Title: The Princess and Her Idol
By: Reddo Meijisu
Disclaimer: Super Mario Bros., and its characters, belong to Nintendo.
A/N: Originally written for a Livejournal community challenge. I might use it later for the fiction that I'm writing concerning the main pairing of Daisy/Luigi.
Warnings: Contains fluff, sap, and angst. People not liking the Daisy/Luigi or Mario/Peach pairing might want to steer clear of this story. Some slight spoilers for 'Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga' as well.

• • •

The flower-princess huffed, arms crossed defiantly over her chest, as the gathered denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom stood up at once, thunderous cheering and clapping drowning out her thoughts on the matter. Between the bodies of a goomba and a toad sitting in the row in front of her, she could see the golden-haired ruler bowing, curtseying, and accepting invisible kisses and beautiful pink carnations with the outstretched palms of her hands.

"I don't get it, Luigi! What's so darn special about her singing voice anyway?" Princess Daisy grumped, turning to her enthralled, equally clapping-and-cheering companion. It wasn't that she hated Princess Peach with a passion; the two rulers had grown over the years to find valuable allies in each other, after all. Where Daisy was athletic and strong, repeating vehemently that she could take care of herself, Peach was aesthetic and passive, usually found in the company and care of Mario, Luigi's older brother. Most things that Peach did usually put a dent on all of the Sarasaland ruler's achievements, making Daisy (though she'd rather die than admit it) the tiniest-bit jealous.

"W-well, the Princess… She is a good singer?" braved the green-clothed plumber, expecting a thorny rebuke, (or, at the very least, a slap that would make even Bowser cringe) from Daisy. He relaxed visibly when she sighed in defeat, and gently clasped her gloved hand when she rested her arm against the dome's chair. "I remember when the Princess was young, she would commandeer an audience of toads, Mario, and I to listen to her sing. I'm glad Toadsworth taught her well!" he added with a chuckle.

Daisy canted her head slightly, brown wisps gracing Luigi's shoulder, and blue eyes widening. Had anyone saw the notion, she would complain that the cheers of appreciation were too loud and raucous, playing the beautifully crafted Star Dome for all it was worth - only in unabridged silence and devoid stares could she even dare to adore him as Peach did Mario. "So she wasn't always a good singer, huh?"

"No, she was not." Luigi's gaze tugged away from the mesmerizing one of the flower-princess' and to the stage. His brother, Mario, had long-since crossed the grand stand with a single rose, of which he had handed to Princess Peach with a deep bow. The monarch had been smitten, of course, and had tilted her body to plant a kiss on the short plumber's lips. He sighed when Mario reddened considerably, and looked down at his shoes when they grasped hands, and spun around laughing.

It must be nice. Daisy would never look at me like ...

"Luigi…? Luigi! Didn't you hear a word I said…? You were listening, right?"

Uh-oh; Luigi turned back to Daisy, grinning sheepishly. "I-ah… That is, to say…"

Daisy smirked, wriggling her fingers from the plumber's grasp. The two gloved hands rested underneath her chin, her dark-blue eyes lighting with what the latter hoped to the Shine Spirits wasn't mischief. "Well, come on then; let's go!" She stood, pulling him to standing.

"Go…?" Luigi pondered aloud, not taking notice that his dear princess was actually initiating touching his hand, let alone the way she was pulling him past the row of irritated toads, goombas, and shell-men. "But where shall we…"

In the back of his mind, Luigi was picturing a picnic underneath a shady mushroom stalk, or a getaway cruise on her ship to Isle Delfiño. His face melted into a look of pure harmony, and he actually mumbled something along the lines of "oh, can it!" to a couple of chain chomps that threatened to bite him in the rear when he accidentally trodded on their chains.

Mamma-mia, I cannot believe it! This can only be…

• • •

Mamma-mia, I do; this can only be pure hell.

Luigi slapped a hand to his forehead, sighing. Daisy had pulled the two of them onto the Star Dome's stage, interrupting a beginning duet between Mario and Peach. With a sneaky grin, she had swiped the microphone from the Mushroom monarch's dainty hands, and had twirled round to make the beautiful folds of her yellow gown 'swish' out in place (this had captivated Luigi's eyes, and he grinned in pride - only to have it fade when Mario glared at him, and Peach crossed her arms, pouting).

"Hi! I'm Daisy!" The Sarasaland Princess chirped, twirling again, sending countless groans droning through the Star Dome. "Thank you all for coming! It's so super of you all to be here!

"And now, it's my turn. I know Peach doesn't mind, right?" Daisy looked back towards the pink-clad ruler, who shrugged and shook her head in defeat. "Yeah!"

The flower-princess turned back to the audience, pointed a rough finger at the toads in the orchestra pit (stirring an "Oh, my! Such obscenities!" from their conductor, Toadsworth), and opened her mouth in a drawl of breath as a lovely string of a violin minor cascaded throughout the music chamber.

What happened next seemed surreal: soft mezzo forte met a guttural crescendo of music that no one in the Mushroom Kingdom was subject. It seemed strings snapped, keys split, and bob-ombs dropped from the sky, resulting in patrons diving for cover underneath their chairs.

Praying that the Sarasaland ruler (who was prancing about on the stage without a care in the world, belting out some mundane tune that she was sure the lord of Beanbean could hear) didn't look her way, Peach covered her ears, wincing. "Well, at least she knows what singing is!" she yelled to Mario, who cautiously cracked open an eye as the rafters above them wobbled. "I mean, I hope that is singing! It is, isn't it?"

Daisy hopped, skipped, and twirled, her 'song' growing louder. The giant figure of the starman atop the shell encompassing the stage had come off its hinges, threatening to plunge down. Many of the toads in the orchestra pit had screamed and abandoned their instruments, much to the scolding dismay of Toadsworth, who had insisted the show went on despite its 'obscenities.' Guests filed out noisily, and even Mario had grabbed for Peach's hand to exit as a row of lights crashed down where they had been standing.

"…And, haaaa -- Hey, where did everyone go?" The princess lowered the mike from her hands as her eyes opened to the emptiness of the Star Dome, a frown crossing her face. "Was it really that bad?"

"I did not think so," subjected a familiar voice next to her. Its hand rested on Daisy's shoulder as the yellow-clad ruler turned, her face instantly beaming. "I thought it was wonderful --!"

The plumber gasped as Daisy hugged him, gripped him tightly around his chest, an appreciative squeal reducing him to blushing. "I hope you can sing again. Maybe you could even beat the Princess someday!"

Sarasaland's princess smiled, and was about to lean in to kiss him when she caught the gaze of the Starman statue, staring at her blankly. She cursed it, and stomped down the stage's stairs to confront it with rude gestures.

Luigi sighed, and shook his head. Obviously, he had more work to do in cleaning up the mess before him.