The Kunoichis That Didn't Belong

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Chapter 1

"Aagh!" Hinata cried as she tumbled down the hill. Shino, Kurenai, Kiba, and Akamaru ran down after her.

"Hinata!! Are you okay?" Kurenai asked. Hinata sat up, and they ran to her. "Are you hurt? Aw man! I knew that this training was too much!" Kiba exclaimed.

"Huh? But-But I-I-I'm fine!" Hinata protested.

"No. Kiba's right. Why don't you go home an get some rest?" Shino told her, and Kurenai nodded in agreement.

"Demo! I can still train!!" Hinata protested, but seeing her teammates' and sensei's faces, her face fell and she said softly, "Alright." Hinata got up and walked away slowly as if they might change their minds and call her back. But they didn't. They just watched her go.

"Watch out!!!" Naruto screamed.

"Huh?" Sakura turned and looked at him. "What did you say, Naru—oomph!" A flying disk that had whacked her head cut off Sakura's sentence.

"Sakura! Are you okay?" Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi ran over to a dizzy Sakura.

"Ugh." Sakura sat up and rubbed her head.

"Are you okay Sakura? Maybe you should take a break…" Kakashi rubbed his chin.

"Huh? No, I'm fine, let's keep training!" Sakura stood up and tried to look and sound energetic. It was a futile attempt. Sasuke put a hand on her shoulder. "Huh? Sasuke?" Sakura looked at his hand on her arm, and then she started to blush.

"Kakashi is right. Training may not be so suitable for you right now. You should take a break."

"Huh? Oh… Okay then…" Sakura quickly put up a happy face. "You're right! I probably should take a break, so I'll see you guys later then! Mata atode aimashou!" Sakura waved at them before walking away. When her back was to them, her face let the fake happiness fall, and her team watched her leave.

"Ino!! Are you alright?" Choji, Asuma, and Shikamaru ran over to Ino. She was rubbing her head.

"Sheesh. Troublesome woman." Shikamaru sighed. "Look Ino. Maybe it would be better if you just continued your training as a medic ninja so that you can be a little more helpful in battle if you can't use your techniques, okay?"

Ino glared at him before sighing. Ino stood up and gave them a happy (fake) understanding smile. "Alright. I was supposed to meet Sakura at Tsunade-sama's office, anyways, so I guess that ill see you later!" Ino waved, and then walked away from them.

"…Temari." Gaara said. "Sorry."

Temari stood up, ready for more training, but Baki raised a hand for her to stop and then said, "Temari, I think that this will be enough training for you today."

"But why?" Temari asked confused. "Your attacks are becoming dull—weak even. It's time you train a bit more after thinking about what you need to improve on." He told her.

"Oh...Okay then. I understand." Temari then started to walk away.

"Let us run 1000 youthful laps!!" Gai cried.

"Yes, Gai-sensei!!" Lee said, and then he, Neji, and TenTen started to run laps.

On their 100th lap, Neji 'accidentally' tripped TenTen and she crashed into a tree.

"TenTen!! Are you alright?" Lee asked while jogging in place.

"I'm fine, but Neji! What the hell was that for?!" TenTen cried as she stood up and glared at Neji.

"You tripped on a rock." Neji told her calmly.

"Grr…" TenTen said, gritting her teeth.

"Look TenTen. If you can not run anymore youthful laps, you may just say so, then you may allow Gai-sensei to let you take a break." Lee told her after she didn't move for three minutes.

TenTen glared at him. "I. Am. Fine." She growled. "But I guess I should take a break anyways." TenTen started to walk away.

"Okay TenTen!! You go do that, and when you feel better you may come and finish your youthful laps!!" Lee said cheerfully and waved good-bye to her.

As Sakura headed towards the Moochi shop that was near Ichiraku's Ramen shop, she spotted Ino, Temari, TenTen, and Hinata also headed over there. However, she was feeling too badly left out to actually tease Ino, so she just didn't call her any names.

(+At the Moochi Shop+)

"...So. Temari, how are you settling in Konoha?" Sakura asked as they sipped some jade tea.

"Hm? Fine, I guess." Temari replied as she sipped her tea. (Yes, the Sand now lives in Konoha; don't ask me how/why—I'll explain later as the story furthers.)

"So tell me." TenTen asked as she also sipped her tea.

"Temari. Ino. Sakura. Hinata. What brings you here to the Moochi shop?"

"…Well actually… my teammates and Kurenai-sensei told me to take a break…" Hinata said quietly.

"… Same here." Sakura said dryly.

"Me too…" Ino drawled.

"Yep." Temari sighed.

"So we're all the same?" TenTen asked. The five kunoichi nodded their heads in agreement. They drank some more tea in silence before Sakura laughed quietly and suddenly.

"What's so funny, billboard-brow?" Ino commented. Sakura glared at Ino before responding to her question.

"Don't call me billboard-brow, Ino-pig. Anyways. I thought that it was sort of funny. I mean, we're all the same. Ignored and thought worthless in the eyes of our teammates and mentors. Right?" There was a minute of silence before Temari answered. "You know… I think that you're actually right, Sakura."

"Um… I have a question…" Hinata looked down at her fingers.

"What is it, Hinata?" TenTen asked, looking at Hinata while sipping her tea. "Well, Sakura is right—it is kind of funny on how we all came here with the same reason, but that got me thinking." Hinata said quietly.

"And? What is it?" Ino asked, while eating some moochi. "Well… I know that this might sound weird…but…" Hinata paused.

"Go on." Sakura encouraged.

"Yeah, keep going." Ino said, taking interest. Hinata looked at her fingers. "Well…It's just that ever since I saw you guys also going to the Moochi shop, then entering, I've… felt something like a …" Hinata fumbled around on how to describe it. "Something like a little, kind of…pull? On my past?" Hinata looked down again. "I know it sounds weird, but… that was the only word I could use to describe it…" Hinata faltered.

There was silence before TenTen responded to Hinata's statement. "I agree." TenTen looked at Hinata. "That does sound a little weird, but it probably sounds weirder when I say this. I felt that way too at exactly the same place and time as Hinata." TenTen told them. There was a minute of silence before Sakura, Ino, and Temari responded with a, "Me too."

They sat in silence before Temari spoke up. "Okay. Since we all feel left out, and a tug on our past, we'll meet together to find out what the tug is. Okay?" Temari looked around. "Or how about this—since we all feel left out, if anything more makes us feel worse, then we meet here one week from now, talk about it, and then decide if we want to do anything further, okay?"

At this, Sakura, Ino, TenTen, and Hinata nodded.

"Good." Temari stood up. "Now, I'm going to go train some more, okay?" The other kunoichi nodded in agreement. Then they too stood up, said good-bye to the other, and headed off to train some more.

(+At Ichiraku's Ramen Shop+)

"Hey, how's it going, Naruto? Sasuke?" Kiba asked as he, Shino, and Akamaru came in sight of the ramen shop.

"Hi Kiba! Shino! Akamaru!" Naruto cried, waved to them, and they waved back. Sitting in the ramen shop, as Sasuke and Naruto were telling Kiba, and Shino about the day's training, then Neji, Lee, Choji, Shikamaru, Gaara, and Kankuro appeared, and joined into the conversation.

"—she got whacked by the flying disk that we use in training, and she didn't even try to dodge it when she knew it was coming!" Naruto exclaimed.

"Dang." Choji said.

"I know." Sasuke said.

"That is lame." Kiba agreed.

"Hn." Was all that Gaara and Neji said.

"Yes, I agree." Kankuro said.

"Quite lame indeed." Shino said.

"Poor Sakura." Lee moped.

"So troublesome." Shikamaru sighed.

"Well it's getting late. Best be going now." Shino told them. They nodded and headed off.

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