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A/N: Well, I read someone liked this pairing and since I don't see almost any fics with this pairing, I decided to write one. This is my Valentine's Fic for today.

"Karupin?" Ryoma called out as he entered his room. Today was a particularly bad day for him. Today in school, he sprained his ankle when a girl tackled him in the hallway to give him chocolate and the doctors said he could not play tennis for at least a week. He threw his tennis bag on his bed and flopped down next to it.

"Meow?" Karupin replied. The white and brown fluffy ball of fur jumped onto the bed beside Ryoma and licked his face.

He gave one of his rare smiles to his favorite (and only) cat. "I'm home Karupin."

"Meow." Karupin licked her master again, this time on the hand. The tennis prodigy sat up and lifted Karupin onto his lap before proceeding to thoroughly groom Karupin's fur with his hands.

While Karupin was distracted, Ryoma took out a small bell tied onto a red ribbon to make a necklace. He put it over Karupin's head and loosely around her neck. "Happy Valentine's Day." He whispered softly. Karupin responded by purring and rubbing against Ryoma's chest. The bell noise that resulted when she moved made her curious, and soon ignored Ryoma and started to swat the bell on her neck.

"Now time for a bath..." Karupin's eyes widened, but Ryoma grasped her firmly before she could flee. Karupin's angry yowls while Ryoma gave her a bath could be heard echoing throughout the neighborhood.

A/N: Ok, I officially label myself insane. I did NOT just write a Ryoma x Karupin fic. I did. Oh god. I think I really DO need mental therapy. Again, sorry for its shortness. For tomorrow...I think I'm writing either FujiRyoma or...err...any suggestions?