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Bad Hair Day
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

"All heil, Temari the great has arrived!"

Needless to say Takino Tomo's loud, flamboyant entrance to the classroom earned her astonished looks from her classmates, or at least it would have done were they not all already used to the wildcat's outlandish behaviour.

"Tomo, what the hell have you done to your hair?" Kagura asked at last, shaking her head at her fellow Numbnut. Osaka too looked at Tomo curiously, then turned sheet-white and turned away again, muttering something about the pigtails having brainwashed Tomo and begun their plan to take over the world.

Kagura sweatdropped at Osaka's random mumblings and turned back to Tomo, who had pulled her brown hair into four pigtails, two on either side of her head.

"Did you shove your fingers into a socket or something Tomo?" Kagura asked. "Because that sure is what it looks like, you know? And what's the deal with 'Temari the great?'"

"NO I DID NOT!" Tomo yelled. "And I said Temari the great because that's who I've done my hair like!"

"Right… who's Temari?"

Tomo gave Kagura a completely amazed look, then whispered, "You don't know who she is?"

Kagura shook her head, "Should I?"

"She's only the greatest anime character that ever lived!" Tomo replied.

"Erm Tomo, anime characters aren't real," Kagura sweatdropped. "And do you mean that girl with the bigass fan from Naruto or whatever it's called?"

"YES!" Tomo replied.

"So that's what you were trying to do to your hair."

"Sure was," Tomo grinned.

"Okay... you actually remind me more of this little kid that lives along my road than you remind me of Temari. The kid's name's Yotsuba; her hair's like that and she acts as daft as you. Only problem is her hair is green."

"Green?" Tomo exclaimed. "I remind you of one of those Harajuku cybergoths?! YES!"

"No, Tomo... She's not a cybergoth... Her hair's naturally like that. And she's six years old..."

"I remind you of a grade-schooler?!?!" Tomo yelled, appalled at the very suugestion.

"Yeps, that's what I said..."

"Kagura, does that kid come from Mars?" Osaka suddenly asked. "Coz Martians are green and all."

"I wouldn't be surprised if she did," Kagura replied.

Tomo meanwhile fell to the floor in a heap, her eyes dead and her face crumpled with shock.

"I remind you of a Martian grade-school kid?" she whispered. "I am NEVER wearing my hair like this again!"

"You should, it suits you," Kagura replied smirking.

Tomo pulled her hair out of the pigtails and screamed, "I AM NOT A WEIRD LITTLE KID!"

Kagura shook her head in disbelief. Osaka on the other hand was muttering something about the pigtails plan having backfired; Tomo wouldn't be very useful to them. She supposed they'd decided to stick with Chiyo from now on or something…