Daniel paced the halls of the SGC. He was really perturbed. Something was definitely going on with Jack, but he couldn't find out what. He was sure that it had something to do with the whole ghost thing, but Daniel couldn't prove it.

His suspicion had first arisen the day at the park. But since then, more mysterious things had been happening, and only happening to him. Pencils would go missing. The coffee in his cup would vanish. Shoelaces miraculously came untied.

He'd voiced his concerns to the general, Frasier, Teal'c and Sam to no avail. If he didn't know any better he'd say they were all in on it. Instead they'd told Daniel that he was imagining things. Was he really sure that he had remembered to tie his shoes, or that he'd drank his coffee and had just forgotten about it. Well sure he had done that a few times before the whole mess with Jack had started, but he was positive Jack was up to no good.

There just wasn't a way he could prove it, and trying to do so made HIM look crazy. So, he'd had to stop voicing his concerns.

At least he had some vacation time coming up. Sam had announced her engagement to Neill and the wedding was today, six months to the day since Jack had been resurrected. Hammond had authorized SG-1 for two weeks of R&R and Daniel for one was looking forward to it.

Teal'c was off to visit his son, Sam and her husband were heading to Malibu, a cabin in the wilderness was calling Jack, and Daniel planned to spend two weeks locked away in a remote corner of the galaxy investigating an ancient library.

Daniel looked at his watch. Time to leave. He rushed to the elevator. The wedding to be held at the park, and most of the SGC had been invited. Cassie and Janet had beautiful arranged the flower arch that stood in between the two massive rows of chairs, the arch marking the beginning of the aisle. Daniel was directed to the front of the chairs, made to stand by Jack and Teal'c. Janet and Cassie stood on the opposite side, along with Jennifer Hailey, the young air force officer that was Sam's prodigy.

Daniel smiled at Janet, who promptly blushed and lowered her eyes. She looked beautiful in her maroon dress. Daniel felt himself a lucky man. The two had been dating for several months and Daniel felt that they were getting closer to the 'forever' part. He wanted to take it slower than Sam and Neill had, maybe this time next year.

The first notes of the Bridal March brought him back to the present. Sam appeared at the end of the aisle. Her dress was of white lace intricately embroidered with tiny rose buds on the hem. A long veil of delicate lace rested softly on her shoulder length wavy hair. There was a slight blush to her smiling cheeks. Daniel had never seen her happier.

General Hammond stood by her side in full dress blues. Gingerly, he held her arm and guided her down the aisle. At the front, Hammond released Sam's arm and allowed Neill to take his place. The ceremony was simple, but beautiful. The vows were exchanged and the couple swapped rings. Finally, the climax of the ceremony was a passionate and steamy kiss. The crowd began awkwardly shifting when after a minute or two the newlyweds were still absorbed in their kiss.

Hammond coughed, and the couple separated, suddenly self-conscious in their actions. The audience began clapping as the minister introduced Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. The happy two, rushed down the aisle amid the tossing of rice. The reception was held at a nearby community center.

Several hours later, the crowd watched as the couple waved good bye and drove off towards the airport. Daniel turned to seek out Jack, but the older man had vanished. Strange.

It took an hour to help Hammond, Teal'c, Janet, and Cassie clean up the mess left over from the reception. Finally, the last chair had been put away and Daniel took the last trash bag to the dumpster.

"I'll see you later," Daniel said, giving Janet a tender kiss. He shut the door to her car and headed towards his own. Maybe he wouldn't spend all two weeks away after all.

Teal'c and the general climbed into Hammond's truck and headed back to the base.

"I wish them well," Teal'c stated.

"It sure took them long enough," Hammond sighed.

"I do not know to what you are referring," Teal'c said feigning innocents.

Hammond continued, "Daniel still suspects. Do you think Jack will ever tell him?"

"The secret of which you speak still has not been revealed to either of us." Teal'c answered in a monotone voice, but the general was sure than the Jaffa had grinned slightly.

"I am glad that it finally worked out in the end. I always knew they'd find a way to be together. I just wasn't expecting it to happen this way," General Hammond concluded.