Jack O'Neill steadied himself as he regained his balance after stepping through the Stargate. It wouldn't matter how many times he went through the gate, he always felt a little weird when he landed on the other side. Jack looked around to make sure everyone had made it to P4C- something. After that time in Antarctica one could never be too sure.

After completing a head count and briefly glancing at the surroundings, he radioed back to the SGC. "General Hammond? SG-1 and 5 all present and accounted for. It looks as though we're on the right planet, and as reported by the malp, no signs of people."

"Alright Colonel, thank you. Begin the survey, report back in six hours. Over and out."

Jack walked down the steps to the Stargate platform as the gate whooshed shut behind him. "Good morning campers!" He smiled and clapped his hands together. "It's a balmy 72 degrees, not a cloud in the four moon sky. The 32 hour days give us 21 hours of light to collect Daniel's rocks…"

"Artifacts!" Daniel interjected.

Jack gave him a dirty look. "Rocks!" he said pointing his finger in typical Jack O'Neill fashion. "Carter can gather her dirt specimens to see what weird alien things are in it. Teal'c and I will look around for anything unusual. SG-5," he turned to face Major Matthew's. "Secure the gate and hold that position. Everyone radio in every hour. Move out."

The day slowly was coming to an end. They had already reported in with the SGC several times. The next would be their last before returning to Earth. Daniel had been a bit disappointed at the apparent lack of ancient artifacts on the planet. Ironically, the closest thing was actually a stone pedal stool Jack had found while exploring. Three symbols were carved on top. One was the symbol for Earth, an upside-down 'V' with a circle on top. However, Daniel had never seen the other two before and had no clue as to their meaning.

Sam, however, was having much better luck. "Sir!" she called, her eye's glowing, "the ion particles in the nitrate propagase reaction test I conducted when we got here have increased exponentially. They have molecularized to the point of undergoing diaphoretic metabolic fusion…"

"ACCKKK!!!" Jack winced and held his hand up. "Just tell me what it means."

"Well sir, like I was saying the tests I did this morning show that the element I experimented on grow extremely fast."

"And this is important because…"

"I used the isotope primarily found in Naquada, refined Naquada. Colonel I think that we can use this planet to produce literally tons of weapons grade Naquada a week! Think of all the uses: power sources, medical research, military defenses, and interplanetary trade. Sir the list goes on and on!"

"So this is good?" he asked still a bit unsure.

"Very good sir!"

"Alright Major, lets tell the General." Jack motioned her to follow him. He pushed down on his radio button. "Ok people lets pack it up and go home. Carter's got some good news for the General."

Several days later, SG-1 was preparing to embark for the planet again. Major Carter had more tests to run, and Daniel wanted to investigate more unusual symbols that SG-14 discovered the day before.

"Major, how long are these tests of yours going to take?" Jack asked as soon as he stepped through the gate.

"A few hours sir," Sam Carter replied watching as he gave orders to SG-12. She couldn't help but notice how perfect the scene was with him standing in the light from the gate.

"Carter?!" She was startled back to reality by his voice. "Whatchya doing?"

"Umm. Nothing sir,"

"Well, as much as I would ordinarily LOVE to see you do nothing, the sooner those tests get done the sooner we can get back to base." He told her with a grin but Carter noticed the tightness in his voice.

"Sir is everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything's great. I just would rather wait for the Tok'ra to run their planet scan thing before we go setting up a beta site, you never know when those snakeheads will appear." His eyes darted around the clearing.

Sam tried not to notice his actions. There where two explanations. One was he noticed she was staring at him and was feeling awkward, or two, he had a weird feeling about this planet and was afraid it could be an ambush.

She was more inclined to believe it was the first reason because the Goa'uld didn't know about this place and none the tests and surveys done so far showed any signs of humanoid life. Besides, when was the last time Jack had actually said the name Tok'ra in a sentence without making a joke?

Jack, however, hadn't even noticed Sam's actions. The second he'd walked through the gate he felt that something was wrong. He glanced around and raised his eyebrow in a way that even Teal'c would be envious of. He couldn't quite put a finger on what was bothering him.

The colonel maneuvered himself over to where the DHD rested, and made his GDO readily accessible. Suddenly it hit him. The birds weren't singing. The planet was covered with trees and birds. In fact it was the only sign of life they had found. He knew of only one reason why the tiny singers would keep quiet. A glint of metal reflected in the brush about 300 feet away. It was an ambush.

"TAKE COVER!" Jack yelled as he ran towards a stunned Carter. He leaped the last few feet, knocking her over just as a staff blast zoomed over top them.

"Jack?" Daniel's voice came over the radio. "What's going on?"

"Hey Danny boy get your ass back here. It was a trap. The Jaffa were waiting for us." Jack replied between shots with his P90.

Within minutes, all the SGC personnel were back at the gate. Although they were holding the enemy at bay, they were blocked from the DHD. The colonel realized that with each passing second the Jaffa were closing in. That's when Jack made his choice.

"Cover me," he called.

"Sir, you can't. You'll be killed," Sam refused to let him pass.

"You're probably right Sam. I should do this first," and with that he leaned down and kissed Samantha Carter on the lips. She was still recovering of shock as he snuck away towards the DHD.

Sam spun around and shot anything that moved. She breathed a sigh of relief when the familiar swish was heard and the blue swirl appeared.

"You're clear to go on my mark," Jack radioed. The two SGC teams watched a grenade fly over head and land in the mist of the enemy. A slight tremor rumbled under their feet.

"NOW!" Jack yelled giving his command cover fire.

They raced towards the gate. SG-12 practically flew though the pool of safe haven. SG-1, however, waited for Jack giving him cover fire.

"Thanks," he called dashing towards them. Suddenly, zat and staff blasts began to rain around them. Daniel managed to make it to the gate unharmed. He turned and looked in horror at his teammates, not knowing if he should stay or go.

Jack took one look and Daniel and saw the confusion in his eyes. "Oh, for cry'n out loud, GO!" Daniel gave them one last look then took the final step.

Sam was the next closest to the gate. Teal'c and Jack gave her cover fire, but an unlucky zat blast downed her.

"Major Carter!" Teal'c called.

Jack's head spun around. 'No please don't let it be,' he thought. A sigh of relief went through him as he realized it was just a zat stun. However, the situation did present a problem. With Sam zatted, she needed time to recover before she could walk, yet if she stayed where she was she would most likely die.

Before Jack could make a move Teal'c ran from his hiding place. He had only made it half way before a staff blast took him down. 'Now or never,' Jack decided. He was closer to Teal'c, so he grabbed his friend by the arm and pulled him along dodging the enemy's fire. Still dragging Teal'c, he at long last reached Sam. Bending down he grasped her around the shoulders and made for the Stargate.

"Almost there," he muttered through clinched teeth, as he worked his way up the platform steps. Suddenly a sharp pain erupted in his lower back, then another in the upper. He dropped his heavy loads and sunk to the ground. Three more feet. He rolled Teal'c into the blue swirl. He felt another pain in his thigh.

By this time Sam was stirring. She looked into his eyes and saw the pain. She wanted to reach up and grab his hand but her muscles wouldn't let her.

"Shh Sam you're ok. We're the last ones let's go." The staff blasts were coming quicker and heavier. He moved his body in front of Sam's just as a blast came from behind them. The force of the hit threw Jack into her.

"Sir!" she screamed grabbing his hand.

All thought and feeling was leaving him. He knew it wouldn't be long. 'Must protect Sam' he thought and gave one final push sending her though the gate. The shove propelled him only half way into the swirl, but the hold she had on his hand pulled him the rest of the way in.

He heard the iris swivel shut behind him as he landed on the hard grate. "Wish they'd put something soft on this stuff, would make landings a hell of a better" he said, trying to keep things in a light mood. He wouldn't tell her he knew there was nothing they could do. She didn't know how many times he'd been hit.

"Sorry Sam," he moaned. He didn't want her to see him die, but it looked as though he didn't have a choice. As the medical team ran up with a stretcher his head rolled back in her arms.

"No, Jack stay with us," she whispered tears streaming down her cheeks. "Stay with me."

The medic bent down and held a hand up to Jack's neck. Looking back to General Hammond he shook his head.

The General was stunned. After everything that SG-1 had been through he assumed they would always find their way back. Everything would be okay. 'Not this time,' he thought watching the remaining members mourn around the body of their beloved CO.


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