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Almost Crazy

Whoever coined the phrase, "you can't go any further after you hit rock bottom" must have not been a teenage girl. Serena Tsukino proved this person wrong indefinitely. Not only had she hit rock bottom, but she had brought a shovel to dig herself deeper.

Or actually, that's what she would tell you if asked.

After Serena had gotten home from her fatal encounter with that certain black haired devil, the first thing she thought of doing was taking a nice hot shower, to hopefully wash away all her problems. Nothing can go wrong with a hot shower, right?

However, as Serena was bitterly realizing, Murphy was frighteningly right when he said, "if anything can go wrong, it will." Her dear, sweet, innocent, stupid brother was doing a wonderful job proving this right.

Serena sighed, allowing the already steaming water to wash away the tenseness in her shoulders. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, letting out a tired breath of relief as the weight of the world slowly slipped off her shoulders and puddled down the drain. Half dozing in the warmth of the shower, she reached over to grab her shampoo when..


After a moment, she realized that screaming wouldn't help her and leapt out from underneath the near boiling water. Her normally creamy back and shoulders had already turned into a lobster red, and she screamed again at the familiar laughter coming from the direction of her their other bathroom.


Quickly, the livid blond slipped out of the shower and slid over to her towel, twice almost losing her balance. Wrapping the pink fluffy towel around her body, she ran over to the bathroom door and pounded on it with one fist, other hand holding the towel up.

"You stupid.. stupid.. brat!" she screamed threateningly. Sammy just laughed. "I swear, if you do that again, I'll rip you apart!"

"Oooh.. I'm soooo scared," Sammy mocked. His laughter faded away, and there was a faint sound of someone slamming a door. Serena sighed and leaned her forehead against the bathroom's door. It was going to be a loooong night.



Darien shot into a sitting position and looked around wildly, trying to put a face on the voice. After a few moments, he realized it was just the answering machine again and lay back down, intent on going back to sleep. What on earth had he been dreaming about? Something about.. about..

Dancing latte's with meatballs tied to their tops by spaghetti?

Letting out a tired groan, he grabbed the pillow and was about to put it back over his head when the person who was yelling at him over the answering machine continued.

"Darien," Andrew grumbled in an exasperated voice. "This is the fourth time I've called you, and I know you're home. Pick up already, will you?"

"Yeah, yeah," he said thickly to his answering machine, then grabbed his phone from the table and clicked the on button. "Whatcha want, Drew?"

"Took you long enough!" Andrew growled in an annoyed voice. Darien frowned. It wasn't like Andrew to get annoyed over something so trivial.

"What's the matter?"

Andrew sighed. "Raye came into the arcade today as if hell were on her heels--"

"Oh damn.." the black haired teen groaned, flinging his arm over his eyes. "Not her again.."

Darien could almost hear Andrew raise an eyebrow. "Oh? Then I suppose you know that she wants to rip your head off."

Sigh. "Yeah. All too well. She left enough messages on my answering machine to make sure I wouldn't forget that she wanted my head on a plaque. Though, why? I'm not sure.."

Andrew fell silent. "You mean.. you don't know?"

That's better. At least he doesn't sound like he wants to kill me anymore.. "What's there to know?" He flung his free hand out in desperate exasperation. "And why.. oh why is everyone suddenly turning against me?"

Once again, silence. "I think you better talk to Serena, Dare."

Darien sighed, closing his eyes and letting his arm fall limp behind him and over the arm rest of his couch by his head. "So it does have to do with her. Care to tell me what's up?"

"That's none of my business." With that, Andrew cheerfully hung up.

Darien pulled the phone away from his ear and glared at it accusingly. With an angry snort, he heaved it across the room where it landed with a soft thump on his white carpet.

What the hell was going on with everyone?


Serena sighed, sitting at the edge of her bed and rubbing her long blonde hair with a towel. Drops of water fell from her hair and to her pink comforter and on the collar of her flannel jammies, but she ignored it.

People sucked.

Sighing, she let her towel fall to her bed and stood up, briefly wondering if they had any microwavables in their refrigerator. Since they worked late on Saturdays, both her parents were still at work; her mom at a floral shop and her dad as his company, so therefore she couldn't depend on her mom to make her something to eat, at least not at the moment.

For once that day, her luck seemed to be up. Inside her freezer was a decent amount of frozen teriyaki bowls. She grabbed one, pulled the cover off half way, then stuck it in the microwave and punched in the time she was supposed to cook it for. Relieved, she walked over to the answering machine to see if there were any new messages while she was in the shower. To her surprise, the answering machine blinked. She pressed the on button and walked back into the kitchen, walking over to her cabinet and grabbing a glass.

"Serena. It's Nick. Meet me at eight at the park, okay?"

Serena's face broke out into a childish grin. Nick and her had been going out for a total of two years, and she just knew that they were going to get married one day. Letting out a happy sigh, she twirled around her kitchen.

Today was a good day.

Serena frowned. Eight. That's when her parents came home. And she knew for a fact that her father could not stand Nick. Could not stand any guy she ever even talked to, even.

Oh well. She'd just have to leave at seven-thirty or something.

Feeling a familiar pang of guilt, she started to pour herself a glass of juice and listened to the next message.

"Hi, Serena!" Raye's voice cheerfully chimed over the answering machine. For some reason, her chirpiness seemed a bit.. strained. "Amy and I are going shopping tomorrow, and I was wondering if you would like to come?"

"Yeah, sure," Serena said to her answering machine, reaching into her refrigerator to grab something. It was then she realized that answering machines don't talk, and blushed. Oh well.. at least no one saw me..

Something was nagging her, though. Something.. something..

"Oh, damn! It's already seven-fifteen!"



Serena paused in mid step. There Nick was, standing there like some sort of Greek god. But.. there was something.. different about him. His usually aloof stance was more rigid, and his normally grinning face was set in a stern kind of frown.

All high hopes and happiness fled with a single look from those hard green eyes.


Nick looked away, refusing to meet her eyes. He cleared his throat and cracked his knuckles nervously.

And Serena looked at him with hooded, heartbroken eyes, knowing exactly what was going to happen.

"Look, Serena.. I just don't think we're right for each other, yanno? I mean, we're so different.. and I think.. I think we should be just friends.." He faltered on the last word, gulping a little when he saw that frozen look in Serena's eyes.

"Oh, I know perfectly," Serena hissed, then turned around and walked away, heading towards Raye's temple.

Nick watched with blank eyes, face troubled. Somehow, he knew he had just let the opportunity of his life slip out of his hands. Sighing, he turned and walked in the opposite direction.


end chapter two

A/N: I usually hate adding in my own character.. but I felt he was needed in this part..