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Double Trouble

Chapter One


She was sitting in her office, staring out the window at the bright sunny sky, waiting till the time came. Her brown hair had been swept up into a bobble at the side of her head. Her clothes were fitted around her thin body and her make-up was done perfectly. She had grown up a lot since the last war, her scar down her arm was fading and the heat wave which had hit London had done some good to her skin. She had filled out in all the right places and looked more than beautiful than every. It was hard to believe that she didn't have a boyfriend.

The alarm on her clock rang out which made her body jump up, she looked at the wall, the clock read 5pm, time to go, to see her family, the only family she had. Her only family that had survived Voldemort and the Final War. She shuddered as she thought about it, it had hit her hard, tears began to form in her eyes, she knew she had to be strong and hold it in but there was signs of it every. On Tuesday, It was Harry and Ginny's wedding, a new generation would start soon and they would be safe because of what they had done. That was one of the reasons why she did it, so her kids would be safe. When Harry and Ginny first announced that they were getting married, it had been so sudden. The war had ended a year ago and Mrs Weasley thought that they were to young but who could stop them? They had known each other for 6 years even thought they had only dated for only two of those years. They were lovers who had been destined to be together for there life.

She picked up her suitcase and took the lift to the apparation area. She apparated to her second home where no one didn't love her.

The yard came into view as she came out the plastic tube, which smelt of rubber ducks. Wellie boots were lined up in a row beside the backdoor, which lead into the kitchen of the Burrow. A waft of Mrs Weasley's fabulous cooking reached her nose as she entered the kitchen. Mrs Weasley was standing at the stove stirring her famous soup. She had grown a little older and had got some grey hairs but apart from that she was still the same. Ginny was sitting at the table doing some last minute preparations for the wedding. Ginny had let her hair grown longer; the copper colour was shinning in the sunlight. Her body had grown curves and she had filled out well like her.

"Hermione!" shouted Ginny as Hermione entered the room with her suitcase. She ran over and gave her best friend a hug. "I am so excited!"

"Is that surprising?" said Hermione teasing Ginny. "You are marrying the man you love in a couple of days everyone would be."

"I suppose so, so have the men at the ministry been trying their thing on you again?" asked Ginny raised her eyebrow.

"Stop Ginny," Hermione's smiled faded. She just wanted to forget him, his evil plan had upset her and someone else but she didn't realise.

Mrs Weasley interrupted their conversation. "Why do you help Hermione to take her suitcase up stairs?"

Ginny nodded and they head up stairs together, the corridor was narrow but they just managed to magic it past the many bedrooms in the house.

"You will be sleeping with me," said Ginny. "Just like the old time."

"Ohh, I thought you would be with Harry!"

"I was going to but then you would have had to share with Ron," said Ginny. "Mum thought that it was improper as you aren't with Ron. Mind you, Ron wouldn't have minded, but he got a bit embarrassed when it was mentioned."

Harry was walking down the corridor when he heard Ginny and Hermione talking. Harry had grown taller but not as tall as Ron his hair was slightly longer and his round glasses were perched on his nose. His body was in good shape as he was of course a Quidditch player.

"Hey Hermione," said Harry as he gave her a hug. "How are you?"

"I'm good, so are you already for the big day?" she asked.

"Just about I hope! We can't wait!"

With that he gave Ginny a peck on the lips and they carried on up the stairs. When they entered Ginny's bedroom that was pink and had fresh sunflowers in a glass of water beside the window, the bed was beside the wall and a camp bed had been placed in the middle of the floor another lay beside it.

"Fleur is sharing as well because we thought you wouldn't want Charlie sleeping in here with us."


Ron entered the Ron a short while after as they were talking about the wedding. His muscular body walked into the room he was still really lanky but his muscles made up for that. His gorgeous red hair was slightly longer then the last time he had seen her, his freckles spread across his nose and cheeks.

"Hullo Mione," said Ron, he didn't meet her eye.

"Hey, how are you?" asked Hermione she walked up to him. They eyed each other up and then they gave each other a small hug.

"Umm… I'm good," said Ron. "Mum says it's time for tea."

He turned and went down the stairs Hermione stared after him.

"Hey!" said Ginny smiling promptly. "You were checking my bro out!!"

"No I wasn't!" said Hermione. "I was just looking… at…"


"What ever!" said Hermione just giving up as she knew that she wasn't going to win.

They walked down the stairs to the garden. Many smaller tables had been put together so the whole Weasley family could sit together. It was just like it had always been. The times she loved.

Arthur stood up and pushed his spectacles up his nose. He briefly cleared his thought before turning to Harry and Ginny who were sitting at the end of the table. They were smiling stupidly into each other's eyes. They looked really love struck. Hermione turned her head to look somewhere else. Her eyes travelled over to Ron's face and body. His physique was so nice she couldn't help but stare. Her eyes moved into his eye line. His to hers. It was an awkward stare, which made both of them blush and look somewhere else.

"Today we are celebrating the upcoming wedding of Harry and Ginny, Could we all raise our glasses to them."

Everyone followed suite, even little Bill. Once they had finished everyone tucked into the Mrs Weasley's delicious cooking and conversations broke up into many smaller ones. Ron was getting hassled by Fred and George who were still not married, not even showing an interested. Mr Weasley was cooing over little Bill and Mrs Weasley was asking how Hermione's love life was going.

"So have you found your one yet?" asked Mrs Weasley looking at Hermione intently.

Hermione at this moment was staring at Ron she choked on her food. "What?"

"Have you found your one yet?"

"What one?" Hermione knew that Mrs Weasley was trying to quiz her about Ronald. "Oh… no… you know how life is."

"Well I was married about the same age as Ginny."

"I don't think I have found Mr Right yet," she said this bowing her head to make it look like she hadn't any feeling for anyone.

"You will soon though."

After the three courses meal, which was whipped up by Mrs Weasley everyone, retired to the living room. Little Bill was singing 'I'm a little tea pot' with actions while every laughed as they thought it was sooo cute.

As the evening passed and everyone went to bed at different times. Last to do to bed was Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny. They had been sitting playing Chess Hermione and Ron against Ginny and Harry. Ron and Hermione had won every game.

As they trampled up the stairs Harry and Ginny said 'Goodnight' with a peck on the lips.

"So how when was the first time you kissed Ron?" asked Ginny as she stared at the ceiling.

"What?" asked Hermione. Her heart was racing as this conversation was reached.

"Don't worry I do know about you and Ron" said Ginny smiling.

"We aren't together… we only kissed once," said Hermione blushing incredibly.

"Don't tell me your heart didn't race when I asked," said Ginny.

"What if it did?"

"Then you have to tell him."

"Not for a while it's yours and Harry's week. I don't want to spoil it"

"You won't, you will just be doing yourself and Ron some good."

Upstairs Harry and Ron had just finished having the same conversation. But it was not coincidence.

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