightly as the two exited the small shop. The two continued walked down the street. Though the old mans words still lingered in Reis mind. She couldn't help but think that some how he knew that there was going to be a trial of some kind to test hers and the Third Child's relationship.

"Are you ok Rei-chan?" Shinji asked, seeing her deep in thought.

"Yes, Shinji-kun I was just thinking." she replied with a smile as she squeezed his hand a little.

"About what?" he asked.

"I don't know, something the shop keeper said. It was like he knew something is going to happen.." Rei told him, a hint of worry in her voice. Shinji thought about what she had said and had felt the same way.

Shinji came to a stop, causing her to stop as well. He then looked her in the eyes before he spoke, taking both her of hands to his own. "Rei-chan, I promise I will not let anyone come between us, not even my father." he vowed. These words alone lifted her spirit and comforted her. At the same time she blushed.

"Thank you Shinji-kun. " she replied. "I also promise not to let anyone come between us" she smiled.

The two finished making their way to Reis apartment. When the two arrived they found a small duffle bag at the door with a note attached to it. Shinji picked up the note and looked at it curiously, then opened it. It read;


I am assuming you will be staying at Ayanamis place again so

I packed some clean cloths for you for school tomorrow. I wont

Be home tomorrow; I will be going out with Kaji and Asuka

Will be at Hikaris tonight and tomorrow.


P.S. I left something in the bag for you. Don't do anything I

Would do.

Shinji sighed as he crumpled up the note. He could only guess what items she had left in the bag for him, knowing her sense of humor. But he was glad that she trusted him enough to be alone with Rei. Picking up the bag he slung it over his shoulder.

"Guess I am staying with you again tonight." He commented with a smile. Rei smiled at this. She enjoyed it when ever he stayed over, which recently has been a lot more so from her requests. She felt safe and comfortable when he stayed over. Rei fumbled in her pockets for the door key, she had begun locking it recently after Shinji had voiced his concern about someone breaking in or waiting for her to return. Finding the key she proceeded to unlock the door and led the way in, Shinji closing it behind them.

Next Day

It had become a normal occurrence to see Shinji and Rei coming to school together. It had become common knowledge that he had been staying at her apartment regularly, much thanks to Asukas big mouth. This only incited more teasing from Toji and Kensuke, and of course Misato was no help when Shinji had found the condom she had placed at the bottom of the duffle bag; he mentally made a note to chew her out the next time he saw her. As soon as they had walked onto the school grounds Aida and Suzuhara immediately surrounded the couple, each taking one side of them.

"So you two have an exciting evening?" Toji teased.

"It was pleasant" Rei answered. Over the course of the last two weeks Rei had warmed up to the two and often spoke with them, though hardly ever without Shinji being there as well. The four continued to chat idly amongst themselves as they finished walked to the class room, just in time for the bell to ring. Asuka and Hikari were the last to arrive. Each taking their seats they awaited the teacher to continue the days lesson. The first half the of the school day dragged on as the teacher droned on continuously about life before the Second Impact, finally salvation came in the form of the lunch break. While Asuka and Hikari made their way to the roof to eat their lunch; Shinji, Rei, Toji, and Kensuke chose a spot just along the wall outside. The four sat amongst them selves talking, even Rei sounding more cheerful as she described the movie her and Shinji saw the previous night.

"You know Ikari, I am surprised." Aida spoke.

"What for?" Shinji asked.

"Dude, you turned Ayanami into a completely different person." Toji butted in with a laugh.

The four continued to talk through most of the lunch break until Reis cell phone rang. Immediately when she answered it she reverted back to her old self, answering the caller in her mono tone voice. As many times as Shinji had seen her do this, it still caught him off guard that she could be smiling and laughing one minute and the next be void of all emotion. Hanging up the phone Rei let out a solemn sigh.

"I have to report to Nerv." she informed the group.

"What? Why?" Shinji asked.

"No reason was given, except that I am to report immediately." she answered. She then smiled to Shinji "I will see you during the tests today" she snuck a quick peck on his cheek before getting up and leaving the school grounds. This however only incited more teasing from Aida and Suzuhara. Shinji however felt uneasy about her phone call and knew it couldn't be anything good.

Commanders Office

As soon as Rei arrived at Nerv she was directed to report to the commanders office. Stepping inside the large doors she could see the Commander sitting at his desk, his hands folded in their usual position. Taking a quick glance around the room she didn't see anything out of the ordinary, except for a single item on the desk that looked to be a picture frame.

"You wished to see me Commander?" Rei asked, already feeling the butterflies in her stomach. She had a strong feeling that this wasn't a normal meeting between the two, that something had brought this on, however she held her composure.

"Is there a reason to why your apartment door is being locked now?" Gendo asked.

"Shin- Pilot Ikari had voiced his concern for my safety in leaving the door unlocked. It seemed only logical that I should lock it" She almost slipped.

"Indeed" was all the Commander said, pausing for a moment. "Then what is your logical explanation for this?" he gestured towards the picture in the frame. Rei could see it now, it was the photo of her and Shinji at the dance.. At that moment, Rei felt betrayed by the commander. He had ordered others to break into her apartment.

She didn't answer right away, but decided to play it cool. "That is from the school dance, Pilot Ikari invited me to go."

"It was not necessary for you to partake." Gendo quickly pointed out.

"No, but it would have been rude of me to decline." Rei offered as an answer.

"That is the dress I bought you for when we were to have dinner together, and yet you never wore it until now. Why is this?"

"It was a formal event, our dinners were not." the young pilot pointed out, catching Gendo at his own game. She then began to wonder how much longer she could dodge his true question.

"It had also come to my attention that the Third Child has been also visiting your apartment and staying the night frequently." Gendo suddenly asked, catching Rei off guard. How was she going to logically explain this, that he sleep walks?

Rei inwardly sighed, there was no hiding it from this question. Taking a deep breath she looked straight at the commander. "Shinji-kun and I are dating." she admitted.

Gendo stared at her for a few moments before speaking. "You will end this immediately." he ordered.

For the first time, Rei felt something she had never felt towards this man, anger and hatred. Why. Why was he commanding her to do such a thing. "Why?" she found herself asking.

Gendo was taken aback by her sudden question. "It is unnecessary and will only distract you of what is important."

"And if I were to say that it wouldn't?" she chanced to hope that he would rethink his command. He didn't.

"Regardless, you will end your relationship with the Third Child. He is unstable and cowardly and will abandon you as soon as things become to much for him."

Anger and hatred again began to rise up inside her. "No." she stated. "No, I will not do what you command."

"If you do not do as I command you will no longer be able to pilot Eva." he grinned, playing his ace card. He had saw to it that Eva was her main purpose in life.

Rei looked up in shock. He wouldn't. "W-what?"

"If you refuse to follow orders you are no longer capable of piloting Eva. You must decide what is more important to you." Gendo smiled, he was working her into a corner in which there would only be one way out. His way.

Rei stood there, staring in disbelief at what the commander was doing. The man she had trusted and respected was forcing her to choose between her purpose and her love.

'Why is he doing this?'

'To pilot Eva is my purpose, it is all I have ever known'

'Until Shinji-kun came, he showed me new things that I did not understand.'

'I love Shinji-kun'

She then remembered the previous day when her and Shinji were browsing around the shops, when they had come across that small jewelry shop. She remembered what the shop keeper had said to them about his wives dream, warning them that such an event would occur.

"She said she wanted to see all the young people happy, and the happiest moment in every couples life is when they find that one person who is precious to them. Sometimes others will try and test your bonds, but you shouldn't let them succeed in breaking them."

Then her thoughts shifted to the promise that Shinji had made to her after that.

"Rei-chan, I promise I will not let anyone come between us, not even my father." he had told her.

Finally she realized her own promise to him.

"I also promise not to let anyone come between us" though she spoke it aloud is was hardly a whisper. Her eyes then moved to the picture of her and Shinji. She saw herself happy with him, something she had never felt, even while piloting Eva. She then made her choice. Reaching into her pocket she fumbled around until she had found what she was looking for, pulling out her Nerv ID she throw it onto the desk. Her actions had completely knocked Gendo off guard, he had not expected this, but he quickly regained his composure.

"Very well Rei, in doing this you will no longer receive aid from Nerv, you are to vacate your apartment by tomorrow morning."

Rei simply nodded then turned to walk out the door, she stopped about half way before spinning back around, walking up to the desk she snatched the photo and stated. "This is mine"

"One more thing Rei." Gendo said as Rei stopped and looked back at him. "Leave the dress."

"Understood," Rei replied as she walked away. "Though I don't think it would as good on you." she smiled.

Fuyutsuki who had been standing there the entire time had to gather every ounce of will power not to laugh at the thought of Gendo wearing the evening dress, though part of the idea made him a little queasy.

Sync Tests

"Alright you two, suit up and meet in the Eva cages so I can go over the procedures for this test." Akagi ordered the two pilots who had just arrived. Shinji had arrived first, more so because he wanted to see Rei again. The rest of the school day seemed to have felt longer with her not there. While Asuka wanted to tease Shinji about his excitement, she thought better of it considering where they were, so she had decided to make up for it on the way home. Soon both were in the plug suits waiting in the Eva cages. Shinji was disappointed when he got there, Rei wasn't there. Before long Ritsuko entered the large room and began to go over the procedures of the tests, though the two pilots could hardly see the reason why she had to tell them. The only ones doing any different were those monitoring the tests. Evidently Ritsuko had caught on to what the pilots were thinking.

"….And why in the hell am I telling you this." She sighed. "Ok, into your entry plugs, we will start immediately."

The two did so without question, though Shinji was still worried. Rei still wasn't here. He had never known Rei to miss a sync test. He had a strong feeling something wasn't right. Asuka must have had the same feeling Shinji did.

"Hey, where Wonder girl, isn't she supposed to be here too?" Asuka asked.

"Yeah, where is Rei, its unusual for her not to be here." Misato added.

"Rei is no longer with Nerv." the Commander stated as he strode into the tests room. "Now, proceed with the tests. I will not tolerate any delays." This however didn't happen as many of the staff gasped in shock and the two remaining pilots began yelling for an explanation.

"THE MATTER DOES NOT CONCERN YOU!" Gendo shouted, everyone falling silent immediately.

"YOU HAD SOMETHING TO DO WITH IT DIDN'T YOU FATHER!" It was more of a statement then a question. Gendo placed his cold eyes on the screen that held the image of Shinji.

"No, you did." he said accusingly. "Further more, any interaction with the First Child will be deemed treason against Nerv."

"WHAT?" both Shinji and Asuka exclaimed.

"Is that understood?" Gendo ignored the questions.

"No, its not. Why would you order such a thing?"

"Because it is necessary."

Somewhere, Tokyo 3

Rei wandered the streets of Tokyo 3. She had already gathered her items from her old apartment and had been spending the majority of the time considering her options of what to do. Upon her dismissal from Nerv her cell phone had immediately been turned off so she had no way to contact Shinji to inform him of what had happened. She was so lost in her thoughts that she had not noticed where she had wandered to until a familiar voice called out to her.

"What brings you back here?" the man said.

Rei looked up to see the shop keeper of the jewelry store standing in front of her a few paces away.

"I left Nerv." she simply stated, shifting the weight of her items so they were more comfortable.

The man saw this. "Why don't you come inside, I'll get you some tea." he invited her.

"Thank you."

Rei entered the shop and followed the man behind the counter into the next room.

"You can set your things on the counter over there, I am sure its been quiet a burden." the man said as he set to work preparing the tea as he filled the pot with water and set it on the stove so that it could come to a boil. Rei did as she was instructed , then sat down at the table.

"So, would you care to talk about it." The man offered.

"Pardon me, but what is your name?" Rei suddenly asked. She had realized that he had never introduced himself and did not feel comfortable in discussing such things to a person she didn't even know their name.

"My name?" the man asked. "My name is Kaworu Nagisa." he introduced himself. "And yours?"

"Rei Ayanami." she simply answered.

"Well, Ayanami-san, would you like to talk about what happened?"

"The commander had tried to force me to leave Shinji-kun" she began, almost in tears as she remembered the events. "When the commander would not listen, I left Nerv, in doing so all my funds and housing aid was canceled."

"I see." Kaworu thought a moment before continuing. "So you have no place to stay and no money."

By now the water was already boiling as the whistle from the pot sounded. Getting up from the table Kaworu grabbed two mugs from the cupboard and filled them with the hot tea. He then set one mug in front of Rei and the other where he was sitting. Turning he grabbed the sugar and honey, setting them on the table as well.

"That is correct" Rei answered, almost ashamed to do so.

"Very well." he said. "I happen to have a spare apartment you can have."

"But how will I pay for it?" Rei questioned. As she took a sip of her tea.

"That is what I was going to get to next. You can work in the shop part time after school to pay for rent and earn yourself some spending cash.

"What would I have to do?"

"Simple, keep the shop clean and look after it while I am gone. Its rather tiresome running this place by myself, so I would gratefully accept the help.

"That would be, acceptable."

"Good, we have an agreement then." The two had finished the tea and Kaworu had shown her , her new apartment so that she could get settled in. It was a lot nicer then her old one and more furnished, complete with a full living room set. Everything was either white or a light blue with made it look like it was made just for her.

"Now, don't worry about starting today, today you should go and spend the time with your boyfriend. I am sure he is already worried about you."

"Thank you Nagisa-san" Rei bowed and hurried out the door.


"Necessary for you, but not for me" Shinji spat as he looked up at his father in the monitor.

"Shinji, I do not have time for this, if you will not do as you are ordered, then leave. You are of no use to me."

Shinji sat in the entry plug for a few minutes, he could feel almost everyone's eyes on him waiting to see what he would do. Though most of the staff felt what the commander had said was too harsh and didn't agree with his orders. He then smiled as he made up his mind.

"Sorry Asuka, it seems I am no longer needed here." he stated as he pressed the eject button. Asuka was speechless at the events that had occurred. Shinji exited the plug and was making his way towards the exit.

"So, you will sacrifice humanity for a girl" Gendo stated with disappointment in his voice.

Shinji stopped and turned to look up at the window where his father stood, peering down at him. "What's the point in defending a world in which love is forbidden?" he shot back at his father.

"I suspect we will not see each other again." the commander said as he turned to the remaining pilot who was still in her Eva, her own thoughts at war with her.

"I intend to keep it that way." Shinji retorted and left the room, making his way to the locker room.

Meanwhile back in the Eva cages Asuka was still trying to decide what to do, her pride wanted her to stay and pilot Eva, but her logic told her that Shinji was right. Why should they risk their lives battling the Angels if they were not allowed to love. Though she never thought of her self as a romantic, she didn't think it was right what the commander was asking.

"Very well, as of now any contact with the First or Third Child will be an act of treason, the penalty is death." the commander stated. This was the last straw for Asuka and for a few of the others as well. Asuka slammed down her eject button, ejecting the entry plug.

"Asuka, what are you doing!?" Akagi yelled.

Asuka ignored her for a moment as she removed her berets from her hair, the symbol of her pride and threw them to the ground. "Shinji is right." was all she said as she walked out the door. At the same time Misato, Aoba, Hyuga and Fuyutsuki also left.

"Where are you going?" The commander asked.

"I quite" Fuyutsuki simply stated as he walked out the door. Dropping his ID card on the ground as he did so. The other three followed suite, each dropping their cards on the ground as the walked out. Eventually the only ones who were left in the room were Gendo, Akagi, and Maya. Though after some thoughts Maya too got up and left.

"This was not part of the scenario." Gendo stated as he looked around the now empty room. Things had not gone as he had expected them to. Akagi stood beside him, gazing out the large window at the three empty Evas. They were now defenseless against any attack.

'I should have just kept my mouth shut about Rei.' she silently thought to herself. She then looked to the Commander who was lost in his own thoughts about what had just happened.

"Perhaps we should have just let them be." she ventured to say, preparing for some sort of retaliation. This shock Gendo out of his thoughts.

"Perhaps." He said after a long pause, he then looked at her. "How did this happen?"

This question somewhat caught Akagi off guard. Thinking it over she came to the only answer she could think of.

"She feel in love." a young male voice answered from behind them from the shadows, causing the two to spin around in panic. They had not heard the young boy approach, so his sudden announcement startled the two. "Despite all your efforts to lock her away and keep her secluded, void of any emotion your son erased all of that."

"What do you know of this?" Gendo demanded. To answer this the young boy stepped out of the shadows. He was about Shinjis age, but with gray hair. However the one thing that really caught Akagis attention was his crimson eyes, the same as Reis. "What is your purpose here?" Gendo shot a second question before the boy could answer the first.

"I know that Rei-chan and Shinji-kun are in love. And that they had vowed not to let anyone take that away from them. I see that you have tried and failed." the boy began with a smile as he spoke in a soft, almost angelic voice. "As for my purpose, I am simply here to bring my Mother home."

"Your mother?" Akagi asked.

"Yes, Lilith." was the boys response.

"An Angel!" Gendo hissed.

"Please, call me Tabris, however Shinji-kun and Rei-chan know me as Kaworu."

Meanwhile, in the Geofront

Shinji exited the main building, back in his usual slacks and dress shirt. He was still fuming about what had happened. He knew his father to be selfish but he didn't think that the man would go that far. Almost as if his father had gone out of his way to make his life miserable. But he was surprised to hear the Rei had left Nerv and chose to be with him over Eva, this brought a smile to his face.

"Shinji, wait up?" Asuka called as she ran out the doors towards him.

"I'm not coming back this time Asuka. I'm sorry." he said as he turned to face her.

"Baka, stop apologizing, you finally showed some spine facing your father." she said with a playful slap to the back of his head. "I'm proud of you for that." she smiled

"Asuka?" Shinji looked at her confused. This wasn't the Asuka he knew. "Aren't you going to yell at me for running away again?"

"Why should I?"

"Well because now you're the only Eva pilot they have, wont the work load be hard on you?"

"Yes, it would be. If I was still an Eva pilot." she commented, a slight hint of regret in her voice but she felt she had made the right decision.

"What? You left too?" Shinji was shocked to say the least.

Asuka only nodded, then answered "So did a few others"

"But why?"

"Because of you." she answered. "You told the truth."

"What truth?" Shinji was still confused about everything, he thought he had only left to be with Rei.

"You really are an idiot at times you know that." she laughed. "the truth that there is no point in defending a world in which you can not love in." she continued. This caused Shinji to blush a little.

Asuka then did something that Shinji didn't see coming. Without no warning she brought him into a hug. "Shinji. I..I love you. I just wanted to tell you that, you know in case the world ends" she said, trying her best to sound humorous, stumbling over her own words. This of course was about the same time Rei had arrived.

"Shinji-kun?" Rei asked, a little hurt by what she was seeing. She was about to run away when Asuka reached out and grabbed her wrist. At first Rei wanted to slap her, but held back when Asuka brought Shinji and her hand together.

"I guess there is someone I need to go talk to." Asuka said, then left the two alone.

Rei watched Asuka disappear over the small hill then turned to Shinji. "What was that about?" she asked.

Shinji stood there a moment and thought about it. "I think Asuka gave us her blessing." was the only conclusion he could come up with. He then looked at Rei and brought her closer to him into a warm embrace. "I'm very proud of you Rei. You stood up to my father." he smiled to her.

"I made a promise." She smiled back.

"There you two are." a males voice stated. The two looked over at a young gray haired boy approaching them, dressed in a similar fashion as Shinji. There was something very familiar about the boy, though they didn't know how he reminded them of the jewel shop keeper. "A friend of yours asked me to give you this" the boy said, producing a small envelope handing it to Shinji.

Looking at the envelope for a second then to the boy who handed it to him Shinji opened it to see what was inside. There were two slips of paper. The first was a letter written to them. It read;

Ayanami and Ikari,

When you receive this letter it means that my time has come

And my purpose here fulfilled. I leave the shop to you two

I know you will take good care of it and follow my wifes

Dream just as I have. There is a bright future ahead for

You, so don't worry about me, I will still be watching you.


"What does this mean?" Shinji asked.

"There will be no more Angel attacks, man kind has earned its right to remain here." the boy answered with a smile, a aura of light out lining his body.

"Yo-your, you're Angel!" Shinji exclaimed.

"Yes, my name is Tabris, But you know me as Kaworu." he began to explain, at this time Rei felt a small amount of betrayal again, for putting her trust in him. "But do not worry. My purpose here was to see if the human race should be allowed to continue. And both of you have shown me why it should.

"What? How?"

"With your love, you two have shown that you will stand by each other despite the odds or trials. That takes real courage." the boy smiled again "Oh, and Shinji-kun, take this" he said as he tossed Shinji a key to a safety deposit box. "Use what you find inside for a special occasion"

Shinji caught the key and looked at it a little confused. "But what about the shop?"

"The shop is now yours, the paper work is in your hands right now.."

Rei smiled and bowed to the boy "Thank you Nagisa-san"

With that the boy faded away, leaving the two alone again. Shinji didn't know why but he had a feeling everything was going to be alright. Looking to Rei he smiled again and led her off the hill to lead her home, thought half way there Rei took the lead and led him to THEIR new apartment.

The next day a handful of the personal came back to Nerv HQ to check up on things and to clean out anything that they had left behind when they left. There was no trace of the commander or Dr. Akagi, all the was found was two pools of an orange substance under what appeared to be the twos clothing. When they had attempted to notify Seele of the disappearance they discovered that the same was found at each of the committees residences. Further investigations showed that Lilith had also disappeared and any trace of Adam. Fuyutsuki was the most puzzled about this, but noted that since Lilith was no longer here it meant that the war was over, mankind had survived somehow, though he couldn't help but think it had something to do with Shinji and Rei.

Six Months Later

It had been six months since the war had been officially ended. True to Kaworu's word, no more Angels attacked. It seemed strange at first to the former pilots with things being so peaceful. Shinji and Rei kept busy running the shop that was left to them. Meanwhile Toji and Hikari had started dating and to everyones surprise so had Asuka and Kensuke though the poor otaku still couldn't dance. It was today that the six had decided to have a picnic on top of the hill in the park just outside of the school grounds. Each brought something to share with the group. For the most part they chatted about the 'old days' when things were always hectic and in chaos. Eventually though, each couple had to go their separate ways, soon leaving just Shinji and Rei watching the setting sun as it dipped below the horizon. It was at this time that Shinji pulled a small box from his pocket. Rei watched him curiously as he dropped down to one knee in front of her, opening the box, it exposed a brilliant three diamond, white gold ring. Rei gasped when she saw it.

"Rei-chan, will you marry me?" he asked, as nervous as he was he had managed to ask this question without faults. Rei was breathless for a few seconds before nearly tackling him to the ground.

"Yes, I will Shinji-kun" she replied, sealing it with a deep kiss before he had a chance to say anything else. After a moment they broke the kiss so Shinji could finish putting the ring on her finger. Intertwining his fingers with her he smiled, using his free hand to brush the bangs out of her eyes. Cupping his hand along her cheek, slowly bringing her down for another kiss.

One Year Later

It was a joyous day for everyone who had gathered for this event. Most of everyone who worked with Nerv showed up to witness the occasion as it was Shinjis and Reis wedding day. Shinji had chosen Toji to be the best man and Rei asked Asuka to be her maid of honor. The wedding was not a large one, it was simple and small. After the ceremony both the bride and groom mingled together with the guests. Of course Misato was already drunk, slurring all over Kaji. Then the two saw something that had surprised them, a faint image of a gray haired boy in the distance, with one wave the boy disappeared. The two smiled and waved back, knowing who it was, each saying a silent thanks to the Angel..

Later that night the two returned to their apartment, along with the gifts they had received from the wedding, though most of it they really didn't know what to do with. After putting the items down, Rei immediately tackled Shinji, covering his lips with her own. She allowed him to get up only to drag him into the bedroom, closing the door behind them.


Authors Notes

Well there it is, the final installment of this trilogy. I hoped everyone enjoyed it. Now I am sure a lot of you are thinking that Shinji and Rei got it on in the end, well it is their honeymoon so think what you would like. Will I be writing a lemon for this fic? No, I want to keep this pure. Anyways I am out, hope everyone has a great day!


I do not claim any ownership over Neon Genesis Evangelion or any of its characters. Gainax does and its respected affiliates.