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The Mysterious Strawberry
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Yomi and Tomo were walking down the streets in town. They had decided to go shopping – well Tomo had, and she'd dragged Yomi along with her, and now they were heading back to Yomi's house.

Yomi was wondering why her friend was being so strangely quiet when the other girl finally spoke.

"I smell strawberries," Tomo randomly stated.

"What are you on about now?" Yomi groaned, wondering how long it would be before Tomo's stupidity started becoming contagious.

"I'm serious! I can smell strawberries!" Tomo whined.

"Why strawberries?" Yomi asked.

"I don't know, I just can!"

"Tomo, it's the middle of winter. Strawberries don't grow in winter. Gum does though; that's what you can smell, Tomo. It's your gum," Yomi explained.

"But gum doesn't smell of strawberries, it smells of gum… doesn't it?" Tomo blinked vacantly.

"Not if it's strawberry flavoured gum," Yomi explained slowly, as if she was talking to a six year old. Well maybe that was too old considering it was Tomo, but still…

"I don't get it… hang on a second Yomi, I've just figured it out!" Tomo gasped, making Yomi jump.

"What, you finally relaised you're a moron?" the other girl said scathingly.

"Hey! No, I just figured out where the strawberry smell's coming from. It's my gum!" Tomo cheered.

"I just told you that," Yomi muttered, a vein throbbing in the side of her head. Was Tomo really that stupid?

"You did?"

Yomi counted to ten, trying to resist the urge to strangle her friend. Luckily Tomo was saved when Kagura, Sakaki, Osaka and Chiyo appaeared.

"Fancy seeing you all here," Yomi smiled. "Shopping as well?"

Kagura shook her head "I was just going for a run when I bumped into this lot." She frowned and sniffed the air, "Why can I smell strawberries? I thought those didn't grow in the middle of winter…"

"They don't; it's Tomo gum," Yomi explained.

"Makes sense," Kagura replied.

"Yanno a strawberry's slang for a girl-girl pregnancy," Osaka stated randomly. Sakai went bright red and clamped her hands over the bemused-looking Chiyo's ears. Kagura and Yomi just gave her blank looks, and Tomo started laughing.

"What the hell are you on about, 'Saka?" she snorted. "Pay attention in chemistry next time."

"That's biology, you moron," Yomi sighed.


Sakaki looked up at the sky dreamily, images of danicng strawberries and kittens in her mind. She took her hands of Chiyo's ears, and the young genius gave everyone a confused look.

What none of them had noticed was that Kaorin was standing near them and she had heard half of their conversation. The girl grinned, a plan forming in her mind; she had finally found out how to make Sakaki-san notice her…

Sakaki was sitting at her desk, staring out of the window. The clouds were so pretty. This one looked like a kitten, and that one over there looked like a little puppy… so cute…

It was then that Kaorin, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere, surprised her. The smaller girl blushed and stuttered so much the Sakaki couldn't really understand her.

"This is for you, Sakaki-san," Kaorin suddenly blurted out, putting a jar of jam on the desk in front of Sakaki. Jam… strawberry jam. Remembering what Osaka had said yesterday, she almost fell off her chair. Tomo started laughing.

"Woot! It's the attack of the strawberries, us girls are taking over the world!"

Kagura clamped her hand over Tomo's mouth and dragged her away, while Sakaki continued blushing. Kaorin blinked; she thought Sakaki liked strawberries.

"Vive la femme!" Tomo yelled out, and Kagura slapped her on the back of the head.

"Now isn't the time, Tomo," Kagura hissed, leavinga very confused Kaorin standing in front of Sakaki.

"Looks like the aliens have finally landed," Osaka said.

The room went silent.