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Also, in this story the timeline might be little messed up, like Oliver Wood might not be in the same year as all the others and other stuff. If you could look past that I'd would really appreciate it. Anyway, here it is, enjoy!

A Seeker's Troubles

Calm before the storm. Really.

It was still quiet onboard the Hogwards Express. The scarlet train had just arrived at platform 9¾ and so far had only one passenger. Students on their way to Hogwarts had not yet started to gather on the platform, and the train stood silent, occasionally sending a puff of thick white steam into the air.

I heaved a sigh, settling back into my seat in the empty compartment, folding my hands behind my head, closing my eyes. I was deeply enjoying the silence; since I knew it wasn't long know until it was going to be broken.

Well then again, I've had all summer enjoying my silence, since my parents had been abroad all the time. Not once had I seen them. But not that I minded. The few times I did see my parents all we did was fight. We never had gotten along, since they never were home anyway - oh, why do I care? It's not like it's bothering me.

Because it really wasn't. I was actually relieved when I came home at the end of last year and I found a letter on my bed, where my mom had scribbled down something about a business trip somewhere. Which meant that I'd had the whole mansion to myself. To share with Dom of course. I lit up in a grin at the thought of my older brother, with his dark brown curls and bright green eyes – eyes I knew I shared. Dom was a smart person, really bright, and he had always looked after me. This was a good thing, considering the fact that I always got into trouble. I couldn't help it, though. Dom had always been the careful, wise, calm one, whereas I was the wild, mischievous, even witty one if I may say so myself. But I haven't always had the talent I have today to get away with my mischief. Oh, all the times Dom has saved me from the hellish wrath of my parents…

So, true, I might be a crazy-ish sort of girl, but that didn't mean I didn't need my peace. Calm, long lazy days in the south of England, far away from my other rougish friends was just what a girl like me needed. I needed a little silence to charge up my batteries for my seventh and final year at Hogwarts.

So it was no wonder I was taking time to enjoy my last minutes of complete, thick and soothing -


At least, that's the word that flashed before my mind as a pair of red haired boys stumbled through the compartment with a thundering crash, tumbling to the floor, cursing at each other, their wands sending jets of colourful sparks, like water from a sprinkler.

I gave a surprised yelp, raising my arms as if to protect myself from this sudden disturbance of my peace. But as I'd gathered my small frame to sit perched up at my seat, I recognized the two boys, and I relaxed. This brought another realisation to me, and I mentally sighed. Here goes the silence. See you next summer.

'Well, well, well, if it isn't the Weasleys, tumbling into my compartment of all places.'

How the twins managed to overhear my voice in their violent row I don't know, but they fell silent, looking up at my small frame from their position at the floor. And immediately lit up in similar wide grins.

'Stevens!' they cried out simultaneously, tackling me into a bone crushing hug. Well, I suppose they considered it to be a hug. Me, on the other hand… well, getting tackled by two blokes that are twice the size and weight than you is no easy feat.

As they finally pulled back, I felt like they'd punctured me and I was lying in my seat like a deflated balloon. 'Nice to see you too,' I wheezed, propping up to my elbows, finally managing to get a good look at them.

Both of them had grown what seemed like several inches since the last time I'd seen them, as had their hair, sparkling like the fire it was in the light of the compartment. The grins on their lips were equally wide, and the mischievous glint in their eyes was as strong as ever. Both of them were clad in similar brown wool pants, with faded t-shirts in different colours. Fred's was in a green shade, while George's was the colour of red. As I examined their clothing, another realisation hit me.

Apart from growing in height, they had developed some decent muscles over their shoulders, arms and abdominal area. Most impressive. I decided it was from all the Quidditch they played.

'…you've grown,' was what I finally settled for saying.

'Well, if that's your way of saying you've missed us and love us…' George started, extending his long arm to mess around with my hair.

'…then ditto,' Fred concluded for his brother, dropping to the seat opposite me, and George soon followed suit.

I looked up, sitting up to my full height, hands on my hips, eyebrow raised sceptically. 'I have not grown over the summer,' I argued, but their sparkling glances told me otherwise.

'That's a lie Stevens, and you know it,' George said in mock scorn and Fred lit up in a grin.

I was starting to realise what they were hinting at, but I wasn't offended. We had been best mates since we could walk, back in the days when my dad had been best pals with the twins' father. We had first meet in the garden of the Burrow, and they had teased me for my lack of height. Well, in my defence I can say that at least I'm not the bloody Eiffel Tower. Which I pointed out to them, and then I quickly outran them as they started to chase me. I might have been small, but I was fast. Still was. Wouldn't be the bloody best Seeker Hogwarts has ever seen if I wasn't. At least according to my opinion.

Point is, since that little row, we've been inseparable. So no, I wasn't offended by their sometimes idiotic remarks, like now. They were like my brothers, after all.

'What they're trying to say, Elle, is that you've grown hot over the summer,' a soft, yet slightly annoyed voice huffed from the door.

The three of us whipped out heads around to find the source of the voice, Katie Bell, trying to squeeze herself through the compartment door tugging on her huge trunk. It got stuck in the door, and she kept tugging on it, harder each time. We could all see it was a bad idea, but apparently Katie could not. But we settled for not saying anything, mere for the amusement of it all.

'I resent that,' I huffed in reply to her previous comment. They all paused to look at me, as I sat with my arms crossed, looking at them with a smug smile. 'I've always been hot.' I was kidding of course, since I was actually surprised of her words.

Katie rolled her eyes to the twins, and finally, with a frustrated cry yanked on the trunk, the sudden amount of force sending it flying into the compartment, tackling Katie and on top of that, flying open. Different sorts of clothes and garments flew into the compartment, softly descending through the air, kind of like snow. Then they settled upon wherever they landed, whether it was the floor, the seats or as the case was; the heads of the assorted passengers in the compartment.

'And here I thought we might get one year where Katie would not make one of her dramatic entrances,' I said through the cotton of the pink shirt that had landed upon my blond hair.

'Oh, please,' Katie snapped somewhat stressed, whipping of the shirt from my head, and I could see to my amusement that the whole compartment was covered in Katie's clothes, including Fred's head, where a black bra had chosen to settle down. The female Chaser turned slightly pink as she realized this. 'It's not like I chose to be clumsy,' she said in a mortified voice, quickly snatching the bra of the twin's head.

'It's just God's gift?' he replied, the grin wide on his lips. None of us were surprised by this sudden event. Katie may be a superb Chaser, but whenever she's off the pitch she's hopelessly clumsy.

We watched as she whipped out her wand, assembling all her garments into the trunk and quickly enclosed it, then managing to shove it up over our heads on the compartment shelf without further accidents. Once her task was fulfilled she let the air desert her lungs in a tremendous sigh and she sunk into the seat next to me. A silence ensued, where it was revealed by voices and other sounds that the other students were arriving to the train.

I took the time to reflect on what the twins and Katie had pointed out to me earlier. Had I grown so much over the summer? I know I'd grown taller, I was now about five foot six or something, but they couldn't see it since I was sitting down. Did they think I'd grown slimmer? I was thin to begin with, but I might've lost a few pounds due to all the Quidditch I've been playing with Dom, as well as look thinner when I've grown an inch or two. And I mean, I've always had curves… I think. It's not like I've developed a female form over the summer…right?

But really, other than that, I couldn't imagine much had changed. True, perhaps my features had grown a little sharper, but I've always had a sharp jaw line and high cheekbones. My nose was straight, kind of small, and my lips was a bit on the full side, and to complete it all my skin was pale, as always, yet smooth. And my eyes were the same surprising bright blue, with a hint of an emerald streak to them, and my lashes were dark on their own.

So I couldn't possibly imagine why they seemed to remark so much of how I had changed-

'Like what you've done to the hair,' Fred suddenly said, clearly over the whole bra situation.

My eyes immediately focused in on his face again, a slight frown on my face as I couldn't quite register what he'd said, and then my features relaxed as I realized what he meant.

Since I've discovered Quidditch, I've always cut my hair short, like my fellow male team members, to avoid it whipping into my face, but last spring I had realized I was in great need of reformation in that area. So I started to save my hair over the summer – I might've put a charm on it grow faster – and recently found out that I didn't look bad with long hair. It fell naturally around my face, where I'd cut a neat fringe, and then fell in smooth straight locks, curling slightly at the tops, which happened to be somewhere below my shoulder blades.

'Really?' I asked, perking up at his comment.

'Yeah,' George continued, 'it makes you look…' his voice trailed off, furrowing his brow in thoughts, 'what's the word again?'

'Hot,' Fred filed in and George nodded, smiling.

I stared at them incredulously, eyebrows raised. They really weren't letting this 'hot' thing go, were they?

I'm not hot! I wanted to scream at them. Sure, me, Katie, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinet always tried to look out best, but we had never cared much for our appearance in that way. We were the Quidditch girls, and that's why we were admired. For our skills, not our looks. Not that me and my friends looked hideous or anything, not at all.

Katie was the tall, athletic one, with her sharp nose and thin lips and big smile. She was smart; too, her dark brown eyes always alit with this kind of knowing sparkle. Her clothing might be a bit on the plain side, but it didn't matter since everything, and I mean every single piece of clothing looked wonderful on her. That girl was only muscles, let me tell you. Well, that's what Quidditch does to ye.

Than there's Angie. She looks like a Nubian princess with her chocolate complexion and raven hair. Her eyes are the darkest I've seen, yet not black, alit with this sort of constant playful sparkle. Besides the twins and Lee Jordan, she was the one who was always plotting pranks with me, or constantly joking with the rest of us. She was slightly taller than me, but not quite rivalling with Katie's towering height, and was the one of us who had the most curves and, er, female forms.

And then there's Alicia. To describe her in one word, I would say tiny. She's small, but with the biggest appetite of us all. If she wasn't playing Quidditch so intensively, I swear she would be rolling through the corridors of Hogwarts, instead of walking. Or bouncing, rather. She's the liveliest one of us, with her high voice, bright lively green eyes and thick curly light brown curls. She's also probably the one of us who's most into boys, and no one can really resist her with her girly charm. But she's not to be underestimated though; she's one fierce Chaser.

But despite this, there was no way we would consider ourselves hot. We were just four girls, who never really had cared for such things. I was just a girl, and as I've always thought, plain looking, but-

'Close your mouth, Elle, dear, you look like a dying goldfish.' I immediately snapped my lips shut, tearing my gaze away from a grinning Fred and George as I heard the low voice belonging to Angelina.

'Ang!' I leapt from my seat, completely tackling her from the doorway. She could do nothing more but cry out in surprise before she stumbled back into the corridor, and to the ground, as I gave her a great big bear hug. It wasn't until I heard a muffled squeak from somewhere below mine and Angelina's limbs that I looked up.

'Why, is that you down there, Al?' I asked in my tidiest accent.

'Ruddy hell,' her muffled voice said as she struggled to disentangle herself from our limbs. 'Yes, it's me,' she gasped, once her light brown curls resurfaced from below Angelina. 'Geroff me, Johnson!' she said in a strangled voice, as her tiny frame was being crushed by the weight of us both.

'I would, if Stevens quit being such an arse, and got off me!' the raven haired girl shot back.

'I love you too, guys,' I replied affectionately to their scowls, wrapping my arms around the mass of limbs lying on the floor, giving them my biggest hug, which resulted in more protests and groans from the girls below me.

'Now all that's missing is bloody Bell-' Alicia started but was interrupted as there was a gleeful shriek and Katie threw herself into the pile of girls, resulting in a unison groan from us all, as her weight crushed us and must've squashed poor Alicia.

'Bloody hell, Katie!!'

I stand corrected. That foul language could only come from her.

'Oi! You're in the way here, ladies,' a voice said. And I, being the constant irrational one, opened my mouth to reply. 'Well, if that's the case,' I said, trying to get a clear view of whomever I was speaking to, but Katie's bloody leg was in the way, 'you might as well go where the sun doesn't- ARGH!'

I was cut off as something suddenly grabbed hold of my ankle, hoisting me up in the air, and I stayed put there, my golden locks falling over my head, and sad to say, my black Led Zeppelin (muggle musician, don't ask) t-shirt falling down, or as it was, up over my stomach.

As I finally located the source of my sudden position my features darkened into a murderous expression.

'Bloody- Lee!' I cried, not caring if I sounded girlish. Because I certainly did.

Lee, his tousled black hair bouncing as he was laughing his arse off, had his wand pointed at me, and had used the oldest spell in the book. I was hanging by my ankle, suspended in mid-air, completely helpless. The sound of deep-voiced laughter told me that the twins were witnessing the scene, if not the whole ruddy train.

'Language, Stevens,' Lee scolded, though his chocolate-coloured face was still cracked up in a smile.

'Get me down!' I shrieked at the top of my lungs, not really expecting him to follow my orders. But to my great surprise, he did, and I fell to the carpeted floor with a muffled thud, landing on my shoulder. I, however, wasted no time, whipping out my wand, ready to hex him into oblivion.

'Take cover!' the twins shouted, and together with Lee they fled for their lives into the compartment again, shutting the door behind them.

'Yeah, you better run,' I grunted from my somewhat uncomfortable position on the floor, struggling to get up. The girls had somehow managed to disentangle themselves and were now having a good laugh at my expense.

'Need I remind you that I still have my wand out?' I growled, and they quickly fell silent, following the boys' example and retreated into the compartment.

'…Bloody hell,' I cursed, struggling to disentangle myself from…myself, but stopped dead as a deep lazy voice reached my ears.

'Well, well, well, Belle. Seems like your mood hasn't changed over the summer, then?'

There was no mistaking that Scottish drawl. My features immediately darkened. Wood.

I managed to scramble to my feet, tugging down my black T over my faded jeans, the ones with the holes in them. 'Not that you're really helping, Wood,' I bit back, whipping my hair back.

But I have to admit, all the sarcastic remarks I had saved up for him during the summer sort of got stuck in my throat as I set eyes upon him. I have always known, deep and very far down, that he was handsome, but bloody hell, the summer hadn't exactly done him worse. His brown hair was slightly longer, falling charmingly into his round shaped eyes, those dark pools by the colour of espresso ever so often filled with a smug sparkle. His features had sharpened; his characteristic high cheekbones and straight jaw line even more visible now, and his surprisingly smooth skin. He was currently dressed in a pair of long black shorts, and a t-shirt with some muggle band logo on it, similar to my own t-shirt, which fitted tightly over his chest. I swallowed ever so lightly. Quidditch sure made his muscles good. Dammit, why did my nemesis have to be so good looking?

His smirk told me that I had let my gaze linger just a moment too long, and I quickly snapped by eyes back to his chocolate coloured irises, narrowing my own blue ones.

'And here I thought the start of my year was going to be pleasant,' I muttered to him, but he merely raised one eyebrow daringly.

'Really, Belle,' he grinned, 'do behave.' I scoffed, crossing my arms. Why did he have to be so charming and nice to everyone but me? Not that it mattered, since I wouldn't want even want him to be nice to me. I would still hate-

'Well, Belle, it seems your mood is about the only thing that hasn't changed over the summer,' he suddenly commented in his heavy accent, and I was a bit thrown off. This was the second comments I've heard about my figure, and from none other than Wood! Blimey, I really must've grown over the summer- I suddenly snapped back, narrowing my eyes. There was something behind those sparkling eyes of his, yet what I wasn't sure of yet. I just knew it was something bad.

But then he walked past me, yet stopped, leaning down to whisper something in my ear. 'Love what you've done to your hair.' Then he straightened up again, (Do I even have to mention that he's like two feet taller than me? Really, my nose practically goes to his chest.) and slid into the compartment, from where I could hear cheerfully greetings from my other friends.

Far too late I came up with a cheeky response to his comments, and I scowled at myself, but mostly at him. Did he really have to be such a prick? And I wish he would stop calling me Belle already. It was a stupid nickname he'd thought up for me since first year, and he always, always used it. Mostly because he knew it drove me nuts. Sometimes I think his whole mission in life was to make my life as miserable as possible. And needless to say, he was well on his way on succeeding. I'd noticed he was such a sweet boy to everyone but me, why I didn't know. But it was driving me bloody insane.

Then I stuck my chin out, snorting determined. But this year was going to be different. Somehow, for once, I was going to make him stuff that insufferable smirk up where sun doesn't shine-

'Elisabeth Stevens, get in here already!' Alicia's high voice called from the other side of the compartment door, cutting me off from my brooding thoughts.

With one last sigh, lingering just another moment in the hall before returning to my friends. It was silent out here, and I gave a sigh. Well, on thing was for sure. This was the last silence I was going to get for this year. Because it was going to be one violent year if I was going to beat Wood.

Finally having enough, I spun around, shoving up the compartment door, burying my anger deep down. Oliver bloody Wood was not going to destroy my life this year.

It was just too bloody bad luck he was my team captain. Oh, and yeah, best bloody mates with my best mates.