Disclaimer: Beyblade series is not mine, nor it's characters. The plot line is slight parody of "Something Fresh" P.G. Woodhouse's and I borrowed some scenes from it. However, it is not an exact copy, instead my own mix.

Any character which enters the scene but was not in the anime is mine.

Marriage of the Hiwatari Chapter 1.

In a room on the second floor of the mansion Kai Hiwatari sat in a bed with his knees drawn up to his chin and glared at the wall. Everything was so jumbled up at the moment! He shouldn't have waited so long. If only he had told him about his feelings before! Now he might never be able to do so. It appeared the time just ran out. After a few more minutes of sad meditation he picked up the phone and dialed a very familiar number.

Whatever else happened he was going to keep his friends around. If only to give a clear message to everyone involved- He might be compromising but, he was in no way surrendering unconditionally.

After the third ring his call was answered, though it was not any of the three Grangers living in the dojo. He instantly recognized the voice to be of Max.

"Hello Max. How are you?"

"Kai!" Max exclaimed. Kai could hear him shouting to someone in back ground, "Hey Tyson, it's Kai calling," before he came back on the line. "So how have you been?" Max asked his tone buoyant. "I wish you could take some time out. Just yesterday Kenny and I were talking about how long it had been since all of us had been together."

Kai didn't miss the chance. He promptly cut in, "That's right. Why don't all of you come to my place for next two weeks?"

"Huh, sure. Is everything OK, Kai? Tyson will be here in a minute. He..." Max answered slightly surprised. Kai was inviting everybody to his place, just like that! That was a first.

"Sorry, I must rush. Can you please, ask others to reach here this weekend, on my behalf? " Kai cut in. He was now kind of glad that Max was in the dojo and he picked up the phone instead of Tyson. "Just make sure you all are here on time including Rei and Mariah. I don't have their contact number."

"What's up, Kai? You seem to be avoiding something. I hope everything is fine." Max.

"Depends on how you look at it. Bye now," with that cryptic answer Kai replaced the receiver. "I wish I knew."

There was a knock on the door and Voltaire entered his grandson's room. He frowned when he found his grandson sitting on his bed in his pajamas.

"Are you just getting up, Kai?"

"Good morning, Sir. I'm almost ready. " Kai stood up quickly and started to gather his fresh clothes.

"You should have come down two hours ago." The old man commented as he watched his young heir.

"I won't take long." Kai took his towel and disappeared into adjacent bathroom.

Voltaire taking a chair placed the tips of his fingers together and remained motionless, a figure of disapproval and annoyance. If this was his grandson's strategy to avoid him, he was not leaving that easily.

Hiwatari senior had somewhat mellowed since his last bid to take over the world was foiled by his own grandson, eight years ago. He sent Kai to a boarding school only to find that he ran away again. He had at first refused to do anything with him. But he was getting old. Kai was his only living relative and he had compromised to some degree. Especially after BEGA fiasco when Boris had purposely used Kai to promote Brooklyn. Voltaire melted. He was proud of his grandson's come back.

Kai also seem to be working on improving their relation, somewhat. He had started to work with his grandfather. He also moved back. Though they were still facing impacts of incidents during Russian World Championship, it seemed, things were working out quiet well. But currently the circumstances had turned tensed again. This scenario between grandfather and Kai was being repeated for two days now.

"By the way, I asked my friends to come and stay with us for the occasion. Is that all right with you grandfather?" Kai resurfaced from the bathroom and asked.

For a moment it seemed Voltaire was undecided. "Tala, Bryan- the whole bunch is already here. Who are you talking about?"

"I work with Tala. Bryan works for you. I invited Tyson and rest of my friends." Kai answered meeting his grandparent's eyes evenly. He knew that Voltaire perfectly understood what he meant.

"Certainly, let them come. Tell Bryan the number of your guests. He will keep the guest rooms ready." Voltaire was in no mood to tick his rebellious grandson off, at the moment. Under the circumstances it would be better to humor him.

"Don't forget to send your fiancée some flowers Kai, if you are not going to meet her even today. You have been ignoring her since you got engaged. This is not the way to treat your betrothed," he added.

"Yes sir, sure".

'Tyson", muttered Voltaire after Kai was gone back in the bathroom. He had had his suspicions and didn't like the exchange of looks his grandson and the ex WC soon after G-revolution win. He never talked with Kai about his feelings in this matter but, he certainly hoped he was wrong. In part, that was the reason he wanted Kai to get married and settle down before things got out of hand.

Kai and Tyson never went out together. That was a relief. But, Kai didn't try to seek any date at all. He just ignored most of the people around him. Voltaire had gathered information on Tyson. He found Tyson had been dating one or another girl and was somewhat calmed. Though his suspicions returned when he learnt Tyson went on date with a guy, someone named Ozuma and saw Kai's face fell reading that bit in some random tabloid.

Due to his previous history with Kai, Voltaire didn't want to loose his heir by lecturing him on drawbacks of homosexual relationships, certainly not without concrete proof. On the other hand he wanted to make sure that everything went as planned and Kai didn't end up jeopardizing his future or his company's future because of some stupid romantic notions.

Voltaire picked up his cell phone and dialed a number as he came out of the room and headed downstairs. "Bryan, get some floweriest to send a nice bouquet to Miss Garnet. Don't forget to attach a suitable note, on behalf of Kai."

It was a pleasant, restful temple of food. No strident orchestra, not much crowd. There were few people here and there. Among them was a pair having not so quite lunch, which catches our interest. They are Tala and Garnet.

"The girl you aught to marry is Julia."

"The girl I am going to marry is Garnet."

Garnet picked up the paper kept beside her for answer and put it in front of Tala. He looked at it disdainfully. There was a photo of Kai and her own announcing their engagement.

"Tomorrow everybody will know. It will be on page 3 in every leading news paper."

"You must not believe everything you see in the paper. What are those naked children with arrows?" Tala said casually.

"They are cupids, Gods of love. I can see you never attended any proper school?"

"What has the god of love to do with it?" Tala completely ignored the taunt directed at him.

Garnet placidly devoured a fried potato. "That's mean," she commented after a while.

"He is rude and answers with sarcasm, if at all," Tala continued describing his one time teammate and future boss. " He has a strange fashion sense. Just look at his double toned hair. Not to forget that face paint and white sheet, he used to wrap around himself."

"It was a scarf. I know him since my childhood. You don't need to give those details to me."

"He never even talks with Girls. Maybe tabloids are right. He is gay."

"He doesn't dates guys either."

"Yes. Why? What does that indicate?" The Russian questioned suggestively.

"You are simply trying to poison my mind against Kai and it's not nice."

"What do you mean, by poison your mind? I'm simply telling you a few things about him. You know perfectly well that you don't love him and you'll rather marry me."

"You are wrong."

"Say it while looking at me in the eye and I'll drop the subject."

"Hmm. This desert is good." Garnet settled for enjoying her lunch.

"I wish you were more spiritual." Tala eyed her as she continued eating.

"Say what you like."

"Very well. Let's have it then. Your father is bullying you. You can say you are a free bird and your father didn't coerce you to marry. I simply don't believe you. I'm going to remain in the mansion and watch how long this drama goes on."

"In the mansion?"

"Yes. Kai invited me."

"You can' t be a guest and take advantage of his hospitality to try to steal his fiancée away from him?"

"Watch me. He sends me on a crappy business trip for a week and when I return I find that double crosser scoundrel is engaged with my crush."

"I like your chivalrous attitude towards Kai. So many men in your position might say horrid things about him."

"Oh I have nothing against Kai. I just don't want to see the face of that imbecile."

"I'm too mild for you. You should go back to Julia." Garnet put the fork back and eyed the couple seated in the front seats. The guy was whispering something to the woman sitting next to him. She was smiling. With an inaudible sigh, Garnet looked back to the red head seated next to him when he spoke up again.

"This is second time you mentioned your cousin. I'm interested in you only. She was pretty but not my type."

"Pay the bill please and get me a cab." Garnet had finished her lunch.

"Now who's being rude?"

"You know Tala, I have made up my mind. Nothing you say will change it. Julia is nice. If you want I can still fix you a date with her or to Hillary. There was a time when all you could talk, was about her."

"Listen, Garnet. Get this thing straight. You and me are going to get married," said Tala, as he paid the bill. She didn't answer. She was very busy staring at her shoes.

When Tyson had reached near phone, Max had already put the receiver back. He told him about the Kai's message.

"What kind of invitation is that? You said 'yes'?" The ex-WC asked frowning.

"Well, it seems alright. I can easily take a fifteen day break. My father won't mind. Your classes aren't going to start till next month. Gramps can manage dojo without your help. Your brother is here, if he needs anything. Kenny and Hillary will manage too. I met him yesterday and they were talking about some kind of get together, themselves"

"But, I have other engagements, Max. And you also work as an assistant officer at BBA besides working in your father's hobby shop. Remember?"

"Only part time," Max reminded him back. "You really aren't tied up that much, we both know it. Besides it is Kai. Why are you so hesitant?"

Surprised at Tyson's lack of enthusiasm over the offer, Max continued, "I thought you would be happy to meet him again. It would be nice reunion. We haven't seen much of each other in last two years. Especially since Kai and his grandfather patched up things between them."

"Come to think of it, Kai also seemed hesitant in talking with Tyson, though he had called at his place. I doubt he knew I would pick up the phone instead. Yet… I am missing something here." Max wondered.

Tyson seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. He was staring absently at the empty chair in front of him. Eyeing his blue-haired friend, Max got up and called Kenny and Hillary. He asked Kenny to get in touch with Rei too.

"Two years... It was two year ago when Kai had told me about Voltaire's offer. That, he had asked him to come back saying it was a family mansion and as much Kai's as his own. Kai said he wasn't sure but next thing I knew he was going back to his grandfather and helping him out with Hiwatari industries."

Tyson took a deep breadth. "They had started their communication slowly since Voltaire had visited Kai in the hospital after BEGA match. I should have known." Kai had studied in the same university with Tyson and they had become quite close. But there was some part, each of them had held back. Kai still held on to his silent attitude most of the time. He had started to talk much more among his team, but with others, he still communicated only out of necessity. Tyson, as patient with Kai as ever, let him be.

Both legendry bladers were often seen together at the hillside by the bridge. They could be doing their assignments/projects together or could be found watching sunset. Sometimes others would accompany them, mostly Kenny. Rei had gone back to China and has returned only recently when Mr. Dickinson offered the newly weds a job at BBA.

Kenny was in his final year as a software engineer now. Tyson had faired well when he really started to concentrate on his studies after their retirement from blading.

"Too bad, they underestimated me, even after all those years." The former world champion chuckled as he remembered how amazed his friends were, when he entered university.

Max looked back curiously at his friend, who seemed to laughed for no apparent reason. "I have called Kenny, Hillary and Rei. They agreed to go. Lee would be coming along with Rei, since he was here to visit Rei and Mariah. You should tell Daichi about the invitation," he told him as he put the phone down.

Tyson nodded lightly and finally spoke up, "I wonder what can it be? Kai never just asks to come and hang out for two weeks. That was strange."

"I was thinking the same thing. Why don't you give him a call and ask about it yourself?" Max suggested.

"I tried calling him in past. It is mostly Bryan or his butler who picks up his phone and tells that he is too busy to come on line. I left messages on his answering machine at times. But again, he didn't call back."


"Great. One more puzzle!" Max thought. He had talked with Kai just last week and Kenny seemed to be in touch with Kai too, at least more than Tyson. They had been so close during school and early university years! He had assumed that Tyson would know everything about Kai. "Kai always asks about Tyson and gramps. Even Hiro… Why is he avoiding Tyson, if he is really doing that?"

The blond youth refrained from commenting though. Instead he gave his old friend a wide smile hoping to cheer him up. " 'Guess, You can catch up with him during this visit then. I'm sure Kai is arranging this get together for the same reason. I must go now. I'll need to talk to my father and do the packing. Weekend means tomorrow after all."

Max left waving a good bye. Little he knew that tomorrow morning they would know the cause through a newspaper.

Author's note: My favourite quote from Beyblade:

Sometimes, people lose track of their way.
Continue to wonder over the endless forest of the perplexity.
Still, I never lost my way.
Kinomiya ! Where are you looking ?
I'm here.
Whisper of the wind invites me.
-Kai( Episode29)