Yeah, how long was it since I last updated? I know I should be writing for OXVII or even more importantly AGGA, and I am writing for both, but writers block is a menace. This popped into my head a while ago and hasn't left since, so I'm writing it out. It's planned to be a one shot, but if you all like it I could make a series of one shots out of it. Enough of my rambling though, here is the story.

Disclaimer: Digimon does not belong to me.


Lucemon Chaos Mode sighed. Beelzemon just came into his office, and when said demon comes in, he always complains. "What is it, Beelzemon?"

'What can he be complaining about now?'

Beelzemon went straight to the point. "Why in the Dark Ocean am I the Demon Lord of Gluttony?"

The fallen angel digimon couldn't hide his shock at this question. "What?"

Now it was Beelzemon's turn to sigh. "Look its obvious why you, Daemon, Lillithmon, Belphemon, and Barbamon are the demons of Pride, Wrath, Lust, Sloth, and Greed, but why am I Gluttony? Leviamon's the glutton, not me! I should be the demon of Envy!"

"What do you have to be envious about?" The two demons looked toward a corner on the room where a large pool was. These pools were connected throughout the entire dark castle so Leviamon could travel without risk of deletion. "You have your damn motorcycle and all of you can come under digital water like its nothing! I can't stay out of the water for long! I can't- hold on, it feels like something just swam into my tunnels."

After the crocodilian digimon left, LucemonCM turned back to Beelzemon. "Do you still want to be the Demon of Envy after that little outburst?"

The digimon in question snorted. "Its more that he deserves my title, not that I want his. I don't eat as much as him, and ten- to- one odds says he's going to eat whatever he just left to find."

At that moment, Leviamon came back to surface. "Those were some tasty digifish. Now as I was saying-"

Beelzemon cut him off "SEE! He is more of a glutton than me!"

"I do not eat that much!"

"Yes you do!"

"No I- Hold on, something else just swam in."

"Gonna go and eat it?

"Oh shut up." And with that, Leviamon dove again.

The prideful one cleared his throat. "Be all of this as it may, you were the last to be recruited, Beelzemon, and Gluttony was the only sin left. If that is all, you may go now."

Beelzemon did not leave. He instead took out his gun and pointed it at the leader of the Demon Lords. "I'm a mega, you're an ultimate, give me one good reason not to shoot you."

Lucemon smirked. "Well let's see, most megas are afraid of my rookie form, I beat up a Royal Knight as a rookie, I have both great strength and intelligence at the same time, I can use the powers of light and dark at the same time, need I say any more?"

Beelzemon mumbled a no while putting his gun away. As he turned around and walked away he said to himself, "Never ask a demon of pride to give a reason why he is as where he is at." As he left Lucemon's office he ran into Lillithmon.

"You seemed to be really stressed in there." The Demon of Lust purred while touching Beelzemon's shoulder. "Let me help you… alleviate some of that stress."

Beelzemon pushed her hand off his shoulder. "Go away, Lillithmon. I'm not in a mood."

Lillithmon huffed as Beelzemon walked away. He was the third person to turn her down today! She decided to go and… talk with her boss.

She hoped Lucemon made his bed since last night.

Before any of you ask, if I do decide to continue with these I will NOT write what could happen between Lillithmon and LucemonCM.