I really wasn't planning on extending this story out any further than a one-shot, but due to overwhelming demand that I "continue it"... Well, here you go. ) It's fluffy yes, but it has its angsty moments, too. Hope you enjoy!

- Reddo Mejisu

o o o

It was well after dark when Luigi reached the Palace of Sarasaland, a basket wrapped in a blanket in one hand, a bouquet of flowers in the other, and a smile as soft as a star, that would make even the heavens jealous. For a moment, he hesitated approaching the burly guards that laid watch on the palace's compounds, and was glad he did.

"Luigi! Luigi, over here!"

Out of the neighboring bushes, the Princess of Sarasaland jolted straight up, and out, as the casual-dressed plumber made his way towards there. She grinned at him, brushing a stray leaf out of her brunette hair, and readjusting the flower-jeweled crown that graced the top of her head, before stepping carefully out.

"What were you doing in there?" Luigi dared to ask, flower-bedecked hand extended. He blushed when she took them up in her gloved hands with a squeal. "I would think that being stuck in a bush would be uncomfortable, so I suppose it's partly my fault for arriving late..."

"Not at all, silly!" Daisy giggled, removing her namesake from the bouquet, and sticking them within the tresses of her hair. "You should know that the steward hates it when I sneak out past bedtime, but I'll do it anyway!" she added, raising a fist in her own approval.

Luigi nodded faintly as he watched the princess, his eyes getting lost in her dark shade of blue. Ever since the incident at the Star Dome months ago, the two had finally opened their feelings for one another, and had started courting. For the plumber, the previous days since then had been like a dream blessed by the star spirits themselves.

"...And -- Luigi?" Daisy blinked, and waved a passive hand in front of him. "You alright?"

"Oh!" Luigi shook his head, his reverie fading back to the princess. "Yes, I'm fine."

Daisy canted her head slightly, an incredulous look upon her face. She shrugged afterwards, and gave a nod. Luigi often did such things, of which the princess did not understand fully. "So, why did you call me out here anyways? Are we going to raid the neighboring towns, or go on a nighttime trek to the Mushroom Kingdom?" she asked, radiating a mischievous grin.

"You know I do not condone such activities," Luigi replied, extending his arm. The princess instantly slipped her own around his, fingers entwining. "I was thinking a quiet walk to the hilltop?"

"Anywhere with you," said the princess, leaning up against his shoulder as they walked. "Hey, what's in the basket?"

"Nothing, really," the plumber replied. "Just a bottle of wine -- not much, mind you," he quickly added, Daisy's eyes taking on a playful sheen. "Just enough."

When they had finally reached the hilltop, Luigi spread out the blanket, inviting the princess to sit down. He withdrew two goblets from the basket, handing one to her, and proceeded to fill the glasses with the dark berry liquid.

"To us?" he asked timidly, the shy look fading to a grin when Daisy clinked her glass against his.

"Who else?" She shrugged, and began to sip on the dry liquid.


The two instantly looked up as a myriad of bottle rockets whizzed up into the sky, and exploded in a different array of hues and sparkles.

"Wow! How pretty," the princess mused, peering up into the night sky. "It's almost like everything was planned."

"O-of course not," Luigi replied, coughing slightly. "It must be a holiday you've forgotten..."

"Is that why the fireworks spell out 'Marry Me, Daisy!'?" the brunette giggled, and was about to pour herself some more wine, when mind overtook matter, and it clicked.

"Luigi! What --"

The plumber had already moved into a kneeling position, his hands outstretched to show a simple ruby ring, the symbol of marriage customs within Sarasaland. "Well, what do you say?"

At least he didn't drop it in the wine glass, she thought, grinning. I definitely would've said no.

"Of course; who're you kidding?!" Rather than allow the plumber to put the ring on her finger, she instantly leapt and crashed into him with a bear hug, knocking over the wine goblets, and rendering Luigi useless. "I accept! When? Where? How? The marriage, I mean?" she added, finally releasing the poor boy.

"I... Honestly don't know," the plumber admitted, scratching his temple in thought. "I suppose whenever you like we could."

"How about in a week's time?" Daisy suggested. "That will be enough to gather everyone."

Luigi put a finger to his lips in thought, then nodded. "I suppose that would work."

Daisy clapped her hands in excitement. "Excellent!"