Chapter One: On the run

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* * * *

Max curled into a ball by the window and watched the trees fly by. They had left Seattle a few hours ago and were heading southeast. As tired as she was after her and Logan's night, she couldn't bring herself to go to sleep. She went over every detail of their night together carefully and tucked those wonderful memories away in her head.

Jondy touched Max's arm, " Max, are you ok?"

Max gave a small smile, " I'm fine."

" Tired?"

" A bit."

" Didn't get much sleep, huh?" Jondy said knowingly.

Max blushed and said nothing.

Jondy patted her lap, " Lie down and get some rest."

" Thanks Jondy," Max murmured, putting her head in her sister's lap.

" No problem sweetie," Jondy replied, stroking Max's hair.

" Logan used to do that a lot," Max said suddenly, in response to Jondy stroking her hair.

" Really?"

" Yeah. We read Romeo and Juliet all the time. We'd be sitting on the couch, and I'd lie down and he'd stroke my hair. Once I moved in with him, I had stopped going to Crash as often and we'd just hang out together at home," Max said with a little smile on her face, remembering the times she and Logan shared.

" Yeah, and before they moved in together, Max was wild, a true hell's angel," Alex chimed in. " Moving in with Logan has mellowed her considerably."

Max laughed, " Yeah, I guess I have mellowed out a bit. Logan and I balance each other off so well. He loves me even though he knows what I've done in the past and who I am."

" And if you look on her left hand, you'll see just how much he loves her," Alex suggested, twisting her body around to look Jondy in the face.

Jondy looked on Max's left hand and squealed, " He asked you to marry him!!"

Max smiled happily, " Yeah."

" You're marrying him?" Zach asked, his knuckles turning white due to clutching the steering wheel so hard.

" Yup! When we get back, we're going to get married."

" That's so great!" Jondy exclaimed, before Zach could say anything. " Tell me EXACTLY how he proposed."

Max had a dreamy sort of smile on her face. " He put on Babyface's 'Every time I close my eyes' and told me that I was his sole reason for waking up every morning. He told me that before me, his life was black and white and I brought the color and liveliness into it. And that he never knew what love was before me and he'd be lost without me. Then he asked me to marry him."

" That's so sweet!" Jondy sighed. " I wish I could get a someone as romantic as him for myself."

* * * *

" Hey man," Bling said, walking into the apartment. Even though Logan no longer needed physical therapy, Bling still dropped by once in a while to chat with 2 of his best friends.

" Hey," Logan said, still staring out the window.

" Where's Max?" Bling asked, pouring himself a glass of water.

" On the run," Logan answered moodily. " Lydecker's in town." //Everything had been absolutely perfect for 6 months. It would figure that bastard would interrupt what Max and I have//

" What?" Bling almost dropped his glass in shock. " She's on the run?"

Logan nodded, " A lot has happened in 2 days."

" Why didn't you call me?" Bling questioned, walking to his friend's side. " I would've liked to say goodbye to Max. When's she coming back?" Bling asked, concerned about Max's well being.

" Sorry I didn't phone you. Things were just so chaotic. I don't know when she'll be back. You can phone her if you like," Logan added. " I gave her a scrambled cell. I'm gonna be phoning her in an hour or two, if you want to stick around."

" Yeah. Sure," Bling said. " How long have you been standing there?"

Logan shrugged, " Lost track of time. Since she left."

" And when was that?"

" 3 in the morning."

Bling looked down at his watch and saw that it had been a little bit more than 4 hours since Max had left and sighed. " And I take it I'll be guessing correctly in saying you two didn't sleep during the night?"

" You guessed correctly."

" So who informed you guys Lydecker was in town?"

" Zach. He came back to Seattle," Logan said, sitting down. " Along with Jondy, Max's sister."

" She must have been psyched to see her again after so long," Bling said, sitting down next to Logan.

" Yeah." There were a few moments of silence, and then Logan said, " I proposed to Max last night."

" Are you serious?" Bling asked in surprise. " She said yes?"

Logan smiled for the first time since Bling arrived. " Yeah. She said yes. Will you be my best man?"

" Are you serious?" Bling repeated again, getting more surprised by the second.

" Yeah. You're my best friend. Didn't you know that?"

" Not with the hard time you always gave me with the PT," Bling joked. " Now, as my first act as your best man and best friend, you are going to go to sleep."

* * * *

" So Zach, where exactly are we going?" Alex asked, holding the map out in front of her.

" Our destination will be Ottawa," Zach answered. " So I was thinking we drive through Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota and then quietly slip into Ontario."

" Wait a second, I figured we'd probably be going to Edmonton," Max interrupted.

Zach shook his head, " We want to get farther away than that. It's too close to Seattle for us to be safe from Lydecker."

" Ok, Zach, first things first, how long will that trip take?" Jondy asked. Then without waiting for an answer, she said, " It'll probably take 2 weeks! We don't have that kind of time!"

" It'll take less than a week, if we drive 24 hours a day," Zach replied. " I'll drive as much as I can, but Max and Jondy, you'll probably have to take over after a day or two."

" I wouldn't trust Max to drive anything other than her baby," Alex snorted, " And not even her motorcycle right now, not when she's apart from my dearly beloved big brother."

Max playfully smacked Alex lightly upside the head. " Ow!" Alex exclaimed.

" Not funny," Max said, referring to her comment.

Alex shrugged, " I thought it was."

" Stop it you two," Jondy said lightly. " Zach, when are we going to stop?"

" Why?"

" Well, a girl's gotta pee," Jondy said, rolling her eyes. " And with this Manticore metabolism, I gotta eat and I know Max does too. After all, who wouldn't after a night like hers," Jondy grinned at Max.

" Ok, Jondy, enough of the sex jokes, aiight?" Alex said. " It's VERY uncomfortable for me, knowing that it's my brother she's screwing. I've endured their perfect wonderland for 6 months now, I don't need to hear about it every damn second of the day. Especially now."

" Sorry," Jondy grinned sheepishly. " I forgot that you guys were siblings."

" An easy mistake," Alex smiled back. She and Jondy had never been that close, but for the sake of this 'trip' running smoothly, they were getting along better than usual.

" Zach, not that I'm complaining, but why aren't you splitting us up? I thought for sure that would be the first thing you'd do," Jondy spoke up.

" Because I know for sure that Max would go back to Seattle at once if she thought we were splitting up. The only reason she came is to spend some time with us," Zach replied.

" Thanks Zach," Max said quietly.

Zach glanced at her in the rearview mirror, " It's my duty, Max, to keep you all safe."

* * * *

Logan shot up from the couch suddenly and looked over at the clock on the wall. " Shit," he said to himself. It was already 9:30. " Max is going to have my head for not phoning her earlier!" He grabbed the phone and caught sight of a note.

I had to leave. New patient coming in today. I'll stop by later.

//Not that I don't love Bling like a brother, but it'll be nice to be able to talk to Max with no one around// Logan thought as he dialed the phone number.

* * * *

Max's cell phone rang and she said under her breath, " Yes! Logan!"

" What the hell is going on?" Zach exclaimed. " Max, why do you have a cell phone?"

" Because Logan gave it to her so they could stay in touch," Alex said calmly, trying to distract Zach.

" Max, don't answer it yet!" Zach ordered, " We need to talk."

" About what? It's a scrambled cell, totally untraceable. What are you so worked up about?" Max fidgeted, dying to press the button that would connect her with Logan's voice. Just the mere thought of hearing Logan's voice was making her even more eager to end this dispute with Zach.

" WHY do you have a cell phone?" Zach asked.

" Zach, just shut up and let Max talk to Logan right now," Alex snapped, tired of Zach's commander's ways. " We can continue this later."

Zach shut his mouth abruptly; clenching the steering wheel as if he was twisting someone's neck and Alex knew they'd have a LONG fight about the cell phone later.

" Hello?" Max asked, even though she knew it would be Logan.

" Hey gorgeous," Logan grinned, even though he knew Max couldn't see it.

" Hey," she smiled to herself, turning herself towards the window, with her back to Jondy and everyone else. " I missed you," she said quietly.

" I missed you too," he chuckled.

" Sitting in a car going only 50 miles an hour is boring," Max pouted.

" Let me guess: you're wishing you took your baby and you're pouting right now."

" How did you know?" Max asked in surprise.

" Because, my dear, we've been seeing each other 24/7 for nearly 3 months and I know you so damn well."

" Figures. You're a very observant man," Max giggled. " You know, speaking of my baby-"

" Yes, I know, don't touch her, blah, blah, blah."

" Eah!" Max imitated a buzzer. " Wrong answer. Actually, I was going to say the exact opposite. Take her out for a spin once a while, will you? I don't want her engine to rot away while I'm gone."

" Really?" Logan asked in surprise.

" Really," Max laughed. " It's not like I'm worried you'll crash her, after all, you've had an awesome teacher," she said lightly.

" Thanks Max. Means a lot to me that you trust me enough to ride the pride and joy of your life."

" But we both know that I like to ride something even more than my baby," Max said mischievously.

" Oh my virgin ears!" Alex exclaimed sarcastically, covering her ears.

Logan laughed, " Was that Alex I heard?"

Max grinned, " Yup."

" Tell her she wouldn't think that was so bad if she's heard our dirty talk."

Max repeated what Logan said and a second later, Logan heard Alex shout, " LOGAN!!"

" Give Alex the phone," Logan laughed.

" He wants to talk to you," Max grinned, trying to hold back her laughter.

" You're a sick and twisted man and I'm ashamed to call you my brother," Alex said to Logan once she got the phone.

" But you love me anyways."

" Too bad I do. Isn't it kinda weird that no matter what happens, you still love your family?"

" Congratulations, you're starting to get smart."

" You do know that I can kick your ass right?" Alex grinned, knowing full well that no matter what her brother did, she could never beat him up. He had cared for her when their parents died, provided unconditional love and support and had been the person she leaned on the most throughout her childhood and teenage years.

" Of course I do. But like Max, I know you never would. Now can you put Max back on?"

" Sure," Alex said, " Bye bro."

" Talk to you later Lexie."

Alex handed the phone back to Max, " Your knight in shining armor."

Max made a face at her and resumed talking to Logan.

Alex sighed and leaned back into her seat. She wanted so desperately to talk to Brandon right now. He had a cell phone, but knowing him, he probably forgot to bring it with him to work. She had lost count on all the times she had called him and there had been no answer on his cell. Once, he had even stood her up on a date. Alex couldn't reach him on his cell phone, so she ended up leaving a message on his answering machine, yelling at him about what an inconsiderate idiot he was. Turns out that his grandmother had a heart attack and he didn't have enough time to phone her before rushing to the hospital. To this day, she was still apologizing to him about it.

* * * *

" Zach, how many more friggin' hours till we get to the damn border?" Alex asked, exasperated at how long this was taking.

" A couple more hours," Zach replied. The girls had finally talked him into driving through Idaho and Montana and into Saskatchewan instead of going southeast then back north. They'd sneak over the border into Saskatchewan and go through Manitoba and into Ontario.

" Zach, pull over," Jondy said when she saw Zach's eyelids starting to droop.

" Why?" he asked, stifling a yawn.

" You're tired. You've been driving for over 25 hours straight."

" Just because I'm slightly tired doesn't mean we gotta stop. I can take it for a few more hours."

" Think with your brain instead of your testosterone," Jondy snapped. " I don't need much sleep, I'll drive, you and Alex sleep."

Zach reluctantly pulled over and he and Alex moved to the backseat. " Are you sure you know the way?" Zach asked.

" Yes," Jondy said as she and Max put on their seat belts. " We know the way. Zach, what kind of C.O would you be if you didn't at least make us memorize numerous maps?"

Alex laughed, " You did go a little overboard there Zach."

" Well it's getting to be pretty useful now, isn't it?"

* * * *

" Oh shit," Jondy whispered. They were finally close to the Canadian border, after 5 more hours of driving. " Max, wake up."

" What? What is it?" Max asked, waking up suddenly.

" It's Lydecker. He's got his men lined up at the border."

* * * *

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