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The Witch and the Bum

Ann Templeton sat staring out the window of her castle. She slowly twirled her dark hair around one finger, as her emerald eyes watched the ocean. She wondered how in only a few moments, she had not only lost her daughter, but her husband as well. Now I'm all alone again. I miss them so dearly. I couldn't help my sister and I couldn't help them. Eventhough it had been nearly three years since their deaths, it still felt like yesterday.


Ann slowly awoke to the smell of smoke and the heat of the flames that burnt the ship's control panel. This was extremely bad since she was currently in space with her husband and daughter. As Ann looked around her she saw her husband's dead body burning sickenly. Oh, God no. Please, not that. It was by sheer force of will she didn't throw up, that and she had to find her daughter. Getting up quickly, she used a magical charm to locate her daughter. What she found made her hit her knees. Mireen was lying on the floor, in a puddle of her own blood. Her eyes were closed, her hair was beginning to mat, and through her chest was a metal pole from where the wall exploded. No! This can't be happening! Not again! Not again. Then she had heard the explosions and knew she had to leave. After pulling the pole from her daughter's lifeless body, she teleported them both back to Earth. She buried Mireen the next day next to her mother and Madeline Templeton.

(End Flashback)

Suddenly, her pointless staring was interrupted by a very annoying banging at the castle doors.

Bum knew, that she knew it was him long before she opened the door. He had made it his special job to come and check on her if she didn't come into town every couple days. He also knew that this annoyed her to no end. Oh, and how he loved to annoy the town witch. What's taking so long. Suddenly the doors flew open causing him to jump slightly.

"Hello, Ann." He said to the odviously irritated witch.

"Hello, Bum." She mumbled with venom in every syllable.

"So planning on coming out anytime this century?" He asked trying to lighten her mood. It didn't work.

"Not really, no." She said after a moment of sarcastic thought.

"To bad, 'cause your coming anyway." He said as he grabbed her wrists.

"Is that a fact?" She asked as she twisted her wrist, causing him to release her.

"Yes, yes it is. Other wise the Sally, Watch, Adam, and all the rest of them will be learning every embarrassing story I can remember." He said knowing she would either finally kill him or she would go with him.

"I hate you." Ann said as she closed the gigantic doors behind her. She had to smirk at the startled expression on her childhood friend's face.

"Hey, wait up. I'm supposed to be taking you places." Bum said as he ran after her.

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