Notice how there are so many really long fanfictions out there that never get finished and the readers are left with their own imaginative wanderings to fill in the space? Well
I'm sorry to say that photo opportunities will...

NOT be added to that list.

I'm back, and yes there will be updates. Soon. Seriously the whole thing is finished. It's just over in Italy, being held captive by Kola. See I kind of promised her a D. gray-man fic a year ago and have been putting it off. I know, shocker. So she won't send me my notes until I finish it. Which should be soon, as I have it mostly done, I just need to fill it in a bit. It just has... Soooooo much research required. Not her fault, she only wanted a crime drama, I'm the one that made it awesome.

So if you like DGM, check it out.

Or if you've never even heard of the Manga/Anime but like sexy foul mouthed Asian detectives and suave, vengeful albino English gentlemen, it's an AU. So you don't need to know the original story. Yay!

In return for your absolute fantastic patience for the next chapter here's a choppy little snippet of dialogue from later in the story. Enjoy it.

I Hopeā€¦


"If we bicker like this now, what's it gonna be like when were old?"

"Hopefully it'll have a lot less throwing things and a lot more wrinkly sex."

"Ew, why the hell would you put that in my head?"

"Because I'm hoping to have gotten a lot of practice by then."

"Jeeze we're such guys. And teenagers. Teenage guys, thinking about sex in a hospital bed."

"It's still a bed, and your still in a tie on gown, but since your seriously injured and frighteningly underweight I think that kiss is all we'll do. Everything else can wait to be planned."

"Hmm." Danny snuggled himself against Dash. "Glad Vlad sprung for the room, though wish the beds got bigger."

"Then that'd give you room to scoot away and I want you right where you are."

"Hmmn," Danny repeated, and almost purred when Dash kissed his head." I love you, you're an asshole and an idiot and a pain but I love you. Don't know why though, I should know why, shouldn't I?"

"Fenton, for the love of all that is living close your eyes and shut up."

Danny did just that, than he bit his lip and struggled to stay still.

"I can feel you smiling,"

"I'm trying not to."

"You're bad at it."

"I know, but it's funny."

With a groan Dash asked," what is it?"

"Hehn, if we have sex..."

"I'm changing what I said earlier, if there's an 'if' anywhere near 'sex' I don't love you anymore."

"Ha ha. Fine, when we have sex. Which will no doubt be soon since your hand is rubbing my hip, do we like what flip a coin?"

"What for?"

"For who's gonna be the girl."